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10 Free Industry Analysis Templates to Track Competition

Competitive intelligence is important in business, particularly for leaders. While using search engine alerts for updates is common, it offers a limited perspective.

Different teams require specific data. For instance, marketing focuses on channels, campaigns, and achieving marketing goals, while sales looks into GTM strategies.

Customizing the approach based on different needs remains critical in effective competitive intelligence.

Tracking competition involves a lot of work, from data collection to documentation. It’s also important to ensure it’s shareable and updated regularly. Here’s where a set of pre-built industry analysis templates or competitive analysis templates will help.

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What Are Industry Analysis Templates?

Industry analysis templates help businesses understand market trends, key players, competition, buyer behavior, and micro and macro factors influencing the particular industry. They inform key stakeholders of the market landscape and help them gather insights that provide significant competitive leverage.

The templates provide views of different aspects related to the market landscape, especially competitive intelligence. They help businesses find answers to questions such as:

  • Who are the competitors?
  • Which market segments are competitors targeting?
  • What are their marketing tools and tactics?
  • What are their digital and growth strategies: SEO plan, event attendance, etc.?
  • What are their sales enablement techniques?
  • What are their go-to-market tactics?
  • What are the new threats emerging in the market?
  • What is your competitive advantage in comparison with other players?
  • What are the gaps that currently exist in the market?

Answering the above questions is critical for staying relevant in the market and building products, services, and solutions with a differentiated value proposition. These insights help modify or make business plans to achieve a higher market share, tackle competition, and increase customer wins.

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What Makes a Good Industry Analysis Template?

A good industry analysis template is insightful and helps teams stay updated, organized, and action-oriented. Here are some parameters that define a good industry analysis template:

  • Simplicity: A simple template focuses on the right things in the right measure
  • Goal orientation: A template designed with specific business goals in mind tends to have better actionable outcomes
  • Depth: The ability to dive deep into granular details about competitors and the market helps with planning
  • Clarity and usability: An easy-to-understand template helps gather insights fast
  • Actionability: A good template helps the users make data-driven business decisions
  • Customization: The ability to customize it with different views, set up fields, and track statuses helps with the specific needs of your business
  • Collaboration: A good template helps you collaborate with other stakeholders by tagging them, setting priorities, and assigning tasks
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10 Industry Analysis Templates to Use in 2024

Here’s a curated list of the top 10 industry analysis templates to help you understand the industry and drive your business decisions.

1. ClickUp Market Analysis Template

Know where your product stands amongst the competition with ClickUp Market Analysis Template

This template is ideal when launching a new product or optimizing an existing one.

It helps you understand existing competitors, potential competitors, direct and indirect competitors, replacements, and new entrants. It offers an informed perspective on the market growth rate and your customers’ needs, behaviors, and preferences.

The ClickUp Market Analysis Template is a user-friendly template that offers Custom Statuses, Views, and Custom Fields to give you an in-depth view of the market landscape.

View detailed information on competitors’ market share, performance, advertising, and promotional strategies using the template’s custom views. The price vs. quality view gives you insights into consumer preferences among your competitors.

With this holistic understanding,  tailor your products, services, positioning, and pricing to achieve competitive differentiation.

2. ClickUp Gap Analysis Template

Get to where you want to be from where you are with the ClickUp Gap Analysis Template

This Whiteboard template enables you to identify gaps between your goals and your current state, helping you close or reduce gaps effectively.

From operational and need analysis gaps to capability gaps between you and your competitors, every gap impacts the overall performance of your products or services. Visualize the gap and get a deeper view using the ClickUp Gap Analysis Template.

After identifying the goal and collecting relevant data, use this template to create a gap analysis chart. One column is for your current performance, and the other is for desired performance, thus helping you identify the gaps.

As you address the gap, keep track of them using Custom Statuses and categorize them through Custom Fields.

3. ClickUp Personal SWOT Analysis Template

Know the strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats with the ClickUp Personal SWOT Analysis Template

SWOT analysis templates are handy tools that serve as a good reality check against the competition by providing an objective view of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

The ClickUp Personal SWOT Analysis Template makes this analysis far more actionable by enabling you to brainstorm and list action items. It enables you to group and organize custom tasks. Track the progress of these tasks using custom statuses from time to time.

Add custom fields that include Worksheet Link, Completion Rate, Objective, and Timeline. In addition, the template enables you to set up Custom Views such as List View, Gantt Chart View, and tasks on a Calendar View based on workload.

A highlight of this template is its ability to help you collect feedback internally for your SWOT analysis and improvement plan by involving other users or assignees, setting priorities, and receiving and giving comments or reactions.

Elevate personal SWOT analysis to a new level by making it more collaborative and actionable.

4. ClickUp Competitor Tracking Template

Stay aware to stay ahead of competitors using the ClickUp Competitor Tracking Template

Tracking competitor data is quite daunting despite the availability of several competitor analysis tools, given the large amount of information out there.

The ClickUp Competitor Tracking template helps you track competition at a high level and delve into granular details such as product type, pricing, and release date. These details provide a holistic understanding of competitor moves without letting vital information slip through the cracks.

