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Free SWOT Analysis Templates in Google Docs

You’re about to launch a new product you’ve poured your heart and soul into, only to see it struggle in a crowded market. 

A simple yet powerful tool, a SWOT analysis, could have avoided this nightmare scenario.

A SWOT analysis helps you see the bigger picture and make informed decisions by identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. For entrepreneurs, project managers, and students, conducting SWOT analyses is essential. 

A good SWOT analysis template helps you identify your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to design a strategic business plan that gives a competitive edge. Google Docs templates are accessible and user-friendly for this purpose, and we have curated a list of several excellent options. 

These free SWOT analysis templates are designed to save you time and effort so you can focus on what matters—analyzing and strategizing.

Discover the best SWOT analysis templates to elevate your business strategy planning and decision-making. ⬇️

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What Makes a Good Google Docs SWOT Analysis Template?

A good Google Docs SWOT analysis template is a pre-designed document that helps you easily and collaboratively examine internal strengths, weaknesses, external opportunities, and threats. 

It should ideally include:

  • Clear sections: Each SWOT matrix element is organized, preferably in a grid or quadrant format 
  • Guiding prompts: Questions or sentence starters to stimulate thinking and ensure a detailed analysis
  • Space for a summary: For synthesizing key insights and outlining actionable next steps
  • Collaborative features: Comment boxes, suggestion mode, and easy sharing options to facilitate teamwork and feedback
  • Customization options: Flexibility to adapt the template to specific industries, goals, or branding needs
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SWOT Analysis Templates for Google Docs

Here are some free SWOT analysis templates for Google Docs, eliminating the need to design your framework from scratch. Each SWOT template is thoughtfully crafted to include the most needed features, regardless of your industry. 

Using these templates saves time and effort, ensuring you have a solid foundation to build upon tailored to meet your sector’s unique demands.

Ready? Let’s go! 🏁

1. Google Docs SWOT Analysis Template by PeopleGoal

Getting honest feedback about your employees lets you identify their strengths and weaknesses, and PeopleGoal’s free SWOT analysis template delivers well in this regard. This Google Doc SWOT template simplifies the process to ensure a well-rounded picture of your team members.

Every team member will inevitably face challenges in future projects. To proactively address these, use the SWOT analysis results to develop tactical strategies that enhance their performance. 

The editable SWOT analysis template includes a feedback section, allowing you to offer constructive comments on each employee’s performance, fostering continuous improvement and business growth.

2. Google Docs Construction SWOT Analysis Template by Template.net

Template.net provides more than 30 SWOT analysis templates for construction industry project managers. The bundle caters to various project types and sizes, with specialized templates for construction management, contractors, and specific project phases. 

This template for Google Docs is flexible and adaptable to your projects’ needs. Use each section of the four SWOT components, with prompts and examples, to guide your analysis. 

You’ll find designated spaces to document findings and formulate strategies to leverage the organization’s strengths, address weaknesses, capitalize on opportunities, and mitigate threats. Each SWOT template is meticulously designed with visual elements and clear sections for an intuitive and easy-to-navigate business SWOT analysis. 

3. Google Docs Agency SWOT Template by Template.net

Template.net’s Agency SWOT Analysis template is 100% customizable and free for agencies of all types and sizes. The clean and professional layout allows easy identification and analysis of key factors influencing your agency’s performance and growth potential.

You can easily input specific strengths, such as talented staff, innovative services, or strong client relationships. Similarly, it can identify weaknesses like limited resources, outdated technology, or competitive disadvantages. 

The SWOT template provides AI tools to brainstorm potential opportunities for growth, such as emerging market trends, new service offerings, or partnerships. 

Pinpoint potential risks and internal and external factors hindering progress, like economic downturns, regulatory changes, or competitor actions. 

Beyond its structural advantages, the editable SWOT analysis template has prompts and questions to stimulate critical thinking and ensure a comprehensive analysis.

