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10 Free Christmas Templates for All Your Holiday Planning Needs

Is Christmas here already?! 

Those few days before the final clock out—there’s so much to do, from organizing the office party and optimizing the holiday workflow to ensuring everything is in place for your family vacation. 

Before heading out for your Christmas holidays, you must plan out essential things in your organization. They could be the Christmas gift list for your colleagues. Or schedule of activities and monthly capacity. 

Here, we share 10 Christmas templates to help you monitor the no-work days. Use them to organize and visualize progress before and during the holidays. 

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How can Christmas Templates Help Your Holiday Planning?

Christmas templates help you organize every aspect of your holiday planning, from gift lists, party planning, decoration, and budget tracking to setting new year resolutions. 

Put your party plans and resolutions in writing, monitor your progress, and stay on track toward your goals. They have custom statuses and fields that you can adjust or edit based on your goals or tasks. 

Christmas templates bring clarity to your planning, keep you organized and motivated, and allow you to self-reflect and visualize your goals, achievements, and targets. 

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What Makes a Good Christmas Template?

Here are the essential elements you should look for in a good Christmas template:

  • Clarity and simplicity: The template should be easy to use and understand and list all the duties and schedules 
  • Visual appeal: Your Christmas template should have a visually appealing design and allow you to add color coding to make it engaging 
  • Customizable: Based on the specific tasks at hand, the template should allow for adding or removing tasks, changing assignees, and adjusting schedules 
  • Accessible: Whether the digital template is for your personal or professional use, ensure the template is easy to share, access, update, and download  
  • Sections for goals: Does the template have areas for writing down the goals and tracking them over time? 
  • Tracking capability: Find a template to configure metrics and monitor progress 
  • Space for notes: Amid the implementation of goals, you’ll encounter numerous challenges worth documenting. The perfect template will have designated space for writing down your affirmations, quotes, or thoughts when you’re on the way to achieving your goals 
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10 Christmas Templates to Use in 2024

1. ClickUp Holiday Planner Template 

ClickUp Holiday Planner Template
The ClickUp Holiday Planner Template lets you manage your employees’ holidays with ease and plan ahead

The holiday season can be stressful, especially when planning a family vacation with your loved ones. You need a personalized planning template to prevent missing anything important. 

ClickUp’s Holiday Planner Template helps you plan every aspect of your vacation, from the flights to the stay. Keep track of who comes when and how long and store important documents such as passports in a secure central location. 

Customize this Christmas template to keep track of all your holiday activities and avoid last-minute stress or surprises. This template allows you to maximize your time, energy, and resources. 

The best part is being multi-purpose – use the same Christmas template to track employee holidays and other time-off requests. 

For example, add custom statuses to track the progress of each holiday request, such as approved, canceled, and reviewing. Visualize employee holiday data using six different custom attributes. Improve your holiday planning with dependency warnings and time tracking. 

Plus, set the budget to estimate expenses for gifts, food, travel, and decorations such as Christmas trees, miniature reindeer, greeting cards, art prints, and gifting papers for the office. The template has a budget tracker to ensure you stick to the budget.  

2. ClickUp Party Planning Template 

ClickUp Party Planning To-Do List Template
Use this party-planning template to budget, prioritize, and delegate tasks

With ClickUp’s Party Planning Template, planning a memorable Christmas party becomes a breeze. 

Create checklists for every aspect of the party, set deadlines, assign tasks to your team members, and track progress with this template. 

Start using the ClickUp Calendar view to decide the best date for you and your guests and how long the party will be to plan accordingly. 

Clickup calendar view
See the big picture with the ClickUp calendar view

Whether it’s an office celebration or your private Christmas party, tracking your budget and expenses is one of the biggest headaches. 

Use ClickUp’s Christmas template to customize your budget estimator. This way, all costs related to the party, including invitations, decorations like candy canes and Santa Claus, images, food, and entertainment, are tracked. 

Get an organized view of all the details in List, Board, and Table so you can hit the ground running and make the event successful. 

