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10 Motivational Videos to Help You Triple Your Productivity

10 Motivational Videos to Help You Triple Your Productivity

I changed something this year. Actually, I changed a lot of things this year.

The shocking thing is, the smallest change has made the most significant impact. When I run, knock out projects or tasks, even shoot basketball, I always have music playing. I’ve always felt it kicked me into the next gear and increased my performance.

That is, until I subbed music out for motivational videos.

I don’t even know how this change happened. I was listening to music on Youtube and next thing I know -Tony Robbins, Eric Thomas, and Steve Jobs were coaching me on exactly what I needed to do.

Projects suddenly haven’t been so hard to start for me. I attack areas of work I used to avoid due to the self-imposed belief that I wasn’t smart enough for it.

The combination of powerful background music and inspiring words is more powerful than I could have ever imagined. Throw in a dash of successful individuals yelling in both ears and next thing I know I’m doing three times the amount of work than I ever imagined possible.

Don’t believe me? Press play below. “Welcome to the Grind.”

  1. Welcome to the Grind
    For what is each day but a series of conflicts between the right way, and the easy way?” As I listened to this quote for the first time I realized there was no better way to start my morning. Seriously, this is my alarm clock. This three-minute video teaches you to wake up to the most simple way you can beat others. Every day we are faced with decisions. Your quickest path to success is to do things the right/hard way and to learn to despise the easy way. You can always run farther, think smarter, and work harder.
  2. The Billionaire Mindset
    Welcome to the Grind had me working harder than ever. There is no way I could improve from that right? WRONG! The Billionaire Mindset showed me how I can best use this new found work ethic by listening to advice from Billionaires. There are common themes here that they all agree on. Develop the habits of success. Install a whole new series of mindsets and rituals that very few people are doing.
  3. Your Why
    Choose the hard way and push yourself every day. Follow what other billionaires of done by creating habits that the vast majority won’t do. There is one last thing you can do to increase productivity, know your ‘why’. Here Eric Thomas tells the amazing story of Buster Douglas. No one ever got knocked out by Mike Tyson and ever got back up. Not only did Buster get back up, but he knocked Mike Tyson out. When asked how he said it’s really simple. “My mother told everyone I was going to beat Mike Tyson, and 2 days before the fight she died”. Know why you do what you do and you will find the passion to surpass all the others just working for money or no reason at all.
  4. How Bad Do You Want It?
    One very famous motivational speech given by Eric Thomas, a motivational speaker, and Ph.D.  This speech talks about the great lengths you must go to if you truly want to be successful. At one point Thomas mentions you must want to succeed as badly as you want to breathe if you want to truly be successful.
  5. Why Do We Fall?
    This video is a compilation of motivational speeches given in some of the greatest motivational movies of all time such as Rocky and Any Given Sunday. The speeches have clips from some of the best moments in sports and movies. Great clip for anyone who has recently faced a major setback in their life.
  6. One Inch
    If you’re looking for a great sports movie moment, this is it. Take a look at this clip for the heart-pounding speech given by Al Pacino in the movie Any Given Sunday. A great speech about how important teamwork is and how you need to fight for everything as a team. Great clip for teams to watch as they prepare for projects that require a lot of teamwork.
  7. Change the World by Making Your Bed
    Admiral William McRaven appeared at the University of Texas’ 2014 Graduation Ceremony and delivered this gem. McRaven was a former Navy SEAL and UT Grad who talks about the difficulty of his SEAL training, and how hope and perseverance are what got him through it. t talks about the importance of little tasks, teamwork, and working hard no matter how bad the situation may seem.
  8. Navy SEAL’s 40% Rule
    Jesse Itzler, the owner of the Atlanta Hawks, tells the story of meeting a Navy SEAL who taught him about the ‘40 percent rule.’ The rule saying when your mind tells you that you are done your body is only 40 percent done. Determination is key to keeping your body going even when your mind says no. This video may not get you as amped as the other videos but it is one of the most impressive.
  9. Elon Musk’s Incredible Speech
    A compilation of Elon Musk’s interviews talking about his failures and how he refuses to give up no matter how many failures his company sustains. This video talks about how he deals with others, including his heroes, doubting him and how and why he works 100 hour weeks when most only work 40 hour weeks.
  10. It’s Not Just About You
    An incredibly inspirational speech given by Inky Johnson discussing what it took to get to the NFL. Johnson had every disadvantage one person could have in life but instead of ending up in prison like all of his family members before him he worked harder than anyone else around him to ensure that he made it into the NFL.

Still want more? Check this out guide on how to be more productive!

I’ve listened to these videos more times than I can count. They each channel something different in me. I can’t fully explain it, but my progress proves it.

I’m running faster and farther every day. I’m succeeding wildly in every aspect of my work at an unprecedented level, and at a much larger scope than I ever envisioned being possible. 

Simply put, I look at life differently with these videos in the background. And man do I love this view.

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