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Introducing the LevelUp Awards & Our 2023 Winners

At ClickUp, our customers are our top priority. Nothing is more important to us than saving them time and making their teams more productive! As VP of Solutions, I have the unique opportunity to speak with our customers every day, and it’s so gratifying to learn exactly how our platform has transformed the way they work. Honestly, the numbers are astounding.

Honestly, the numbers are astounding. In a recent customer survey, we found that with ClickUp:

  • 97% of our customers were more efficient
  • 97% had better visibility into their work
  • 90% were more collaborative
  • 80% have seen improvements in team satisfaction

Results like this clearly demonstrate the impact ClickUp has had and we couldn’t be more proud. That’s why we launched the LevelUp Awards—a new program that celebrates our standout customers and the incredible work they’re doing with our platform. 🙌

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The LevelUp Awards: Celebrating Our Customers

It’s my honor to introduce the first LevelUp Awards celebrating customers who use ClickUp to level up their productivity and teamwork in big ways. Winners were selected based on several factors, including business and team impact, scale, and workflow innovation.

The inaugural awards include four categories:

  1. Best in Overall Team Productivity: Recognizes a customer who has implemented and customized ClickUp to increase team productivity and improve collaboration
  2. Best in Company-Wide Collaboration: Celebrates a customer who uses ClickUp company-wide to maximize organizational efficiency, collaboration, and communication
  3. Emerging Productivity Rockstar: Honors a customer who recently implemented ClickUp to increase productivity and is already seeing rockstar results
  4. Most Productive Marketing Agency: Highlights a marketing agency that manages their account work in one place for greater team efficiency

If you missed the announcement during LevelUp, I’m excited to share the winners of the 2023 LevelUp Awards with you!

Drumroll, please…

Best in Overall Team Productivity: Finastra 🏦

Finastra, the world’s largest pure-play financial services software company with over 8,600 customers, has successfully reached new levels of team collaboration and work visibility, ultimately boosting business performance.

Before ClickUp, their GTM (go-to-market) plans were in different formats across multiple systems. Now, their entire GTM function uses ClickUp to complete their work, helping them achieve greater team productivity than ever before. They’ve seen a 30% increase in collaboration and a 40% growth in total GTM efficiency.

“My team’s productivity is at an all-time high thanks to ClickUp,” shared Joerg Klueckmann, VP of Marketing at Finastra. “We’ve been able to streamline processes, increase visibility, and customize workflows to work better together and execute projects flawlessly.”

Check out this webinar to learn about Finastra’s seven tactics to boost ClickUp adoption!

Best in Company-Wide Collaboration: Pigment 💼

Pigment, an enterprise-grade business planning platform, implemented ClickUp as their company’s central collaboration platform, ensuring one source of truth for work across the entire organization. Since, Pigment has seen an 88% increase in onboarding efficiency and a 20% increase in team communication—two factors that have been key to maintaining team productivity as the team expands.

“As a global company, we needed one central platform for the entire organization to use,” said Alexis Valentin, Global Head of Business Development at Pigment. “ClickUp enables us to clear the fog around collaboration and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.”

Learn more about how Pigment increased collaboration and onboarding efficiency here!

Emerging Productivity Rockstar: QuidelOrtho 🩺

QuidelOrtho develops and manufactures intelligent solutions that are transforming the power of diagnostics into a healthier future for all, helping spot trends sooner, respond quicker, and chart the course ahead with accuracy and confidence. They are transforming the power of diagnostics into a healthier future for all.

About a year ago, QuidelOrtho’s marketing and communications team adopted ClickUp as a project management tool. They’ve used ClickUp to manage and execute a rebrand and to launch multiple new programs hyper-efficiently.

Since then, QuidelOrtho’s headcount increased to 6,000+ employees via acquisition, driving the team to reevaluate its tech stack. ClickUp was selected as the project management tool to keep and implement across additional teams including human resources, finance, and operations, helping complete their daily work and seamlessly collaborate cross-functionally. Each department has customized the platform to match its workflows.

“We’re excited to be recognized as a LevelUp Award winner,” said Louise Brandy, Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer at QuidelOrtho. “As a team, we strive to build meaningful connections with each other because we believe employee happiness and business success are linked. That’s one reason why we invest in tools and technologies to help boost our team’s productivity and efficiency.”

Most Productive Marketing Agency: Hawke Media 🦅

Hawke Media is a full-service digital marketing agency serving as an outsourced Chief Marketing Officer to its clients. The agency gained a new level of project visibility with the company-wide adoption of ClickUp to improve team alignment and efficiency. Hawke Media has seen a 70% decrease in project delays as a result of the entire company using a single, flexible platform to manage all types of work.

“More than 200 employees at our agency use ClickUp to not only onboard clients and track and manage deliverables, but also to work together more efficiently across time zones,” said Lauren Makielski, Director of Operations at Hawke Media. “The platform has become a favorite part of my workday. I’m an unapologetic evangelist—I tell everybody about ClickUp.”

Watch how Hawke Media uses ClickUp to increase productivity here!

Congratulations to this year’s winners!

Want to level up your productivity like Finastra, Pigment, QuidelOrtho, and Hawke Media? Get on the waitlist for ClickUp 3.0!

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