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Project Manager Resume Templates and Examples to Stand Out

On average, recruiters or hiring managers spend about 6 to 10 seconds to scan your resume. That’s all the time that you have to stand out from hundreds of candidates, which means you need a document that speaks volumes in seconds. 

To land your dream project manager role, your resume must showcase quantifiable achievements. So, customizing a pre-built technical project manager resume template could be key to tailoring your message and landing the job.

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What Makes a Good Project Manager Resume Template? 

A well-crafted resume should highlight your project management skills, experience, successful project outcomes, and achievements in a clear and concise format. 

You’ll need a template that you can personalize to showcase the impact you’ve had as a project management professional.

Your project manager resume should be visually appealing and clutter-free, with subtle but effective elements like bold or italic typeface and icons to emphasize key points.

Choose a template with consistent headings, fonts, and spacing for a professional look. Use powerful, action-oriented verbs to describe your responsibilities, and include relevant keywords from the project manager job description.

And, of course, you’ll need to ensure that your resume is easy to read and free of grammatical errors

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7 Best Project Manager Resume Templates

We dug around and unearthed the best templates for project manager resumes. 

Here, we’ve listed seven of our favorites—all equipped with features and customizations to match your unique work habits, job roles, and career aspirations.

Let’s dive in! 🚦

1. Project Manager Resume Template by Resume Giants

This template offers a clean and structured framework to showcase your skills and experience. It follows the industry-preferred reverse chronological format, presenting your work history starting with your most recent role. 

The template is easy to organize and read. It creates a logical flow for recruiters to follow and understand your career trajectory. This prioritizes your relevant and up-to-date expertise, grabbing a hiring manager’s attention with your latest achievements. 

Each project manager position details responsibilities and accomplishments using strong action verbs and quantifiable results, highlighting your professional impact. 

It also includes a resume summary section highlighting your key qualifications. The template is suitable for senior project managers with diverse experience. 

By tailoring this template to the specific job description and including relevant skills and specific project management keywords, you can position yourself as a strong candidate for an experienced project manager role. 

2. Project Manager Resume Template by Resume Viking

This template is visually appealing and modern, perfect for candidates seeking to stand out. It offers customization options for various project management experience levels and features a prominently displayed skills section.

The Resume Viking template also carries project manager resume examples and sample statements. You can choose from ready-to-use objective statements and customize them for relevance. 

So, if you find it tough to draft specific sections, you’ll find a list of project manager skills and descriptions to choose from. While it may be tempting to include all relevant skills, the smarter option is to choose the ones that match your capabilities and experience. 

Include crisp statements highlighting how your work experience is tied to your achievements and how you’ve helped your previous employers. 

Again, you can take inspiration from the examples and draft a concise, easy-to-understand ‘work experience’ section in the template.

3. Entry Level Project Manager Resume Template by Resume Worded

This Entry Level Project Manager Resume Template is designed to help recent graduates and those switching careers land their first project management roles. 

It provides a framework and guidance on effectively showcasing your skills and experience in a way that resonates with hiring managers.

The template includes sections relevant to entry-level project managers, such as internships, volunteer work, and academic projects. It highlights your transferable project management skills and relevant experiences, even if you don’t have formal work experience in the field.

The template uses clean formatting and fonts for easy readability while focusing on action-oriented language. It also includes relevant keywords throughout the resume to improve searchability by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). 

Use this template if you are a junior project manager or seeking project management intern roles.

A quick tip: Looking to quickly impress the hiring manager with your assistant project manager resume? Consider adding an objective. This is ideal for candidates with less than two years in the field. It demonstrates your eagerness for the role, relevant skills, and future goals.

4. Construction Project Manager Resume Template by

This template is a great starting point for anyone who is looking to create a professional and eye-catching resume for a construction project manager position. It’s available in various formats, including MS Word, PDF, and Pages on Mac. 

The construction project manager resume template includes sections for your contact information, a summary of qualifications, work experience, education, and skills. 

It also includes a formatting guide to help you create a resume that is easy to read and navigate.

5. IT Project Manager Resume Template by Resume Genius

This template offers a pre-designed format to help individuals create professional and effective resumes for IT project management. 

It provides a basic structure and suggests content to showcase relevant management skills and experience. This makes it easier for applicants to tailor their resumes to specific job openings.

List your previous IT project manager roles in reverse chronological order. Each entry should include the company name, job title, dates of employment, and key achievements using strong action verbs and quantifiable results.

Additionally, you can use this project manager resume template to highlight your technical skills (e.g., IT project manager methodologies, Agile frameworks, specific software tools) and soft skills (e.g., leadership, communication, problem-solving). 

The formatting and layout are clean and professional, making it easy to read and navigate. 

7. Project Management Resume Template by TidyForm

Project Management Resume Template by TidyForm Dashboard Image
via TidyForm  

This downloadable template eliminates the hassle of building your creative project manager resume from scratch, offering a pre-formatted structure and helpful prompts to guide you.

It has a clear and concise structure that lets you dive into your project management journey. It details past roles, companies, key achievements, and successful projects within a dedicated experience section. 

You can showcase your expertise in communication, risk management, and project budgeting and scheduling in the skills section. Also, highlight your educational background and any additional achievements, project management certifications, or volunteer work that make you a solid candidate.

The template prioritizes flexibility, offering various palette options and customizable features to tailor it to your personal brand and target industry.

