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Top 4 Reasons Why ClickUp Is Perfect for Bookkeepers and Accounts

Corinne Blagg aka the “Systems Superwoman” has been in your shoes. For years she worked nights and weekends just trying to “catch up” so she could meet the deadlines she promised your clients. She went from overwhelmed and overworked service provider to systems tech expert and certified Online Business Manager (OBM). Enabling her to scale her business ten-fold using systems that help manage her client roster and time. 

Her passion is to help you succeed with systems that allow you to grow your business and stay in your zone of genius! When she is not traveling full time in her RV with her husband and two kids, she specializes in sharing her expertise with successful bookkeepers and accounts who want to scale their business without spending more time or enduring more stress.

There’s a “New Kid on the Block” named ClickUp and it’s providing a new option for bookkeepers and accountants instead of going with traditional solutions!

Workflow tool, project management, practice management software… ClickUp can be referred to by a few different names, but they all provide a similar solution for bookkeepers and accountants. This software allows firms to turn their services into repeatable tasks (to ensure the same quality service each time), document their processes, and manage their team.

In the past, bookkeepers and accountants went with the favorites like JetPack and Karbon. In this article, I’ll share the top 4 reasons why ClickUp is perfect for bookkeepers and accountants compared to the other competitors in the industry.

1. Cost

 As a bookkeeper or accountant, you’re probably very aware of your operating expenses and ROI. Just like you track them for your clients, you pay attention to them for your own business. When picking a project management tool, did you know that ClickUp is a fraction of the price with way more features?! 

First, it’s important to note that all of these tools charge per user. So if you have a growing team this expense could get a little crazy.  

Here’s a breakdown and comparison of Karbon, Jetpack Workflow, and ClickUp’s paid plans:

  • Karbon: $70/month per user, or $588/year ($49/month prepaid) per user 
  • Jetpack Workflow: $40/month per user, or $360/year ($30/month prepaid) per user
  • ClickUp: Starting at $5/month per user for the Unlimited Plan

And if you want to upgrade to the ClickUp Business Plan, it would still be half the price of JetPack and a third of the price for Karbon.

2. Flexibility

Jetpack shows tasks in a checklist view while Karbon uses a Kanban-style. But what if you want to see your tasks in a calendar view? Or if some team members prefer them in Kanban view while others like lists? What if the project you are working on is better to view in a list but others need to be viewed in a Kanban. Oh my gosh… I’m getting cross-eyed thinking about this.  

With ClickUp, you can view your tasks anyway you want. Working on a client checklist? Great, view it in a List view. Creating social media content? Awesome, change it to the Calendar view.

Working on a one-off project that is better in Kanban? No problem! The tool can show you your tasks in multiple different views allowing you to manage your business and see the high-level information.

No more things slipping through the cracks, and your team can view their tasks in their preferred way for the day-to-day operations! You can also set up views specific to your clients if you want to invite them to your Workspace.

ClickUp views

Choose from over 15 ways to view your tasks, projects, and more

3. Recurring Tasks

Always know how many months behind you are reconciliations with tasks that rescue on schedule. Do you have any problem clients that never get you their monthly statements or resolve the “Ask My Accountant” questions in a timely manner? Of course not, they are all fabulous, right? 😉

Well, when you set your monthly reconciliation tasks to recur on schedule not when closed (like other project management tools) you will be able to see how many months you are behind because a new task will be created each month. No more months falling through the cracks.

Setting reoccurring tasks in ClickUp

4. Oh-My-Features

When working with my clients I tell them Keep Your Systems Simple (K.Y.S.S.). The same goes for your tech stack. More tools mean more expenses, more things to manage and maintain, and so on. As your firm grows there will come a time when you need to shift your focus to working on the business vs. in the business.

How will you manage your marketing efforts? What if you finally launch that DIY bookkeeping course? How will you keep track of all of the tasks related to that project? If you are using Karbon or JetPack you will have to hack it (poorly) or get another tool. Whereas, ClickUp can handle it all. Not only can it handle the client work but also any other project you decide to take on.  

But does it have the basic features I need? I get this question a lot and the answer is: YES. It can create recurring tasks, keep track of client notes, store documents, create custom reports, track capacity and plan for the future, track time, send and receive email, act as a client portal, and more!

Schitt's Creek Moira Rose Yes

Schitt’s Creek via Giphy


Can you see why this is my favorite practice management tool? Aside from the potential hundreds of dollars in cost savings (#seriously!) and the incomparable flexibility to meet any preference you and your employees might have, ClickUp is easy to use and appealing to the eye. There is no clutter, you can make it as plain or as colorful as you want all while having the ability to track and manage additional projects to help grow your business. 

The folks at ClickUp are dedicated to improving their platform and seek input from their consultants and business partners all the time! ClickUp will grow with your firm while you might outgrow the traditional practice management tools. Isn’t that what we want in a partner? A tool that is constantly evolving and trying to be better.

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