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Discover, Analyze, Succeed: 10 Best Market Research Templates

When promoting your products or launching new ones, it’s essential to understand the market, size up your competition, and have a crystal-clear picture of what your customers want. Once you’ve got that insight, you’re ready to set the stage with a marketing plan.

Market research might sound intimidating, considering the laborious process of collecting and analyzing data. But don’t fret—market research templates swoop in to save the day. They provide a structured roadmap that covers all the vital market research steps, from pinpointing your objectives to gathering and interpreting the data. 🗺️

Come along as we delve into the top 10 free market research templates. We’ll walk you through their unique features, making it a breeze to pick the perfect template that suits your needs.

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What Is a Market Research Template? 

Market research is a vast, often time-consuming process that involves gathering essential information about a target market through surveys, interviews, and focus groups. It’s crucial for anticipating trends and maintaining a competitive edge over your rivals. 

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A market research template is a pre-designed framework to bring structure to your research processes. It comes with questions and fields for collecting data relevant to specific markets or objectives.

It simplifies the whole exercise by providing a standard format that you can customize to align with your research goals.

Market research templates help you:

  • Save time designing and planning your research project
  • Save money by removing the need for external research firms
  • Ensure consistency in data collection, analysis, and reporting
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What Are the Key Components of a Market Research Template?

A market research template is like a recipe for conducting research. It tells you what you need and how to use it. Here are the key components you can find in this template:

  1. Research objectives: Clearly defined goals of the research project
  2. Data collection methods: Specific methods and tools for gathering information, such as surveys, interviews, or observations
  3. Research questions: A set of well-crafted questions to address the research objectives
  4. Sample selection: Guidelines for choosing the right target audience or sample group
  5. Data analysis: Instructions on how the gathered data will be analyzed and interpreted
  6. Reporting: A format for summarizing and presenting the research findings 
  7. Timeline: A schedule that outlines when you will conduct each research activity
  8. Budget: Estimated costs associated with the research project
  9. Contact information: Details of the individuals or teams responsible for the research
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10 Best Market Research Templates

We’ve handpicked the most innovative market research templates from Word and ClickUp to help you discover, gather, and analyze data effortlessly. Now, let’s see what makes them stand out! 💖

1. ClickUp Market Research Template

ClickUp Market Research Template
Take a systematic approach to defining who your customers are and what they need with the ClickUp Market Research Template

Market research is your first ally when you want to enhance your brand management and gain insights into your competitors’ strategies. With the ClickUp Market Research Template, you get a user-friendly tool that simplifies the task of gathering and presenting crucial information about your target audience, the state of your product or service, and the broader industry landscape. 🌄

This Task template takes you through the ins and outs of research, covering your approach, data collection techniques, and the valuable insights you’ve gathered from your current or potential customers through Custom Fields.

Adapt the fields to document any information you see fit—add data links and attachments, or choose a research stage like Design, Preparation, and Execution.

Each task comes with a to-do subtask list to keep a record of research steps, like defining a research scope and setting up a research team. The assignees can use it to monitor each subtask’s progress through Custom Statuses like Open, Under Review, or Closed. 

2. ClickUp Market Analysis Template

ClickUp Market Competitive Analysis Template
Get valuable market insights and visualize your product’s performance with the ClickUp Market Competitive Analysis Template

If you’re curious about where your product stands among its competitors, look no further than the ClickUp Market Analysis Template. This tool assists you in identifying and assessing key market trends, gaining insights into customer needs, and examining competitor strategies and performances. ♟️

This extensive market research template sorts competitors into five main types: direct, indirect, potential, future, and replacement (for competitors offering a substitute product).

Use the Growth Share Whiteboard view to evaluate competitor products and decide where to invest your resources. Simply pick the competitor type from the legend, create a sticky note of the corresponding color, and place it on the desired spot. Use the horizontal Quality axis to measure the competitor’s Relative Market Share and the Y-axis to measure their Growth Rate.

The Price vs. Quality Whiteboard view functions similarly, but this time, you’re using a matrix to measure the relation between product quality and price. It gives you a visual grasp of your competitors’ pricing strategy, helping you tactically position your product in the market.

The Competitors List view is your central hub for competitor information, neatly categorized by analysis status like Direct, Indirect, or Potential. Additionally, leverage the Advertisements Board view to see your competitors’ promotional strategies.

3. ClickUp Business Plan Template

ClickUp Business Plan Template
Use the ClickUp Business Plan Template to plan out your business from initiation to completion

Replace traditional, lengthy business plan documents with the ClickUp Business Plan Template and speed up the process. It’s a comprehensive toolkit for documenting every aspect of your business plan and streamlining the drafting process to ensure it’s polished on time. ⏰

This one-page Doc template is neatly divided into several key sections:

  • Company description: Provides a company overview, your mission, and vision
  • Market analysis: Explains the problem you’re solving, its solution, and the target market
  • Sales and marketing strategy: Outlines products and marketing plans
  • Operational plan: Covers aspects like your location, equipment, and financial forecasts
  • Milestones and metrics: Displays targets and KPIs

Customize the template with your brand logo and contact information. Each section comes with helpful prompts suggesting how to present your data—through bullet lists, pictures, charts, or tables.

