How to Dominate a Tech Conference

These days success requires being a little…extra. I’m about to show the latest way we’ve found to inspire the team, rile up the competition, and ensure ClickUp becomes the world’s productivity platform.

SaaStr – the largest Software as a Service conference in the world-famous Silicon Valley.

The event is 3 days long and filled with the most incredible software companies in San Francisco. Companies building tools we use at ClickUp every day were lining the walls of this enormous event.

Everyone attending has something to lose, or, with some special sauce, to gain.

As an early stage, bootstrapped startup, our investment into this event was a bit risky!

Understanding the weight of this opportunity (in front of all of our ideal customers, teams that build, market, sell and take care of SaaS products), we went all in.

Day 1: “I love your outfits!”

We are a group of young, passionate, and abnormal individuals.

Our ability to solve the sharpest pain point of every single large team in the room fosters our culture of confidence.

For the first time, we decided to bring a large batch of our core and remote team to the conference as a way to learn from and spend time with each other while giving booth visitors answers from the experts they needed.

But this wasn’t enough, we needed to cause a scene with our attire.

The men in purple suits with either a white button up for the dapper or a “Get Shit Done tee for the brazen. The women in matching purple dresses and heels to impress, meant all eyes were on us.

We became dubbed, “The purple people” for our undying devotion to the ecosystem we are building. Or for some attendees, we were seen as the ones “doing SaaStr right” and stealing the spotlight.

Maybe it was thanks to our beautiful UI – or possibly that the bar that was right next to us…

Either way, the engineering team absolutely blew us away with their passion for our mission. They were helping teams left and right!

Day 2:  “You’re one of the Purple People!!”

Knowing this event would be our chance to win over the hearts of future customers in person, we planned and trained the team all week beforehand.

Because we’re an all-in-one platform, our strategy was to learn the customer we were speaking to and tailor the pitch to whatever pain point we could solve best.

It was surprising and noteworthy to us that in 2018, at a tech-based conference, in San Francisco, some of the attendees weren’t using any kind of project management software.

To be honest, this made our value proposition all the easier to convey – no question went unanswered.

By the end many attendees commented on the contagious hype propagating from the energy of our booth. We were thrilled to help people get shit done!

Day 3: “Do You, Get Shit Done?”

Day 3: Time to lay everything on the line. It was the opportunity of our careers coming to a close.

We had one last shot at reaching the 15,000 people that were team leaders, decision makers and process disruptors.

Do it now. Work smarter AND harder. Two core values that everyone on the team took very seriously.

We had hundreds of t-shirts left and many people we hadn’t been able to reach yet.

Asking people if they “Get Shit Done” was very awakening at the same time as breathing life and passion into any conversation. After all, that’s what Silicon Valley is built upon.

We were able to spread the word to as many people as our t-shirts would carry us.

Some things we learned in speaking to the largest names in SaaS:

  1. There is no reason to avoid approaching people at a conference. They are there to improve their company, their processes, and you are the catalyst.
  2. Standing out in the crowd does your job for you. Inbound leads are more valuable; both in person and on the internet.
  3. Learn who you are talking to. The CTO of a SaaS company wants to understand specifics/technicalities while a mid-level manager would much rather hear your value proposition.
  4. Have fun. Energy, passion, and productivity are contagious. If a customer sees you really enjoying what you’re doing, they will be much more receptive to what you’re offering.
  5. If you don’t ask the answer will be “No”
  6. There are a vast number of enterprise companies disconnected as a team. Many still use google sheets/excel to keep their day ‘organized’.

I’m SO excited to make YOU more productive. Reach me at or get started now!

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