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7 Growth Plan Templates to Build a Growth Strategy

Ever feel like you’re steering your ship without a compass? You want to grow your business, but the “how” aspect might be unclear. If you feeling lost at sea, a growth plan template could be the guiding star you’re looking for. ⭐ 

A growth plan template is a bit like a business-minded GPS, leading you through the winding roads of market trends, financial forecasts, and strategic planning. A good one will be your go-to guide for turning your big ideas and plans into a concrete roadmap to success. With a plan in place, you’ll reach your growth goals with ease. 

In this guide, we’ll show you what makes a rock-solid growth plan template and how easily it works for business owners and entrepreneurs. We’ll also set you up with growth plan templates so your organization functions more fluidly and effectively. Let’s dive in! 

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What Is a Growth Plan Template?

A growth plan template is a preformatted document that guides businesses in outlining objectives, strategies, and actions aimed at business growth. Think of it like a strategic plan or framework for focusing on different growth elements, such as market expansion, product development, and financial projections. And it applies just as much to startups as it does to established businesses. 🙌

It serves as a roadmap, giving cohesion and clarity to your growth initiatives. Whether scaling or diversifying, a growth plan template offers a structured way to find opportunities and roadblocks. And since it provides dedicated areas for keeping track of metrics and KPIs, measuring progress and adjusting strategies is user-friendly.

What are the key components of a growth plan template?

Growth plan templates provide a framework for outlining a business’s growth objectives and strategies for achieving them. Here are some critical components of a growth strategy template:

  • Executive summary: An overview of the growth strategy and its goals 
  • Business overview: Details of your organization and its current operations
  • Market analysis: Research on your target market (and the current market) will inform your growth strategy. Know your customer base, know your strategy
  • Growth objectives: Clear, measurable goals tied to a timeline. This could be new customers, revenue growth, a social media strategy, or improving customer retention
  • Strategies and tactics: The actions you’ll take to achieve your growth objectives
  • Financial projections: Estimates of projected revenue and profit if growth objectives are achieved
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Metrics and other measurable data demonstrate the success of your growth strategy
  • Resource allocation: A list of resources needed to reach your objectives, like a new marketing strategy, business model, or financial plan
  • Risks and mitigation strategies: Assessing risks that could derail your plans and contingencies for avoiding those circumstances
  • Implementation timeline: A schedule for when milestones will be reached and objectives completed
  • Review and adjustment process: A system for reviewing and adjusting as necessary
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7 Growth Plan Templates

If you haven’t turned to various strategic planning templates in your continuous effort to increase revenue, measure success, and identify new growth opportunities, then the time is now.

These pre-built assets are designed to help teams create and execute a unique business plan regardless of your industry or how many employees you’re working with. Bypass the hassle of spreadsheets and emails with a template that makes running experiments a breeze. 🌬

ClickUp makes it easy to find a business growth plan template customized to your needs. Get clarity on metrics and other KPIs vital to mapping out your organization and where you’d like it to be. A thoughtful and strategic business growth plan may be the missing piece you’re looking for. Here are seven growth plan templates to check out!

1. ClickUp Growth Experiments Whiteboard Template

ClickUp Growth Experiments Whiteboard Template

ClickUp’s Growth Experiments Whiteboard Template is a valuable resource for bringing your team together during brainstorming and growth planning sessions. With the ability to plan and act on your ideas from the same collaborative space, this template has every feature you need to follow through on an effective business growth plan.

You can customize every inch of this business growth plan template template—from the structure itself to the objects that bring it to life. Add sticky notes, Docs, media, or even live websites to your growth plan for additional context regarding your business operations. Then act on your ideas in an instant with the ability to convert any object on your board directly into an actionable task.

Plus, ClickUp Whiteboards are highly visual, meaning you can maintain a high-level view of the entire growth plan from the initial idea through implementation. 

2. ClickUp 30-60-90 Day Plan Template

ClickUp 30-60-90 Day Plan Template

Each department’s growth plan should align with the strategic objective of the overall company. Suppose you’re aiming to revamp a marketing plan or reach a new target market. In this case, you may need to bring on team members with different skill sets or focus on team expansion. 

ClickUp’s 30-60-90 Day Plan Template provides an actionable framework for onboarding new employees. Quickly set goals, create milestones, and identify the steps needed to integrate smoothly into a new organization. 

Custom features show you how progress is tracked at a glance, like a separate view for onboarding, which helps organize and keep track of all onboarding tasks. Or use Chat view to collaborate with stakeholders and discuss progress deftly. And with References view, store all necessary references for your plans. 

When your organization aims for more growth and diversification, a 30-60-90 plan ensures a coordinated and transparent process where everyone is on the same page. At the same time, you’re enhancing how your team operates. Having the right tool in your corner is indispensable. 

3. ClickUp Ansoff Matrix Whiteboard Template

ClickUp Ansoff Matrix Whiteboard Template

Understanding the risks and rewards associated with different business growth strategies is invaluable for sound decision-making. After all, what good is a growth strategy aimed at market penetration if it could potentially compromise your business?

Use ClickUp’s Ansoff Matrix Whiteboard Template to visualize available strategic options in a way that’s simple to understand and enhances collaboration with your team. This template makes it straightforward and intuitive to identify opportunities and risks, understand which strategies are the most appropriate for your business, and compare different plans against each other to find the best fit. 💡

And it easily adapts to your organization’s level. Launching a new product or planning explosive growth in new markets? Use this template for both.