Use custom fields in this template to track vital information like unit price, product ratings, features, product type, and release year. Also, use custom views to track different product categories, such as laptops, smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets.

This template allows you to configure and track status updates, facilitating progress. It also lets you stay updated using time tracking, tags, dependency warnings, and more. Elevate your competitor intelligence with in-depth and updated tracking.

5. ClickUp SEO Competitor Analysis Template

Create winning SEO strategies by using the ClickUp SEO Competitor Analysis Template

A successful SEO strategy depends greatly on awareness of competitors’ strategies.

ClickUp SEO Competitor Analysis Template helps you develop a deep understanding of competitors’ SEO strategies, enabling you to create a winning SEO strategy.

Track and visualize vital information about the competition using the template’s 27 custom attributes, such as Traffic Visibility Findings, Content Score, Estimate Organic Traffic Value, Avg of Images in Articles, and Domain Score.

Deep dive into competitor website performance information, including accessibility, traffic visibility, and content quality using custom views. Stay informed and organized with the Status Board and improve actionability with the Getting Started Guide.

This template will enable you to formulate the right content strategy. Outrank your competitors with a granular analysis of competitor SEO strategies.

6. ClickUp Competitive Analysis Template

Analyze and compare competitor’s performance with the ClickUp Competitive Analysis Template

The highlight of this template is the quadrant view of the competitive landscape, enabling you to compare yourself to the competitive landscape and identify new growth areas.

ClickUp Competitive Analysis Template helps you whiteboard your competitive landscape. As the next steps, it also allows you to create tasks with custom statuses such as Open and Complete

Categorize and better manage your tasks using custom fields. The custom views allow you to open two views: Whiteboard and Getting Started Guide.

Track every competitive analysis using nested subtasks, multiple assignees, and priority labels.

After understanding where you are in the competitive landscape, decide next steps, set priorities, assign tasks, and track them.

7. ClickUp Competitive Analysis Pricing Template

Ace the 4Ps with ClickUp Competitive Analysis Pricing Template

Pricing significantly affects a prospect’s decision in a market filled with identical alternatives.

ClickUp Competitive Analysis Pricing Template helps you better understand your competitor’s pricing strategies and plans. Based on these insights, you will be able to offer compelling choices to your customers.

Get a comprehensive view of the pricing landscape using Custom Views. Set up notifications to get updates.

Use custom fields to easily manage tasks by adding different attributes to competitor pricing. If you must modify your pricing, keep track of it using configurable status updates to avoid missing any module or service.

Elevate your competitor pricing awareness to offer compelling prices to your customers using the ClickUp Competitive Analysis Pricing template.

8. ClickUp Go to Market Strategy Template

Formulate a winning GTM plan using the ClickUp Go to Market Strategy Template

You need an effective go-to-market strategy before you take a new product or service to the market and drive demand. Your step-by-step plan results from market research on competitors, target audience, sales strategy, and pricing.

ClickUp Go to Market Strategy Template helps you take your product or service to the market through the right channels with the right messaging.

This template helps you capture relevant data and get an overview of the market to help you plan the steps necessary to launch the product successfully. It enables you to reach your target audience and rightly position your products. This improves your chances for a successful product launch.

9. ClickUp Soar Analysis Template

Soar great heights with the ClickUp Soar Analysis Template

Aspirations are a great place to start. Yet, success happens when they meet the right opportunity.

A clear understanding of strengths, opportunities, aspirations, and results is essential to maximize your strengths and convert them into outcomes that matter.

SOAR (Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, Result) analysis helps organizations assess their performance by evaluating factors that affect their success. It then helps create a plan to work on the areas of improvement.

Leverage the ClickUp Soar Analysis Template to visually represent this information in a single view. Based on this, create tasks and checklists, assign priorities, and set deadlines using the template.

Use the template to achieve impressive results with the right identification, analysis, and collaborative action.

10. ClickUp Porter’s 5 Forces Template

Handle competitive pressures with ease using ClickUp Porter’s 5 Forces Template

Porter’s 5 Forces have proven to be a highly effective tool to understand competitive pressures.

Using this template, map the 5 forces that represent the sources of pressure in your industry:

  1. Competitive rivalry
  2. Supplier power
  3. Buyer power
  4. Threat of substitution
  5. Threat of new entry

ClickUp Porter’s 5 Forces Template helps you to create custom views, Whiteboard, and Doc to make this analysis simpler and more effective. Also, mark the status of tasks as open and complete. A legend is available to guide you.

Make your analysis actionable using ClickUp Porter’s 5 Forces Template.

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Ace Competition with Industry Analysis Templates

To combat your competitors, you need effective tools and templates that give you a holistic picture.

These 10 free templates are designed with key business goals and outcomes. They enable you to understand your competitive landscape completely and help you understand the width and depth of it from multiple vantage points.

In addition, they help you take action, set up interventions, and pause and re-evaluate your strategies.

Say goodbye to competitive analysis on spreadsheets and free up your competitive intelligence from isolated silos. Leverage these ClickUp templates to align all your internal stakeholders. Offer your internal stakeholders contextual information relevant to their respective functions.

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