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Michelle Thames: How ClickUp’s Chat View and Folders Keep My Business Organized

Social media has become an integral part of life and continues to transform our world.

It has changed the way we live, share ideas, learn new information, communicate, and interact with people and brands.

Entrepreneur and Strategic Social Marketing expert, Michelle Thames, saw this as a golden opportunity to start her own business and show the world a thing or two about social media for business. #YouGoGirl ✨

Today, she works tirelessly to help creators, influencers, and small business owners build strategies to market their brands and stand out from the crowd on social media.

We had the chance to connect with Michelle to ask her how she uses ClickUp to manage her business, help clients boost their social media presence, host social media training workshops, and free up time to be a superstar mom at home.

Alright, Michelle. We’re handing the mic over to you! 🎀 😊

Michelle Thames ClickUp blog

Tell us about Thames Media Solution!

My name is Michelle Thames and I own a social media agency called Thames Media Solutions, located in Chicago, IL.

Thames Media Solutions is your social media, digital marketing, and branding solution, and we provide custom social media strategies that turn followers into a community.

We are experts in social media marketing who strive to help our clients identify gaps and opportunities for their brand on social media. Whether you’re looking to launch a unique marketing strategy, searching for online business ideas, or just need a push in the right direction, Thames Media Solutions can help.

Our goal is to help entrepreneurs and business owners reach their potential and dominate their markets by implementing proven social media and marketing strategies.

We believe in helping our clients maximize their brand awareness to help drive sales and want our clients to focus on what they do best, and that is running a business.

Michelle Thames social media marketing strategies

What is your favorite ClickUp feature?

I love the Chat view feature!

It’s so easy to quickly update the team when we add or edit tasks on a Board or a List.

Chat view in ClickUp

Communicating with colleagues in ClickUp’s Chat view

How do you use ClickUp for your business?

ClickUp helps us keep our social media management clients organized.

We use it to create different Folder files for each of my clients and keep all important information when it comes to managing our client’s social media accounts.

The social media manager and the brand team all have access to their client’s ClickUp board. We house the brand’s standards, social media strategy, special projects, meeting notes, and also graphic design in these folders.

Chat view is useful for when we have updates on content approvals and special projects. We really use it to make sure we are staying on task with our clients and also they can see progress and let us know any updates.

I love the task and project management in ClickUp; I really don’t know where I would be without it right now.

What tools, if any, do you integrate with ClickUp?

Another tool that I have integrated with ClickUp is Zoom!

The ClickUp integration with Zoom makes it convenient for users to start or join a meeting, and even view recorded meetings, right from a ClickUp task.

Zoom integration in ClickUp

Starting a Zoom meeting in ClickUp

About how many hours a week do you save using ClickUp & what do you do with that time back?

ClickUp saves me about 10 hours each week.

With this time back, I am able to focus on money-generating activities to bring more clients to our business like live streaming and creating content for our business.

Michelle Thames Social Media Decoded podcast

How has ClickUp improved your work and life?

ClickUp has saved me so much time and has allowed me to focus on areas that are important in order to bring in more clients.

It allows me to work with my team seamlessly and keep our projects organized. Everyone knows what is where and it’s super easy to navigate.

It also allows our clients to see where we are with projects and keeps everyone on a timeline. We like to work smarter and not harder.

What advice do you have for others looking to streamline their productivity?

I would say ClickUp is the way.

At first, I was intimidated but quickly learned that there are so many resources that ClickUp has in order to help you understand the platform better.

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