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10 Elevator Pitch Templates for Job Seekers & Students

A well-crafted elevator pitch is your golden key when you want to capture the attention of busy decision-makers. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a job seeker, or simply someone wanting to eloquently share ideas on the go, mastering the elevator pitch is a must for success. 

Although condensing a bite-sized message can be challenging, an expertly crafted elevator pitch template makes the process a breeze. It allows you to confidently convey your message and seize big opportunities as they arise. 

Discover what makes a great pitch, and explore 10 elevator pitch templates you can use in 2024 to make a lasting and winning impression. 🌻

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What is an Elevator Pitch Template?

An elevator pitch template is a structured framework that helps you condense your ideas or goals into a succinct and impactful narrative. Its purpose is to make this elevator speech so straightforward that you can deliver it within the span of an elevator ride—hence the name—which is between 30 seconds and two minutes.

The template is like a map that helps you locate and extract the essential elements of your information, ensuring you capture the big ideas while leaving a positive impression.

Following an elevator pitch template streamlines your communication and eliminates unnecessary details. Your message becomes clear and impactful, whether you’re networking, pitching to potential clients, or seeking new job opportunities.

A well-structured elevator pitch template is a tool to help you leave a lasting mark in a limited amount of time. 

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What Makes a Good Elevator Pitch Template?

A good elevator pitch template should include areas for the following: 

  • An engaging opening: A strong start will capture your listener’s attention and pique their curiosity 
  • A problem-solution framework: The pitch should identify a problem or challenge facing the listener and how you can solve it 
  • A value proposition: This should highlight the benefits and value your solution can bring to the problem 
  • A call to action: The template should end with a clear and specific call to action that encourages further engagement from the listener 

Elevator pitches should also be adaptable to the audience. You wouldn’t give the same elevator pitch to the head of security of a large organization as you would to a senior investment club. A good template allows for flexibility, giving you a memorable pitch that you can adjust to your audience and situation as needed. 

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10 Elevator Pitch Templates to Use in 2024

Transform interactions into opportunities with these 10 elevator pitch templates thoughtfully designed to help you convey your passion, purpose, and value in any situation. 

1. ClickUp Elevator Pitch Template

ClickUp Elevator Pitch template
Prepare for any networking event with this simple elevator pitch template

People often think of ClickUp as a project management and goal-tracking app, but it can do much more, thanks to its robust library of free templates.

That includes helping you elevate your introductions with the ClickUp Elevator Pitch Template, designed to help you maximize impact in moments. This template is great as a catch-all pitch template, so whether you need a pitch for a job interview, startup meeting, or project plan, this template gives you a structured canvas to craft the perfect pitch.

One of the great things about this template is that it seamlessly integrates with ClickUp’s AI writing assistant. ClickUp’s AI writing tools are super simple to use and are perfect for drafting elevator pitch examples and making your message more concise.

Use them to generate an elevator pitch example, write an elevator pitch for different situations, or even proofread the final pitch for a more polished and professional final product. It can even help you outline your sales pitch.

2. ClickUp Sales Pitch Template

ClickUp Sales Pitch template for a networking event elevator pitch example
Sample elevator pitches to test what works in a ClickUp Doc

The ClickUp Sales Pitch Template is a toolkit for crafting and delivering persuasive, confident sales pitches that resonate with your audience. It offers a structured approach to understanding customer needs and helping you think creatively about how your products or services solve them. It can help you streamline your client presentations and communicate more effectively with them. 

The template offers customizable statuses, fields, and views for organizing your researching, brainstorming, planning, and writing approach. And if you get stuck, the platform’s AI writing tools can help you write an elevator pitch sample. Put this template to work along with other communication plan templates to create a message that can help you seal the deal and maximize your sales numbers.

3. ClickUp Sales Plan Template

ClickUp Sales Plan template
Organize an elevator pitch example by industry or category on a ClickUp Board view

Writing an effective elevator pitch without first establishing a great sales plan is challenging. Completing the ClickUp Sales Plan Template can be an essential first step for a company mapping out its sales strategy. This template can help you create a comprehensive sales plan, including sales goals, to propel your results and give you a better framework for building your elevator pitch. You can start by setting SMART goals and project objectives and then develop strategies to help you achieve them faster. 

Keep your sales information in one central location (or integrate it with other sales apps) to make it available to the entire team. That way, when it’s time to write your elevator pitch, everyone is on the same page, and you can work together to craft the perfect pitch.

Check out these sales plan templates!

4. ClickUp Sales Strategy Guide Template

ClickUp Sales Strategy Guide template
Streamline your strategy with the Sales Strategy Guide template

The ClickUp Sales Strategy Guide Template is a comprehensive resource designed to help you craft and implement winning sales plans. The template integrates with all of ClickUp’s advanced features, allowing you to define your target market, develop strategic sales processes, set achievable goals, and monitor progress for continuous optimization. 

As you tailor your sales strategy to engage potential customers, this template becomes a roadmap to success. Whether you need to hone your message for the board room or create an impactful client presentation, the Sales Strategy Template gives you the tools to keep your audience’s attention and align your message with their needs.

5. ClickUp Job Proposal Template

ClickUp Job Proposal template
Store your important information for your next job search or networking events in a ClickUp Doc

Want to wow a potential employer? A job proposal is like an elevator pitch of your resume. It’s your chance to present your qualifications and demonstrate how you can positively impact their organization. 

