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Pharmacy Mentor: Using ClickUp Whiteboards to Improve Client Journeys

With teams working at different hours of the day, spanning across different time zones, it’s become increasingly challenging for remote and hybrid teams to stay productive, creative, and aligned on goals. 

And when you’re working on multiple projects and clients at once, the challenges seem to multiply as well. Since each project comes with its own vision, goals, teams, and stages, it can be hard to collaborate effectively, stay informed on changes, identify gaps, and implement ideas efficiently.

Take it from Lewis Norwood from Pharmacy Mentor:

“We’ve been hiring and taking on new clients left and right, but some of the ways we did things just weren’t scaling…We needed a reset to evaluate our existing processes.”

For those who can relate to, would like a long-term solution to this issue, or simply wish to avoid being stuck in it themselves, this👏 is 👏 for 👏 you.👏

Learn how a Marketing and Advertising team beat workflow inefficiencies, improved internal collaboration, and upgraded their client journey with ClickUp’s Whiteboards—the ultimate virtual collaboration tool that turns ideas into coordinated actions, all in one place. 🔥

Alright, Lewis. Time to hand the mic over to you. Let’s hear your story! 🎙🙋‍♂️

Tell us about yourself and Pharmacy Mentor

Hi! My name is Lewis Norwood—I’m the Lead Account Executive at Pharmacy Mentor where we help local independent pharmacies in the UK grow and stand out through digital marketing services and digital solutions such as social media, paid ads, web development, and SEO. 👋👨‍💻

My day-to-day work includes managing projects, serving as the client’s primary point of contact, crafting effective marketing strategies for our clients, delivering them on time and within budget.

Why ClickUp?

We moved to ClickUp to be our team’s one source of truth for all of our client projects and engagement. 

For me personally, ClickUp has been a game-changer for managing the 150+ client projects I have going on at any time!

We had different teams using different tools like Trello. Since we all work on the same clients, not having a single source of truth made it really difficult to collaborate, to understand the status of client work, and resulted in more internal emails and meetings needed just to get on the same page.

There are so many additional modules I had no idea we’d use so much, like ClickUp Docs which we use for all of our SOPs, and now ClickUp Whiteboards to help us visualize our client journey and bring our SOPs to life. 🙌

📌 Before we dive further into how Lewis and his team used ClickUp Whiteboards, here’s a short clip of what it is. Get pumped up because it’s pretty neat! 😎

Alright, back to you, Lewis!

Before using ClickUp Whiteboards, what challenges were you experiencing? Why was it so important to solve these challenges?

We’ve been hiring and taking on new clients left and right, but some of the ways we did things just weren’t scaling.

We needed a reset to evaluate our existing processes and needed to address some of the inefficiencies we were seeing across teams and departments as work transferred hands.

Ultimately, we knew this could have a big impact on client satisfaction in the future if we didn’t address the problem now.

So as a business, we decided that future-proofing the client journey was a top initiative for the quarter, starting by understanding the current state.

Each team started to formally document their own SOPs and SLAs, but it was still pretty siloed. There was minimal collaboration or understanding of where the actual gaps were.

Talking through the docs in meetings was tough, too. We needed a visual representation that overlapped all of our processes.

So we looked for a visual collaboration tool to help us map our existing customer journey across all of the different stakeholders and found ClickUp Whiteboards🙏

ClickUp Whiteboards
Create the perfect canvas for team ideas and workflow with ClickUp Whiteboards

How did you use ClickUp Whiteboards?

I led the charge in mapping out our client journey with Whiteboards, but I only had my perspective as the Account Executive.

I came to our next meeting with a V1 of our client engagement journey. We real-time collaborated and moved timelines and phases around based on feedback from the rest of the teams.

My team would go… “Ah, okay, what if this happened?” And then I could go, “Ah, yes, good point. We then real-time moved variables in yes, nos, and mapped in the Whiteboard.

We literally talked through it, each stage of it we spoke about. If we got to a point where we met, and we went, “Well, actually, this could go that way instead,” then we drew that on the map, while we were meeting.

By the end, we had agreement and alignment on the customer journey and even identified a big gap we never realized. 💡

ClickUp Whiteboards via Lewis Norwood from Pharmacy Mentor
Lewis Norwood’s Whiteboard

How have ClickUp and its collaborative Whiteboard feature improved Pharmacy Mentor’s client journey?

Using ClickUp Whiteboards to map our client journey helped us visualize gaps in the timeline that we wouldn’t have seen unless we went through this exercise.

For example, for Paid Ads, we realized that once an advertisement goes live, we leave it running for a month. Set it and forget it. 

However, Google often will unexpectedly turn off these ads halfway through and we would never notice until the end of those 30 days. 

These ads being turned off could greatly impact our customer’s lead flow and the expectations we set with them on the results we said we were going to deliver.

We realized we needed additional checkpoints in the 30 days window. We needed to decide how to handle those 30 days in the event the ad gets banned and build some other steps between when the ClickUp status goes from Ad Running to Ad Needs Report.

We now have recurring templatized tasks in the 30-day window to make sure if Google turns off our ads, we’re fixing it right away vs. no visibility for 30 days.

👉 Thanks to ClickUp Whiteboards we were able to identify a gap in our client journey and fix the problem right in our ClickUp workflows!

Thanks for sharing your story, Lewis! 💜

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