4. Google Docs Healthcare SWOT Analysis Template by Template.net

Template.net offers a healthcare SWOT matrix analysis template for businesses. The templates are structured to facilitate a thorough analysis of the healthcare organization’s internal and external factors affecting it. They include sections for identifying the organization’s strengths, such as advanced clinical tools, and weaknesses, such as inadequate staff.

Using a healthcare SWOT analysis template helps healthcare administrators understand their organization’s position and make informed decisions to enhance patient care and improve overall performance.

5. Google Docs Marketing SWOT Analysis Template by Template.net

The Marketing SWOT Analysis Template for Google Docs by Template.net is designed for marketing. It has pre-written sections for key factors like brand reputation, financial resources, customer segments, and industry trends. 

This ensures marketers can quickly identify and evaluate the critical strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats relevant to their marketing initiatives.

This business SWOT analysis template provides a structured, visual framework for organizing and analyzing marketing SWOT data. 

The clear quadrant layout helps the marketing team see the relationships between external and internal factors, enabling them to develop more calculated, data-driven plans.

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Limitations of Using Google Docs for a SWOT Analysis  

Nobody can argue against Google Docs’ convenience for working on various tasks, including an effective SWOT analysis. However, we must be aware of some limitations in this context. 

The limitations of Google Docs can impact the depth of analysis, the security of sensitive data, integration with other tools, and overall workflow efficiency. Here’s a closer look at these issues:

Limited formatting and visual appeal

Google Docs is versatile for collaborative text editing but lacks the advanced formatting and visualization tools essential for creating a visually impactful SWOT analysis. 

You are restricted to basic tables and text formatting, making it challenging to differentiate between quadrants or emphasize key points through visual cues. This may also hinder the clarity of your analysis, particularly for complex projects or when collaborating with stakeholders.

Compared to dedicated SWOT analysis software or even presentation tools like Google Slides, the visual appeal of a simple SWOT analysis done in Google Docs is limited. 

A lack of aesthetic flexibility may affect your analysis’s effectiveness in conveying key insights and recommendations.

Basic functionality for an in-depth analysis

Google Docs is a word processor similar to Microsoft Word. It lacks specialized features for conducting an in-depth SWOT analysis. 

Users cannot easily prioritize factors, assign weights or scores, or generate actionable plans directly within the document. This means you need extra tools or manual work, which adds complexity and can cause inconsistencies in the analysis.

Google Docs lacks complex built-in tools for tracking progress on strategic goals or monitoring changes in the SWOT landscape over time. You need to track the ongoing evaluation and adaptation of strategies based on evolving external and internal factors. 

Google Docs cannot track a project’s progress as effectively—and your organization’s ability to respond effectively to changing circumstances is crucial for growth.

Limited integration with specialized tools

Google Docs integrates well within the Google Workspace ecosystem, but its compatibility with specialized project management, business intelligence, or business SWOT analysis tools can be limited. 

It can hinder data exchange and seamless workflow integration for organizations that rely on such tools for comprehensive strategic planning and analysis.

For instance, you may find it challenging to import or export SWOT data from Google Docs effectively if you use dedicated project management platforms or business intelligence software. This lack of integration usually creates data silos, leading to inefficiencies and potential inconsistencies in the overall business strategy.

Offline accessibility and real-time collaboration challenges

Google Docs requires an internet connection for access and editing, limiting its usability in an offline business environment or areas with poor connectivity. This can be a significant drawback for construction workers, as you often need to work on-site or in remote locations where internet access may be unreliable.

While real-time collaboration is a potential advantage, simultaneous editing can lead to conflicts and accidental changes, requiring constant monitoring and coordination among team members. 

Your team members thrive better when they’re not distracted, and the conflicting edits on Google Docs (especially during the critical phases of SWOT analysis) disrupt their focus.

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Alternative Google Docs SWOT Analysis Templates

Exploring other options for SWOT analysis templates in Google Docs? 

Discover our curated selection of alternative templates offering enhanced features and flexibility to suit your needs.