Crafting a compelling job proposal can be challenging, but the ClickUp Job Proposal Template can help you articulate your skills and value, enabling you to create a message that catches the eye of a potential employer.

Use the template to outline your services, qualifications, and job timeline in a concise and organized manner. The template allows you to illustrate the measure of your value and how you can help align a project’s objectives with stakeholder goals. Ultimately, you’ll have a job proposal that helps you stand out as a top candidate. 

This template integrates into the ClickUp ecosystem, including its advanced features. You’ll have custom statuses, fields, and views to help you capture information about yourself and your dream job. Enhance your job application strategy and pave the way for a dream job with a creative, succinct, and powerful proposal. 

Use this template and other free resources on the ClickUp platform to create your life planning hub!

6. ClickUp Business Proposal Template

ClickUp Business Proposal template
Track elevator pitch examples in a ClickUp List

Do you have a business idea? Then you probably need investors to help you make that idea a money-making reality. An elevator pitch can help you confidently approach potential investors with your concept, delivering the value proposition of your organization in a way that excites them to learn more. That elevator pitch comes directly from the pages of your business proposal. 

The success of a business proposal hinges on its details. This is where the ClickUp Business Proposal Template shines, giving you a suite of tools to help you construct persuasive proposals with a compelling narrative. You can showcase milestones, establish timelines, and highlight your suitability for the market. Whether you’re a freelancer offering services or an enterprise organization presenting a new project, this template equips you with everything you need to convey your aspirations and merits. 

7. ClickUp Project Proposal Whiteboard Template

ClickUp Project Proposal Whiteboard template
Brainstorm ideas for a successful elevator pitch on a ClickUp Whiteboard

Need to propose an idea for your next project? The ClickUp Project Proposal Whiteboard Template can help you get the green light. This free template acts as a whiteboard to help you organize ideas, identify key points, and establish project goals. It becomes a central hub that makes collaborating with your stakeholders feel effortless. 

Start using the template by identifying your project’s purpose and scope. The template then allows you to assign budgets, roles, and goals. You can review and adjust all your information without worrying about version control because everything updates in real time for the entire team. 

Once you have your proposal, writing your project’s elevator pitch is much easier. Put ClickUp’s AI features to work to help you summarize your project goals and outline how your project will bring value to your stakeholders. You can have everything you need for your project meeting in a few clicks. 

8. ClickUp Career Fair Project Charter Template

ClickUp Career Fair Project Charter Template
Knock your next career fair out of the park with this easy to use template

Heading to a career fair to find your next big opportunity? There’s no better place to use an elevator pitch. Recruiters at these events meet hundreds, if not thousands, of qualified candidates. But with the right elevator pitch, you can stand out in the crowd as the candidate they want to hire. 

Making your time at a career fair a success starts with good planning. The ClickUp Career Fair Project Charter Template is the perfect place to start. This free template allows you to set clear goals for your time at the career fair, note essential deadlines, and track critical people you want to meet with and speak to. 

It’s also excellent for those hosting the career fair. The template has space to help you plan your booth setup, create checklists for materials, and assign team members to tasks.

You can make a list of all the candidates you meet with and develop ranking systems to determine which of them you want to meet with after the career fair. You can also write your elevator pitch for your company or the position. You’ll want to convey a lot of information to inundated candidates. Make your organization stand out and bring in the best talent of the day with a well-crafted pitch. After all, interviewing is a two-way street!

9. Elevator Pitch Powerpoint Presentation Slides

SlideTeam elevator pitch presentation template
via SlideTeam

Need to translate your elevator pitch into a slide deck? This elevator pitch presentation template by SlideTeam is the perfect place to start.

With 59 slides, this editable template can help you showcase your topic in a crisp and visually pleasing way. Edit slides to share your agenda, problem-solution narrative, marketing plans, and more. You’ll have a slide deck ready whenever you need to speak to potential investors or employers, giving them essential information quickly that leaves them eager to learn more. 

10. Business Pitch Powerpoint Presentation Slides

SlideTeam Business Pitch Powerpoint Presentation Slides
via SlideTeam

Are you ready to start your own organization? The Business Pitch Powerpoint Presentation Slides by SlideTeam can help you create a personal elevator pitch for potential investors that delivers all the information they need and leaves them wanting more.

The customizable slides give you a starting point to discuss your organization’s growth strategy, revenue models, marketing plans, and more. The slides are flexible enough to use for longer presentations and to create 30-second elevator pitches about your organization. It’s a great visual framework to start refining how you’ll talk to investors about your next big idea. 

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Stay Pitch Perfect With ClickUp

Crafting a strong elevator pitch is crucial for opening doors to new opportunities. It requires condensing a big idea into a captivating snapshot that resonates with the listener. ✨

Start by identifying a problem, and then explain to the listener how you will solve it in a unique way. By adapting your pitch to your audience, you can generate interest in your business idea or project plan or even secure a job offer. 

ClickUp offers a suite of elevator pitch templates tailored to your specific needs. Whether you pitch a project, sales strategy, job proposal, or new business venture, you can customize these templates with ClickUp’s AI-powered capabilities to clarify your message.

Sign up for a free ClickUp account and craft a great elevator pitch!

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