8. Project Management Resume Examples by Resume Now

Resume Now offers a guide on building resumes and writing cover letters, such as tips, templates, and a project manager resume example list. 

Each project manager’s resume example elaborates on a specific section of a project manager’s resume. You’ll find step-by-step instructions on framing your resume summary, header, objectives, project management skills, and work experience. 

You can also take inspiration from the various samples and writing tips at every step of the resume-building guide. 

Additionally, you can choose from different resume formats like functional, combination, entry-level, or senior project manager resume. 

Use the key takeaways section from the guide as your checklist to polish the final edited version of your resume. 

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Boost Your Project Management Prospects Using ClickUp

ClickUp doesn’t offer specific resume templates. But it does empower project managers with everything needed to highlight their technical skills and land dream project manager jobs.

With various features designed for tracking, visualizing, and managing resources and milestones, ClickUp can act as your living resume to give your project management career a leg up.

Create your resume draft

ClickUp Docs allows you to create, edit, and collaborate on documents directly within the ClickUp interface. 

ClickUp Docs
Create, edit, and format your resume seamlessly with ClickUp Docs

With ClickUp Docs, you can

  • Create different versions of your resume, easily tracking changes and reverting if needed. This will help tailor your resume to specific positions and requirements
  • Treat your resume as a live project within ClickUp, utilizing features like tasks, checklists, and goals to ensure you’ve included all relevant information and formatted it properly
  • To seek feedback, share your resume draft with trusted connections within ClickUp for real-time comments and suggestions

Build and refine your draft with AI-powered tools 

ClickUp Brain lends the power of AI to your project management journey. It’s designed to help users be more productive and efficient with AI-powered functionalities like role-specific writing assistance and grammar checks. 

By harnessing the power of ClickUp Brain, you can

Create a compelling project manager resume summary with ClickUp
  • Use various text formats like bulleted lists or paragraphs with ClickUp’s AI Writer for Workt. You can use it to draft sections like your work style and experience descriptions, highlighting achievements, or crafting a project manager cover letter. Provide prompts with relevant details and keywords to get the best results
  • Fine-tune the final resume using the ClickUp AI Prompts Template. With prompts for content selection and organization, it helps you highlight relevant skills and incorporate design elements to tailor your resume for specific jobs or project scope 
Make your resume stand out with the ClickUp AI Prompts template

The ClickUp Job Search Template is a must-have tool for project managers looking for new positions, especially in terms of organization and strategic planning. 

  • Organization and tracking: As you juggle multiple tasks, store everything in one place, from specific job postings to application dates, interview notes, and company research
  • Progress visualization: Focus on critical jobs and deadlines using different views like ‘Priority Applications’ or ‘Application Stage’ 
  • Goal setting: Set clear goals for your job search with the ‘Getting Started Guide’, defining desired roles, salary expectations, and preferred industries
  • Resume and cover letter tailoring: Create separate versions of application documents aligned with each specific job, highlighting relevant skills and experiences
Keep track of applications, job openings, and more with the ClickUp Job Search Template
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Go Deeper into Project Management with ClickUp

Mastering project management can take years because of the sheer diversity of activities a project manager takes on. 

Experience ClickUp! You’ll be amazed at how beneficial it can be for a project manager seeking new job opportunities.

1. Boost your project management skills

Using a comprehensive project management tool like ClickUp allows you to gain practical experience with various methodologies and approaches. This showcases your adaptability and willingness to learn new technologies.

Familiarity with such tools allows you to speak their language during interviews and effectively communicate your project management skills and approach.

2. Improve your organizational skills

ClickUp Tasks help you effectively break down big projects into manageable tasks, sharpening your ability to prioritize and showcasing your organizational skills.

You can utilize features like resource allocation and workload visualization to optimize team efficiency and manage resources effectively.

Explore ClickUp’s built-in communication features to hone your ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams and stakeholders.

ClickUp Tasks
Stay organized with ClickUp Tasks

3. Save time and effort

ClickUp Automation helps you automate repetitive tasks like progress tracking and reporting, freeing up your time to focus on strategic aspects of project management. 

The platform also boasts robust reporting and analytics features. You can gain valuable insights into project performance to fuel data-driven decisions and showcase them using ClickUp’s Analytics Report Template.

Identify KPIs and analyze data to boost your resume-building with ClickUp’s Analytics Report Template

4. Enhance your portfolio

ClickUp allows you to demonstrate your proficiency in various project management methodologies, like Agile, Waterfall, or Kanban. You can highlight specific features you’ve used, like those for resource management, risk tracking, or reporting, to showcase your proficiency with various project management tools.

You can also use ClickUp’s built-in reporting features to track key metrics like project completion rate, budget adherence, and team productivity. These quantifiable results can showcase the impact you’ve made on your past projects.

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Land your Ideal Project Manager Role

Making use of a well-structured resume template can help project managers seeking new opportunities. The right project management resume template acts as a roadmap, showcasing your skills and experiences in a clear, concise, and ATS-friendly format. 

But with many options available, choosing the right one can be confusing. ClickUp’s job search tools offer a unique advantage in this regard. 

ClickUp’s project-oriented templates go beyond resume building; they provide a holistic platform to manage your entire job search journey. From application tracking and interview scheduling to networking management and goal setting, ClickUp empowers project managers to excel in every aspect of their search. 

If you want to catch your hiring manager’s attention, it’s time to look beyond a template. 

Harness the power of ClickUp—an all-encompassing tool to land your dream project management role.

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