1. Personal SWOT Analysis Template by ClickUp

ClickUp’s Personal SWOT Analysis Template is designed to help you identify and manage your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

ClickUp’s Personal SWOT Analysis Template helps facilitate self-reflection and strategic planning, regardless of your team’s type and size. 

The SWOT template structure ensures a thorough self-assessment and prevents you from overlooking any critical aspect of your reviews.

This customizable personal SWOT analysis template fosters deeper reflection and a more profound exploration of individual strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Its flexibility knows no bounds; you can customize it to your heart’s content. 

Whether adding or removing sections, tweaking prompts, or adjusting detail levels, this template adapts seamlessly to align with your unique requirements.

The template enhances the presentation of your SWOT analysis using visual aids like color-coded sections and icons. This simple SWOT analysis template can simplify the comprehension of critical insights and promote seamless communication within your team.

2. SOAR Analysis Template by ClickUp

Gain clarity with ClickUp’s Soar Analysis Template and make sure that no detail is left unexplored!

ClickUp’s SOAR Analysis Template provides a well-defined framework for analyzing your business’s strengths, opportunities, aspirations, and results. It helps define ambitious yet achievable aspirations and establish measurable results that signify business success. 

Use the template to break down strategic initiatives into manageable tasks. The customizable task lists for each SOAR category allow you to assign responsibilities, set deadlines, and track progress. 

Even your employees can create, assign, and prioritize tasks related to each element of the SOAR analysis, ensuring a clear action plan for achieving goals.

The template fosters creativity and innovation by offering a collaborative environment for teams to brainstorm ideas, visualize their SOAR analysis, and craft interactive mind maps. 

Its whiteboard feature facilitates an engaging brainstorming process for your team. The visual representation enhances understanding, promotes buy-in, and fuels innovation.

3. Competitive Analysis Template by ClickUp

ClickUp’s Competitive Analysis Template is designed to help you gain insights into competition in the market.

ClickUp’s Competitive Analysis Template is extremely valuable for competition research. Its interactive whiteboard allows for a visual and collaborative approach to competitive analysis. 

Swiftly discern market patterns and trends while your team effortlessly adds, adjusts, and arranges elements on the board, eliminating the need for additional competitor analysis tools.

The Whiteboard competitive analysis template fosters a dynamic and engaging competitive position analysis process. It encourages teamwork and collaboration, allowing your team members to provide valuable insights and perspectives in real-time.

The competitor SWOT analysis template doubles as an industry analysis template, offering versatility and adaptability to suit your needs. 

Incorporate fields for competitor information, product features, pricing details, marketing strategies, and more, ensuring a thorough comparative analysis tailored to your industry.

4. Competitive Analysis Pricing Template by ClickUp

ClickUp’s Competitive Analysis Pricing Template is designed to help you compare your current pricing to that of your competitors.

Ever considered leveraging the competition’s pricing gaps and differences? 

ClickUp’s Competitive Analysis Pricing Template effectively does this. To implement and track the progress of your pricing analysis, you can create tasks with custom statuses. 

The template helps you maintain momentum throughout the process. It quickly identifies what has been completed and what needs your attention so you don’t overlook any crucial step.

You can also organize and visualize key competitors’ pricing information to facilitate price comparisons. This can help you pinpoint opportunities for product differentiation within your pricing strategies and gain a competitive advantage.

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Charting Your Strategic Course with SWOT Analysis Templates

Harnessing the power of SWOT analysis templates in Google Docs is more than just a convenience—it’s a strategic imperative. 

These SWOT templates serve as invaluable tools for businesses and individuals alike. They offer a structured framework for identifying internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats. 

Yet, a specialized SWOT analysis template might be the ideal solution for more complex projects demanding advanced features. So, why not explore its potential and see if it fits your requirements?

Consider exploring alternatives like ClickUp, which offers various specialized SWOT templates and additional functions that facilitate in-depth analysis and strategic planning.

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