Why Startups Value Knowledge Over Degrees & You Should Too

Why Startups Value Knowledge Over Degrees & You Should Too.

Knowledge is not just the grasp of a concept.

While traditional education systems teach discipline, knowledge is a broader concept than a number on your test.

Don’t get me wrong – degrees have their place.

I’d like my operating physician to still hit those medical books and prove they learned everything necessary to keep me alive.

But, when it comes to creativity and interacting with people, these skills are best learned from doing and feeling, not grades.

I look at a close friend with 2 majors. I  immediately see that she has an amazing ability to discipline herself, along with the work ethic to support it.

Now, do I know for sure that she can file my taxes for me without putting me into crippling debt just because she aced the Home Ec course?

A misconception I see in the status quo is what qualifies as adequate experience.

Unlike the majority of my peers, I will not graduate college with a degree anytime in the near future.

It’s not because I’m affected by an abnormal economic or health condition, or just plain lazy. I chose to seek real life failures and self-directed learning through experiences.

Many asked if my career will be penalized by this choice of mine. My experience has been that the job market values both real world experience and a degree, while many startups are starting to give the knowledgeable a shot at professional positions.

With school, students who don’t want to follow a pre-set curriculum that was not even based off of their interests face a decision.

I became a college dropout, that began looking for resources to learn the skills I required to become the best marketer I could be.

I struggled with keeping myself attentive and remembering all of the ideas that birthed from my newfound freedom.

I used countless tools like my phone’s note application, Trello, and To-doist with very little luck. I was missing the ability to build my actual workflow, to plan out how I was going to effectively carry out my to-dos.

ClickUp was the first tool that effectively helped me learn self-discipline.

This allowed me to dive deep into the technicalities of learning to program while juggling 5 different freelance projects at the same time.

Manager's Coffee Cup

To my previous point, our CEO at ClickUp is a college dropout. The founders of the most prominent technologies that you use today like Spotify, your Apple phone and Facebook, were also dropouts.

In the largest growing job sector, computer science, our workforce is becoming overwhelmingly distant from traditional collegiate institutions.

A survey of  56,033 developers by StackOverflow shows that two of every three programmers  are self-taught  in some way or another.

ClickUp is the first ambitious startup I have interviewed at where my lack of a college degree wasn’t a hinderance.

I believe that those ambitious enough to try to gain true knowledge in the field of their passion should be valued above those that have proven themselves to have discipline.

I believe you can learn to work hard and stay organized (the most vital results of self-discipline, if you ask me ) through passion and great project management.

Where are you in this debate?

Are you welcoming people that can do the job no matter how it was learned? Or are you a believer that professionals need to earn their position in the hierarchy?

So instead of turning away that college dropout that has freelanced and taught themselves how to program, cling to them!

These self motivators, knowledge cravers, and outside of the box thinkers are precisely who  will propel your business or idea.

If you have a whole company of them, you will innovate further than you ever dreamed possible.

When you are ready to organize and channel this immeasurable passion, come find us at ClickUp. We are giving you back time that used to be spent managing your projects, so that you can focus on what is important.

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