Industry Changing Trends in Project Management

Industry Changing Trends in Project Management

The only thing that is constant in this world is change, and in the competitive world of Project Management Software this holds true.

With companies trying to get more done than ever before, the industry is making changes to try to keep up.

As the value of project management increases daily, what are the emerging trends crucial to project management and getting things done?

1) Crowdsourcing

More project managers are taking advantage of new software programs to coordinate contributions from various sources.

Enterprise Organizations that are not taking advantage of their employee’s ideas and talent will be left behind.

This is becoming a hot trend in the new year that is yielding great results!

For example, Wazoku Idea Spotlight is as software-as-a-service which gives companies a central hub for ideas, innovation and feedback.

Users include Microsoft, Aviva, Oxford University and many more. These same companies are even gamifying the system so that employees get points for their contributions, and even a % of the profits if an idea is successful!

2) Integrations

The integration with daily apps and services on the cloud will continue to be a major part of project management in 2017.

For that reason every PM software must be capable of integrating into the many popular tools used today, and in the future.

When choosing your project management software the first thing you need to ask is, does it have a simple and clear connection with your commonly used apps.

At the moment Asana seems to have the most integrations, including everything from tracking to portfolio management and more. However, any of the other PM options can add integrations if you need them, so never be afraid to ask!

3) Machine learning improves Project Management

It’s no secret remote working is becoming more and more popular by the day.

Remote work allows for more freedom and for companies to scale faster while saving money.

When building any product in the tech space you must ensure your product will follow this trend.

Projects are notorious for being late. Predicting how long task will take to complete is very challenging and some would say impossible. This is where machine learning can come into play.

We’ve already seen some of the top companies make changes to accommodate this trend, including Slack who added Video Chat this year.

Project management is no different. Almost every business in the world has at least one team working together to complete a project remotely.

According to Capterra, ClickUp is is leading the way in project management in machine learning.

4) Remote

Remote working, telecommuting, virtual workers, however you choose to describe it, the results are the same.

Research from Gallup found that employees who spend at least some time working remotely are more likely to be engaged in their jobs.


Working remotely requires initiative, proactiveness, and a willingness to do what’s necessary – without being asked. It’s an indispensable part of remote working – if you want to be successful that is.

Research shows that remote work has climbed to 37 percent, with no signs of slowing down.

This trend is a two edged sword, simplifying and complicating project management at the same time.

 5) End of Email

Why do assignments and email not mix? Too many things get lost and requests do not get completed.

When 10 or more people reply to the same email, the conversation string can quickly spiral out of control. It’s hard to invite newcomers and decide who is working on what.

Oh yea, and tracking progress? Forget it. The software with the best solution to this trending issue is ClickUp.

ClickUp allows you to assign comments, so you can set up action items during communication.

Also, it is nearly impossible to edit documents via e-mail correspondence. Even within project management software you are often forced to collaborate between multiple tools to complete any design or mockup work.

ClickUp allows you to create and add comments to mockups from within their software, saving time and keeping everyone on the same page.

Stop trying to assign/complete tasks via email and start using project management to get things done!

6) Personalizing Project Management

Why are we forced to use and pay for features we don’t need? This is a common issue that many industries face.

Software can be built today easier than ever, leaving no excuse for us not having the opportunity to personalize it.

By giving companies the option to personalize their project management users can save money and increase efficiency.

People already have enough on their screens and are tired of clicking through things they don’t need. The sooner this change happens the better!

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