3. ClickUp Virtual White Elephant Template

A screenshot of ClickUp's Virtual White Elephant Template
Have fun with your coworkers (no matter where they are) with ClickUp’s Virtual White Elephant Template, which makes it easy to enjoy this classic game

Virtual White Elephant, or Dirty Santa, is an online gift exchange game where participants exchange bizarre items. Interestingly, the steal mechanism allows one player to take a gift from another while playing this classic game. 

If you plan to add the virtual White Elephant game to bring your family together for holiday fun, this template gets you started quickly. 

With ClickUp’s Virtual White Elephant Template, create themed rules, such as a holiday gift guide from which your employees choose a gift. For a unique party gathering, use the template to invite players, assign roles, and track the gifts exchanged. 

The benefits of using the virtual white elephant template include: 

  • Allowing your loved ones to join the exchange from any location 
  • A fun way to engage with your friends and family 
  • Ensuring the exchange is efficient and everyone has access to the same gifts 

Pro tip: Set the rules before beginning the game. Use Docs in ClickUp to mention the number of gifts a person can bring and how the gift exchange happens, and invite participants to review and provide feedback. 

Send the rules to the participants through flyers, videos, or posts on the company website. 

4. ClickUp Event Planning Template

ClickUp Event Planning & Collaboration Template
Plan and execute your Christmas party flawlessly with ClickUp’s Event Planning & Collaboration Template

Event planning has multiple moving parts—from venue and facilities to activities, billing, and the list is endless. 

A pre-built event planning template simplifies your job of organizing the venue information, setting and tracking the budget, curating the guest list, and tracking entertainment and attendance. 

For your office Christmas party this year, consider using the ClickUp Event Planning Template to plan and visualize everything you need. Align your team for smooth collaboration and track progress to ensure the party runs smoothly. 

The best event management templates allow your teams to visualize delivery phases on a Calendar or List View. ClickUp pre-built templates allow your team to add important details such as budget and payment status and track the progress of every task. 

5. ClickUp Personal Budget Template

Sheets Personal Monthly Budget Template by Vertex42
Track your personal, gift, and decoration budget with ClickUp’s Personal Budget Template

The holiday season is an excellent time for business owners to express their gratitude for valued clients. We understand that you’re looking for well-thought-out client gift ideas, but at the same time, you also need to track gift spending. 

Take control of your budget with ClickUp’s Personal Budget Template. Personalize the present with a heartfelt message to leave a lasting impression, while the template ensures you don’t go out of budget. 

Start by recording your clients’ names to whom you want to give gifts and create a simple holiday spending budget. Note the gift ideas and enter the amounts spent on your Christmas gifts. 

Use the same template to budget travel, decorations, and Christmas cards. Plan ahead of time to relieve your stress and avoid holiday debt.

6. ClickUp Recipe Template 

ClickUp’s Recipe Template makes cooking and grocery shopping easier

If you’re hosting guests this holiday season, ClickUp’s Recipe Template is a Godsend, saving you time and stress in the kitchen. 

Use this template to customize recipes for different dietary needs and preferences, organize ingredients such that you find them, and track inventory so you don’t run out of important ingredients. Organize meal plans and keep track of measurements and instructions. 

This template lets you organize your recipes in one place to share your creations with friends and family. 

When you have all the ingredients ready, and it’s prep time, the ClickUp Kanban board view tracks completed tasks and what needs to be done. 

While cooking, the ClickUp Gantt chart allows you to visualize the recipe timeline and how long each step takes to complete. 

A ClickUp menu planning template will help you prevent food waste and save you from unnecessary grocery runs.  

7. ClickUp New Year’s Resolution Template

ClickUp New Year Resolution Template
Use the ClickUp New Year Resolution Template to set and organize goals and visualize progress

With 2024 approaching, have you started making your New Year resolutions? 

Out of excitement, do you end up making unrealistic goals? 

ClickUp’s New Year’s Resolution Template helps you create achievable goals and stay on track throughout the year by tracking progress.   

