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10 Free Nonprofit Templates in Excel & ClickUp

Defining nonprofit objectives and developing effective strategies to achieve them may seem overwhelming, especially if you’re unsure where to start. Staying focused is even harder when you’re constantly worrying about raising funds, bringing in site visitors, and improving donor engagement.

Discover the perfect solution for internal operations: nonprofit templates! These valuable tools allow you to create a comprehensive action plan for your nonprofit project, helping your team, community workers, board members, donors, and other stakeholders understand your goals clearly.

We’ve rounded up our 10 favorite nonprofit templates to get your organization, campaign, or fundraising event up and running in no time. We’ll show you what makes each of them special and how to maximize their potential with suitable applications. 🌻

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What is a Nonprofit Template? 

A nonprofit template is a multi-faceted framework that helps nonprofits craft professional presentations, web design, or documents to achieve their primary goals for different charitable causes.

Most nonprofits have budget constraints and cannot afford to hire expensive teams to maintain and improve their operations. There’s no support when it comes to planning strategically or keeping a steady flow of donor communications.

The best nonprofit website templates take the hassle out of sharing the organization’s message, mission statement, and workflow specifics with supporters, donors, and volunteers. You can use them for fundraising campaigns, events, newsletters, promotional materials, and more. 🤩

A nonprofit template is a more action-oriented version of a regular business plan framework used for profit-driven ventures. It contains sections for outlining the fundamental aspects of a nonprofit project, such as its primary mission, long and short-term objectives, and a breakdown of the strategies necessary to achieve these goals.

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What Makes a Good Nonprofit Template?

A good nonprofit template should have the following key details:

  • Clarity and simplicity: It should be easy to pick up and design, with template features like style formatting
  • Consistency: It maintains the nonprofit’s branding across different platforms and devices
  • Customization: It aligns with the distinctive needs and goals of nonprofit organizations, addressing their unique communication and presentation requirements through customization options
  • Comprehensive structure: A well-structured template has essential sections and elements contextual to the nonprofit’s cause. These include setting goals, tracking achievements, and organizing volunteers
  • Engaging visuals: Incorporates visually appealing elements, such as graphics, images, and colors, to capture the audience’s attention and convey the nonprofit’s mission effectively
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10 Impressive Nonprofit Templates to Use in 2024

Let’s explore the top 10 nonprofit templates in Excel and ClickUp we’ve selected for you. We’ll explain their use cases and closely examine the most noteworthy features of each.

1. ClickUp Non-Profit SOP Template

ClickUp Non-Profit SOP Template
Share a nonprofit website template SOP with designers in a ClickUp Doc

Nonprofit standard operating procedures (SOPs) aim to centralize, standardize, and map out your organization’s everyday activities. A comprehensive SOP system allows you to efficiently run and oversee daily operations while staying true to your organization’s mission and goals.

Still, creating a sound SOP requires a thorough assessment of your current processes so you can determine what can be improved. It’s no walk in the park, but you can lean on the ClickUp Non-Profit SOP Template for A-Z support!

This fully customizable Doc template helps you outline processes for your entire organization. It contains the necessary sections to define how your team should go about specific activities. The introductory part consists of three subsections:

  1. Purpose of SOP: To outline the main goals and objectives of the document
  2. Intended Users of the SOP: To indicate the beneficiaries or enablers of the proposed activities
  3. SOP Development: To provide a summary of your SOP progress

Once you set the foundation for your SOP, move on to the Preliminary Identification to define the steps for the procedure to come into effect. The final sections outline when and how the procedure will start, along with the people responsible for its implementation. 

The template opens up a world of collaborative opportunities within your nonprofit. Brainstorm on SOPs with your team, delegate tasks, and keep tabs on progress—all in real time, right within the Doc! 📄

2. ClickUp Non-Profit Event Planning Task Template

ClickUp Non-Profit Event Planning Task Template
Plan out your next event to raise funds with ClickUp’s Non-Profit Event Planning Template

Typical nonprofit events, such as charitable dinners and fundraising concerts, entail many moving parts and require meticulous planning and teamwork to make them shine. Luckily, with the ClickUp Non-Profit Event Planning Task Template, you have a personal event coordinator helping you handle the logistics around the clock. 🤖

The event planning template is basically a to-do checklist, so the event is well-organized and executed to perfection. Every task on the list can be grouped into one of these seven Custom Fields:

  1. Event Description
  2. Event Date
  3. Beneficiaries
  4. Event Manager
  5. Sponsors
  6. Guests List
  7. Progress Rate (an automatic bar for tracking a task’s completion)

Being a task template, it’s perfect for streamlining repetitive processes. You can apply it to similar events in the future and also grant permission to team members and guests, allowing them to view and/or edit the built-in tasks in real time.