Open the Topics List view to see all the sections and subsections included in the comprehensive market research Doc, allowing you to assign them to team members, set due dates, and attach relevant documents.

To track task statuses, switch to the Status Board view and categorize them as To Do, In Progress, Needs Revision, or Complete. Open the Timeline view to monitor potential plan deviations.

4. ClickUp Business Development Plan Template

ClickUp Business Development Plan Template
Use the ClickUp Business Development Plan Template to create a comprehensive plan for growing your business.

Expanding or starting a business is like embarking on an adventure of challenges and surprises. However, a carefully laid-out plan can make this journey much more manageable.

No need to start from scratch, though! Introducing the ClickUp Business Development Plan Template—your business roadmap, equipped with pre-designed sections that will lead you through the entire process, making your path to success smoother. 🛤️

Whether you’re a startup or a growing business, this template offers handy Doc pages to help you document the following:

  1. Executive summary: For providing an overview of the business you’re growing, outlining the issues you’re addressing, and suggesting solutions
  2. Key people: For explaining who’s on the executive team and what each person does
  3. Operations: Lists your business locations and employee count. You can outline the cost of equipment and facilities and map out manufacturing processes on a Whiteboard
  4. Marketing: Enables sharing the market’s history and growth to foresee potential opportunities, decide on the target audience, and analyze the competitor’s strengths and weaknesses
  5. Financial plan: Gives an estimate of your cash flow and balance sheet, identifying the revenue point where you break even

Of the market research templates in this list, the one comes with ready-made tables and sheets with guidelines on how to fill them in. Feel free to customize any template section to match your business requirements.

Or you can include images to illustrate your plan, add or remove rows, choose your preferred color pallet, and rename the pages to make them your own—all within the target market research template.

5. ClickUp New Product Development Template

ClickUp New Product Development Template
Prepare for your product launch with ease using the ClickUp New Product Development Template

Unlocking the path to a successful product launch boils down to one word: preparation. And guess what? The ClickUp New Product Development Template has got your back! 🙌

This comprehensive market research template streamlines the product development process, ensures alignment between your team and milestones, and keeps all tasks organized for seamless collaboration. All this is possible through Custom Fields, allowing you to explore your project from various viewpoints.

The Project Summary List view neatly organizes your tasks by their project phase, from Idea Generation to Product Launch, making it a breeze to track your progress. The list also clearly displays details like Task Complexity and Impact Level through Custom Fields that you can tailor to your needs.

To observe your tasks like a hawk, open the Process Kanban Board view, which turns tasks into cards and groups them by their phases. It’s your go-to spot to quickly identify which tasks are in the pipeline from conceptualization to launch. 

Use the Timeline view for a linear display of your tasks, grouped by the teams working on them and color-coded by phase. This view allows you to efficiently monitor your task schedules and durations by giving you control over your workflow!

You can drag a task to reschedule or tweak its duration by dragging its edges.

6. ClickUp Product Positioning Template

ClickUp Product Positioning List Template
Use the ClickUp Product Positioning List Template to understand the ins and outs of a product and properly introduce it to the target market

Your product’s value directly reflects what your customers think, right? That’s why it’s crucial to figure out where your product slots into the marketplace and how you want your customers to perceive it.

Discover the perfect shortcut to those answers—the ClickUp Product Positioning Template—to implement into your business strategy. This tool helps you better understand your product and find that ideal niche in your target market.

Start by evaluating the product you want to launch in the Product Positioning Assessment view, with pre-made fields like: 

  • Product name and description
  • Market segment
  • Target launch date
  • Unique selling points
  • Pain points 

Customize the form by renaming the available fields or adding custom ones.

Distribute the form to your team members, and once completed, all the valuable information automatically appears in the Product List view. This view is where you can review the details covered in the form, assign tasks to team members, set priorities, and group tasks by status.

This template also offers a Product Positioning Map Whiteboard view. It features a graph as a visual aid for showcasing how your upcoming product stacks up in terms of value for money compared to the competition. 