Features like tagging, nested subtasks, multiple assignees, and priority labels make project management precise and extraordinarily efficient. Being able to brainstorm, organize ideas, and create content with team members ensures everyone is working in harmony. Status labels like Open and Complete add to the frictionless workflow.

4. ClickUp Product Development Roadmap Whiteboard Template

ClickUp Product Development Roadmap Whiteboard Template

If your organization is focusing on innovation, developing new products, or entering new markets, you’ll want to align those goals with your overall growth strategy. And all of that requires teamwork, planning, and clear direction. 

When you need a growth plan template that’s easily customizable, ClickUp’s Product Development Roadmap Whiteboard Template is a no-brainer. This template is designed for you to visualize, document, and track product development progress.

Features like custom fields let you manage tasks and visualize a path to product development that’s way more straightforward than a spreadsheet. Identify potential problems long before they become a fire you need to put out. Cross-team dependencies are easy to see, and engaging with stakeholders is seamless.

So whether you’re experimenting with pricing changes, improving existing products, or something in between, the key is having a comprehensive tool that keeps everyone in sync. And the right template can act as a centralized platform to empower team members in executing growth strategies effectively. 

5. ClickUp Development Schedule Template

ClickUp Development Schedule Template

Unlike a product development roadmap, which offers a high-level view of a growth strategy and its direction, a development schedule digs deep into the nitty-gritty. See it as a more granular and tactical guide for you and your team. 

Recognizing the need for meticulous planning, ClickUp’s Development Schedule Template ensures each step in your organization’s process is completed accurately and precisely. Stay on track, meet deadlines, adjust your schedule as needed, and allocate your resources and budget appropriately.

Update statuses for tasks with labels such as Done, In Progress, Needs Input, Stuck, and To Do to keep your team members informed and your projects on track. And use custom attributes like Stage, Attachment, Estimated Duration Days, Remarks, and Actual Duration Days to visualize progress at a glance.

A well-designed development schedule is much more than a sophisticated to-do list of tasks. It’s a dynamic and adaptable framework that helps you align strategic planning with tangible execution. 

6. ClickUp Process Audit and Improvement Template

ClickUp Process Audit and Improvement Template

Most organizations probably have a few processes they would like to improve or streamline in their company. And since those processes influence the scalability of a business, initiatives for expansion into new markets, and product development, it pays to keep tabs on their effectiveness. 

Use ClickUp’s Process Audit and Improvement Template to keep those tabs. The template allows you to execute quick process reviews or dive deep into how every aspect of your system functions. 🛠

Custom statuses like Not Started, In Progress, Complete, and To Do make keeping track of progress a breeze. Open two different views in different ClickUp configurations, such as the Overview and Getting Started Guide, so you and your team will have no problem jumping right into optimizing the processes that need it.

Categorize and arrange tasks to suit your needs—like audit planning, data analysis, and implementation—so you’ll clearly see the path from A to B. And combining this template with goal-tracking apps, teams and individuals will see progress on an even more detailed scale.

By conducting routine audits, you’ll optimize your processes for efficiency and productivity. Improve customer service and satisfaction by leaps and bounds. You’ll be able to create your own roadmap for taking corrective action where you need to and increase the quality of your decision-making. 

7. ClickUp Employee Development Plan Template

ClickUp Employee Development Plan Template

Employee development is an essential piece of any growth strategy. Your team members are one of your most valuable assets, and as your organization grows, your employees should grow with it. 

An employee development plan shows you which departments or areas need new talent and which ones may need it in the future. These plans play a role in maintaining an engaged and motivated workforce, too. Even better, you’ll improve employee retention rates and create an environment that encourages your current team members to develop into future leaders in your organization. 🌻

With ClickUp’s Employee Development Plan Template, you’ll ensure your team is always aligned on the most critical objectives. 

Start by assessing where your team members stand with their current knowledge and skill levels. Next, establish clear short and long-term goals that are personalized for each team member. Once you’re clear on the resources you need to meet those objectives, use the information you’ve gathered to create an action plan tailored to each member of your team.

The Development Status List view will assist in keeping track of how each employee’s development plan is progressing. Organize your team’s tasks into different statuses, including Done, For Review, and In Progress, so you always know where you are in your growth strategy. Having essential information all in one place also keeps stakeholders well-informed and in the loop.

The same strategy works for departments within your organization, as well. By creating individual and comprehensive development plan templates and tracking progress and performance with measurable goals, you’ll know that you’re building a successful and productive team. 

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Choose the Best Growth Plan Template for Your Team

Whether you’re honing in on market share, tweaking your marketing strategy to include SEO, or brainstorming your next big move with vision board templates, a growth plan template can take your organization to new heights. 🦅

It’s not just a tool for executives and leadership in an organization. Team members benefit from a clear roadmap that aligns their day-to-day tasks with the overarching company objectives. The flexibility to customize your template means it’s adaptable, whether you’re a small business dreaming big or an established company looking for incremental improvement. 

If you’re looking for an all-in-one tool that lets you seamlessly move from product development and ideation to process audits to mapping out company growth potential and more, sign up for ClickUp — it’s Free Forever.

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