3. ClickUp Non-Profit Annual Report Template

ClickUp Non-Profit Annual Report Template
Create reports for current members, major givers, and more with Non-Profit Annual Report Template by ClickUp

Yearly reports on your nonprofit’s progress are essential since they’re used to summarize and share your accomplishments with donors, volunteers, supporters, and the public. That’s precisely what you can do with the ClickUp Non-Profit Annual Report Template!

This is another easy-to-use, readily editable Doc template, ideal for:

  1. Showcasing yearly accomplishments in a professional-looking manner
  2. Attracting new donors and strengthening ties with current ones
  3. Sharing financial details and goals
  4. Conveying value-based messages to your stakeholders

Begin your annual report with a letter from the organization’s leader. Next, lay out your Mission and Vision to help the reader understand what your nonprofit is all about. There’s also a section for Program Activities and Key Accomplishments, where you can provide your stakeholders with an insight into your past year’s pursuits, tagged with customizable statuses like On Track, Late, and Critical.

In the template’s Financial Statement section, use Custom Fields like Item, Description, and Costs to showcase your financial standing. Lastly, outline your plans and objectives for the upcoming year in the Future Goals section.

4. ClickUp Non-Profit Event Planning List Template

ClickUp Non-Profit Event Planning List Template
Organize and plan the next big event easily with this Non-Profit Event Planning List Template by ClickUp

Organize and manage your next event with ease using the ClickUp Non-Profit Event Planning List Template! This online tool equips you with the proper set of features so all tasks and activities in the event planning process are taken care of.

The template allows you to organize events using timetables and checklists for every stage, keep an eye on spending by tracking the budget, and work with your team to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

The template’s various custom views enable you to approach the event planning process from multiple perspectives. Some of the available views are:

  • The Event Stage List view: Individual tasks are sorted by deadlines, clearly showing the team’s progress in event preparation
  • The Event Task List view: Lists all the tasks needed to accomplish the activity and groups them by how far along they are. It provides details about each task, like who’s responsible for what and how it’s progressing
  • The Component Board view: Shows all events sorted by their components, such as the Venue, Budget, Speakers, and Vendors, organized as cards. If you want to move a task to another event component, just drag and drop it to the desired spot on the board
  • The Gantt Chart view: Similar to a timeline, it visualizes the schedule and relations between individual tasks in the correct order

This template is ideal for experienced event planners handling large projects, as it offers multiple customizable elements and monitoring options.

5. ClickUp Non-Profit Pet Rescue Template

ClickUp Non-Profit Pet Rescue Template
Manage a pet rescue operation smoothly with ClickUp’s Non-Profit Pet Rescue Template

Managing a pet rescue organization takes unwavering commitment, on-the-go coordination, and careful planning for contingencies. The ClickUp Non-Profit Pet Rescue Template is specifically designed to help you be a reliable rescue leader and secure better forever homes for animals in need. 🏠

Use this comprehensive template to build a complex database and scheduling system. Keep tabs on everything from volunteers and donations to animal intakes, vet appointments, and adoption timelines.

It comes with folders dedicated to Social Media Outreach, Partnerships, Adoption Process, and Facility Maintenance. Each folder contains color-coded lists of tasks. Simply click on the Plus button to add and create a fully customizable List, Doc, Whiteboard, and more.

Keep track of your adoption social media campaigns for each platform separately by creating lists to track progress, manage priorities, choose assignees, and more. Make sure Veterinary Services, Donations, and Collaborations are neatly organized inside the Partnerships folder.

Streamline the adoption process of your furry friends by creating separate lists for Adoptable Dogs and Received Applications. The Adoption Folder comes with Adoption Guidelines, which you can share with applicants to make sure the pets receive the care and attention they deserve. 🐶

6. ClickUp Volunteer Management Template

ClickUp Volunteer Management Template
Volunteer Management Template by ClickUp assists in stress-free handling of large groups of volunteers

Managing any team is demanding, but it takes real skill and effort to handle groups of dozens or even hundreds of people. With the ClickUp Volunteer Management Template, you’ll be able to coordinate large groups of volunteers and achieve your goals without breaking a sweat.

This template occupies an entire Space and is designed for advanced users. It helps you recruit new volunteers, simplify their onboarding process, and track time and work

Click on the Active or New Applications list, and you’ll get a roster of all potential volunteers. Choose the most suitable candidates, assign tasks, and track their progress through Custom Fields and statuses. 

The New Applications list allows you to set priorities using custom columns. Once you assign a task to a particular applicant, they will be automatically moved to the Active Applications list, helping you save time and work efficiently. ⏰

Using the template helps boost communication within the nonprofit by allowing you to share your Volunteer Management Space with the team. That way, everyone stays in the loop regarding priority work, training modules, and upcoming events. 