7. ClickUp Competitive Analysis Template

ClickUp Competitive Analysis Template Template
Identify your main competitors and track their product performance with the ClickUp Competitive Analysis Template Template

Competitive analysis isn’t just a fancy term—it’s your secret weapon if you’re gearing up to introduce a fresh product or service. The ClickUp Competitive Analysis Template is your trusty sidekick for this mission. It assists in revealing competitor strengths and weaknesses, providing a comprehensive industry overview, and cooking up strategies to outshine the competition and nail down your target audience. 🌟

To start your competitive analysis, brainstorm a list of potential competitors. Think about where your customers might go if they didn’t choose your company. Keep it realistic—aim for a list of up to 10 names, leaving time for thorough market research.

After you’ve completed the research, use the provided Matrix to place the competitor’s product concerning the Market Presence and Satisfaction axes. Use the Legend to help you understand the product type, including:

  1. High market presence and high satisfaction
  2. High market presence and low satisfaction
  3. High satisfaction and low market presence
  4. Low satisfaction and low market presence

Duplicate a color-coded sticky note that matches your product type and drag it over to the quadrant where it fits the best. The Matrix is split into four sections to help you decide whether a product is a Contender, a Leader, a Niche, or a High Performer.

This business strategy template gives you the ultimate freedom to play around with its elements. Add, tweak, and place them wherever you like in the interactive Whiteboard view. 

8. ClickUp Customer Journey Map Template

ClickUp Customer Journey Map Template
Use the ClickUp Customer Journey Map Template to represent your customers’ habits and preferences and use them to improve your product/service

Have you ever found yourself scratching your head, wondering what your customers want? The ClickUp Customer Journey Map Template is a handy tool that can help you out! 🛠️

Think of it as a guide to better understanding your ideal customer’s user persona. By mapping their journey, you can uncover their needs and expectations and come up with sensible strategies to improve your products and services for your target audience.

This Whiteboard template brims with handy question prompts about customer actions, experiences, touchpoints, and solutions. The template leads you through three key stages:

  1. Awareness: You introduce customers to your business and what it offers
  2. Consideration: They start considering your business as a solution to their needs, leading them to research your products or services and compare them to other options 
  3. Conversion: They go from pondering to action and become paying customers

Each of these stages comes with pre-made sticky notes to get you started, but you’ve got the creative license to add more. Give the Whiteboard a personal touch with freehand drawing, create shapes, insert images, use connectors, and add text from focus groups, customer research, or any market research examples you own. 

9. Word Market Research Plan Template by FlexMR

Word Market Research Plan Template by FlexMR
Plan out your market research step by step with the Word Market Research Plan Template by FlexMR

If you’re looking for a structured framework to streamline market research, the Word Market Research Plan Template by FlexMR is a handy solution. It’s divided into well-structured sections for every step and features tips and instructions on how to use them.

This Word template is fully customizable, allowing you to modify colors, change font and letter size, add rows and columns to pre-made tables or include graphs and charts. ✍🏻

Use its first section to provide a brief business background. Then, define the project’s scope and specify what you expect to achieve at the project’s conclusion, including target response numbers, data presentation guidelines, and the influence of data on future decision-making.

Additional details the template covers are:

  • Target Audience: Describe the customers you aim to research, considering age, demographics, and interactions with the company or product
  • Sample Plan: Detail the number of participants you intend to research
  • Research Methods: Include qualitative and quantitative methods
  • Timeline: Present a project timeline, breaking down tasks and accounting for variations in response rates
  • Budget: Outline the budget, providing a cost breakdown and highlighting areas requiring investment
  • Ethical Considerations: Address ethical and other considerations that may arise during the project, like conflict of interest with suppliers

To finish up, add Further Considerations to include anything the previous sections don’t cover.

10. Word General Market Survey Template by BusinessInABox

Word General Market Survey Template by BusinessInABox
Create an effective marketplace survey with the Word General Market Survey Template by BusinessInABox

One way to conduct effective market research is through a survey. If you’re unsure about the questions to include for optimal results or need a structured framework to streamline the process, try the Word General Market Survey Template by BusinessInABox. 

This two-page Word document contains open-ended and multiple-choice questions for an effective customer case study. They provide all the essential information to understand the market you’re involved in or planning to enter.

The questions in the template cover customer information like:

  1. Age and gender
  2. Education level
  3. Marital status
  4. Total annual income 
  5. Location

As this is a Word template, customize it however you like! Add or tweak questions to dig into the specifics you’re curious about, and make the survey longer or shorter. Feeling fancy? Give it a personal touch by using a different font or changing the background color!

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Crack the Code to Market Domination with These Essential Market Research Templates

Market research can be a wild ride, but these top-notch market research templates make it smooth sailing. From gaming insights into customer preferences to uncovering your competitor’s strategies, they provide a structured solution for every research step.

If you’re hungry for more research assets, dive into the ClickUp template library, where you’ll find over 1,000 user-friendly templates waiting to guide you on areas like mapping out customer journeys, performing competitor analysis, and nailing down product positioning with minimal effort. ✌

Questions? Comments? Visit our Help Center for support.

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