Whatever your goal, from learning a new hobby to having an active lifestyle, with this template, you’ll be ready to take the new year ahead. Here’s why the resolution template is a favorite for ClickUp users: 

  • Create a personalized plan for your most important resolutions 
  • Structure your goals to help you achieve them without getting overwhelmed 
  • Breakdown bigger goals into smaller tasks that can be measured and completed over time 
  • Visualize progress and celebrate milestones to keep up the motivation 
  • Stay organized throughout the year without losing track of your goals 
  • Identify reasons and support to progress toward the end goal 

Here are some tips for using the new year template to its full potential:

  • List View keeps track of all your resolutions 
  • Use the Year View to organize your goals 
  • Organize goals into three statuses: Complete, In Progress, and To Do 
  • Notifications will remind you of the upcoming tasks 
  • Monitor and analyze your progress to maximize productivity 

In addition, ClickUp has 10+ new year resolution templates for yearly goals, annual goals, and bucket lists to summarize the entire year or outline the future. 

8. ClickUp Event Planning Document Template 

Events Planning Document Template by ClickUp
Events Planning Document Template by ClickUp

Event planners will agree that planning a successful event requires extensive coordination and organization. 

ClickUp’s Event Planning Document Template makes your job easier by: 

  • Providing a template to organize all event details in one place 
  • Create projects for each event goal 
  • Stay on top of all timelines 
  • Designate tasks for team members 
  • Hold regular meetings with stakeholders to inform them of the progress 
  • Track budget and expenses 
  • Use ClickUp automations to set reminders and notifications to ensure all tasks are over on time 

The event planning template has custom statuses to create tasks and keep track of the stages of progress. Custom fields allow you to categorize and add attributes to provide visibility to stakeholders and teammates. 

Improve event tracking with automation, collaborative editing, and integration with other apps such as to-do-list apps and online calendars.  

9. ClickUp Calendar To Do List Template

ClickUp Calendar To Do List Template
Manage your to do lists using ClickUp calendar to do list template

Planning your responsibilities, expectations, and goals for the next quarter? We understand that tracking everything manually or over spreadsheets is tough.

That’s why ClickUp’s Calendar To Do List Template helps you stay on top of all by giving a single view for all your tasks. Think of it as a quick snapshot of your weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly outlook to plan quickly for the next quarter. 

Use this template to schedule tasks, organize them for better clarity, and drill down the details of each task to gain insight into how long it will take to complete them all. 

Start by listing all tasks you must complete in the next month over ClickUp Docs. They can be as small as waking up 30 minutes early for a walk to bigger projects like starting a new business. 

Assign a deadline for each task. Create a ClickUp calendar view to visualize all tasks in a timeline format to see what needs to be completed and when. Set automatic reminders for upcoming deadlines. 

Finally, monitor the progress of each task with custom fields for resources and productivity level. Set custom views by role, category, schedules, and getting started so that all information is organized and easily accessible. 

10. ClickUp Self-Care Plan Template

ClickUp Self Care Plan To-Do List Template
Use ClickUp’s Self-Care Plan Template to create a list of tasks that prioritizes self-care

Why do you need a self-care plan this holiday season? In a world where we’re constantly fighting distractions, self-care makes us more mindful of our well-being. In short, it’s critical to stay healthy and maintain balance in our lives. 

ClickUp’s Self-Care Plan Template makes it easier to create, track, and maintain a self-care routine. 

Use this template to track simpler things, such as healthier eating or limiting the time you spend on social media. Implementing this template provides the structure you need to succeed and get a sense of control over your life. Organize your tasks into statuses like achieved, crushed, and off-track. 

Plus, combine it with the daily chore chart templates to build new habits and stick to them. 

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Simplify your Holiday Planning with ClickUp 

Once you decide on your holiday plans, the next step is to optimize your holiday workflow with ClickUp. 

Use ClickUp’s Christmas Templates to: 

  • Start at a high level by creating a list of your projects, tasks, and major action items 
  • Add more substance to each task with detailed descriptions and subtasks 
  • Assign tasks to individuals in your team and use custom fields to consolidate information 
  • Set reminders for important tasks and deadlines 
  • Keep track of your expenses with a budget tracker  
  • Collaborate with your team to brainstorm party and gift ideas, fostering a sense of unity and shared responsibility 

Sign up on ClickUp and simplify your holiday planning. 

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