7. ClickUp Volunteer Schedule Template

ClickUp Volunteer Schedule Template
Attach your own photos and files to a ClickUp List for easy access

If your nonprofit relies heavily on large groups of volunteers, it’s essential to maintain a well-structured timetable and provide actionable data. That’s where the ClickUp Volunteer Schedule Template comes in. This powerful tool allows you to monitor volunteer availability, assign tasks precisely, and keep everyone up to date at all times. 📅

Start by preparing your volunteer form, which you can modify to fit your event, before sending it to interested applicants. 

The key information provided by your respondents will show up in the Aspiring Volunteers List view, which is grouped according to Volunteer Process and includes filters for New and Processing Respondents. 

Next, there’s the Volunteer Board view, also sorted by Volunteer Process. It allows you to see the volunteers under Custom Statuses like New Respondent, Processing, Not a Fit, and Accepted. Drag and drop the cards around to move volunteers from one stage to another.

Finally, leverage the New Volunteers List view to onboard the applicants you’ve approved. They’re grouped by Volunteer Roles you’ve assigned them, like Members, Team Leaders, and Coordinators.

8. ClickUp Volunteer Work Template

ClickUp Volunteer Work Template
Build a community organization schedule from a single ClickUp List

Coordinating multiple volunteers across campaigns can get complicated without tangible goals and a structured task management system. Avoid confusion and disorder with the ClickUp Volunteer Work Template and simplify the process of running volunteer assignments. 

This Folder-level template is similar to the previous two contenders on our list but focuses more on individual volunteer activities. It allows you to handle and allocate volunteer resources across various projects and provides a visual overview of individual tasks and timelines.

The template offers Custom Fields such as Volunteer, Due Date, Priority, and Location to track the information of each project. It also comes with multiple custom views for maintaining control of volunteer workloads. The views include the following: 

  • Organizations view: The layout provides a list of all your nonprofit events with different tasks and fields like Volunteers and Priority
  • Calendar view: It displays unscheduled and overdue tasks on the right side of the template, along with color-coded flags that show their priorities
  • Docs view: Use it to create an easy-to-navigate database of Volunteers, Volunteer Sites, and Coordinators. Click on a volunteer’s name in the list to access their personal info like address, phone number, and events they’ve worked on before

9. Excel Non-Profit Sheet Template by

Excel Non-Profit Sheet Template by
For stress-free budget management, take advantage of the Excel Non-Profit Sheet Template by

There’s no room for mistakes when tracking and calculating your nonprofit’s budget. That’s why the Excel Non-Profit Sheet Template by is an excellent choice for safe and stress-free budgeting.

This Excel template for nonprofit organizations lets you list and calculate Revenue from contributions, events, memberships, grants, and other sources. For Expenses, you can factor in insurance, consultation, staff development, travel and supplies fees, salaries, and any other costs you may incur. 

Start by filling in the table fields with descriptions of the revenue sources or expenses you want to calculate. Next, input the Current Budget and Current YTD Actuals fields. The total value will be automatically calculated and displayed at the bottom of the table.

Using the templates is as easy as it gets—replace the placeholder text and numbers with your own, and you’re all set! You can also change the color, size, and font of the text in the Home Tab, as well as adjust the row and column size of the table in the Layout Tab. 

This is the only template on the list that requires a paid monthly subscription, but if you have no monetary constraints, it’s a handy tool for keeping track of your organization or project finances. 💰

10. Excel Volunteer Sign Up Template by

Excel Volunteer Sign Up Template by
Keep track of volunteer sign-ups and events effortlessly with the Excel Volunteer Sign-Up Template by

Collecting sign-ups and organizing volunteer events doesn’t have to be a nerve-wracking experience. With the Excel Volunteer Sign-Up Template by, you can create volunteer event lists, jot down event details, and track attendee numbers effortlessly.

Using the template’s Form view, quickly share a sign-up form with potential volunteers, allowing them to pick from a list of available events. It consists of fields like Name, Volunteer Slot, Email, and Phone that applicants must fill in. 👨🏽‍💻

Once you’ve assembled your list, the template provides you with a clear overview of every volunteer’s information, along with the event they’ve chosen to participate in and their availability date and time. 

Finally, the Volunteer Events area has a section dedicated to associated activities, open slots, filled slots, and event calendars.

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Elevate Campaigns and Events With Nonprofit Templates in ClickUp

Whether you’re gearing up for a fundraiser or diving into a pet rescue mission, make your next nonprofit event an absolute hit with these top-rated templates. Use them to manage diverse volunteer teams, create annual reports, and plan and schedule events with less stress!

If resources are tight, explore the free ClickUp Template Library to find whichever template you need for accounting, designing, and everything in between. Customize it to your liking, and watch your next nonprofit event turn into a roaring success! 🏆

Questions? Comments? Visit our Help Center for support.

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