How to Make the World Work for You

How to Make the World Work for You

There has been a lot of chatter and fear in the past year about automation diminishing the need for a human workforce. One piece of the puzzle that’s becoming more clear is EVERYONE needs to learn programming. Let’s dive into this thought, because I don’t mean that you should be a programmer the way that Facebook video urged you to be!

The tech industry is taking over

As both a marketer and a tech enthusiast, I find myself on the forefront of the movement to learn programming!

“Wait, but you just said you’re a marketer?!”

Everyone – from marketers to classroom teachers – will inevitably need to learn to program. This post will help you navigate through the benefits of hands-on training to make the world work in your favor!technology career

Workforce Opportunities Now

One of the leading reasons to learn to program is the vast career demand!

Everyone knows that with job market demand comes opportunities for those who are willing to learn!

1 million jobs are currently needed in the world for programmers, yet only around 400k are filled!

That means if you’re having a difficult time finding a job in the field you strive to be in, picking up a programming language will help land you a job in a related field more quickly.

I am a marketer specializing in content creation. You might be asking yourself why a marketer would need to know how to program.

Well, programming allows me to show our software developers what I want in a tangible way for a landing page, graphic, or feature. It also allows me to automate processes in Adobe After Effects that would previously take me hours, as well as enabling me to properly adjust my website HTML to optimize our SEO without requesting help from our software development team.

I end up saving an incredible amount of time and bringing ideas to life in the way I had envisioned.

Programming can make anyone’s job more efficient. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1 million jobs in need of programming will go unfilled by the year 2020.

Future Stability

Codecademy’s founder Ryan Bubinski believes “Coding is more and more not just a job but a required basic skill. New job definitions are being created every year that combine programming with other skill sets.”

If you want to continue either striving for your dream job or holding onto it, you need to supplement your skills with some form of programming.

While we have the largest population of able workers, the skills necessary to get a job are stacking up. Programming is a long term skill that won’t be going out of style.

Programming will be necessary in the long term for everyone because automation and intelligent machinery will need people to design their efficiency, and their practices.

Robots don’t tire, but they, just as computers, are just pieces of metal requiring direction from a human programmer.

Make the World Work for YOU

Computers are literally made to make your life easier. Programming is the art of telling a computational system what to do.

We utilize computers in every part of our day. An artist uses their drawing tablet, a doctor uses the history of all things medical via the computer of their choosing, and even the pilot flying you from coast to coast uses a flight tracking system.

All professions will increasingly require people to understand the way they work and improve their processes and accuracy.

If you don’t believe me, try to tally up the problems you are having with electronics every day – a text not sending, the espresso machine overheating, the inconsiderate driver pulling out in front of you, the plane delay.

You can be a part of the movement to enhance our productivity and efficiency by utilizing the knowledge in your field of expertise.

You won’t lose your job to automation, you will be an orchestrator of our society. Okay, that might be a bit melodramatic!

You will be building up processes that you currently do every day so that you can focus on bigger and better things!

“So where should I start?!”

Just because the need to supplement your skills with programming is inevitable, by no means does this mean your trade will be swept aside.

At ClickUp, we use a website called Treehouse for all of our employees. Treehouse is a learning platform with some of the best thorough learning paths a student could ask for. We use it to solve problems we might run into, and to prevent stagnancy in our teams!

There are multiple free resources like youTube and Codecademy with depth in whichever language you’d like to learn for your job!

To get started here’s some basic beginner’s advice.

If you work with design, communication, or marketing, learn JavaScript.

If you work in the process of things like electrical work, machine learning, or architecture you should learn Python.

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