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How to Use AI in Email (Use Cases & Tools)

How often do we stare at a blinking cursor, unsure of how to begin an important email? 

Whether you’re crafting a message to a client, responding to a colleague, or reaching out to a potential customer, the pressure to strike the right tone and deliver a compelling message can feel daunting. 

The solution? Artificial intelligence (AI)—the silent helper behind the scenes. 

AI has radically changed how we write and engage with emails daily. 

Remember the text prediction when you start typing your sentences? That prompt to add an attachment after you forgot to? Or the reminder to add an email subject line in case you didn’t? Or when a message on Teams pops up, and you see the reply options instantly? That’s all AI’s work. 

But today, using AI in emails is not restricted to email automation, text prediction, suggestions, and reminders. AI has allowed us to explore a whole world of advanced capabilities. 

You now have apps for email task management, inbox management, and even email productivity tools to minimize the time you spend writing and managing emails!

Let’s find out more about how to use AI in emails and which software and tools to use to improve your emailing workflow.

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Understanding AI for Email

First things first. For those of you who may not fully understand the extent of AI—it refers to the machines or algorithms that can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence, such as understanding natural language and making decisions based on data.

AI technology in email uses advanced technologies such as natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, computer vision, and deep learning to make software understand and generate human-like responses for your emails.

It’s like having a super-smart email productivity tool that can think and learn like a human. For emails, AI helps by understanding our language and making smart decisions based on the data we input. 

AI can jump in and help us write emails faster, correct embarrassing typos, and even personalize messages for each recipient. Plus, it’s a super-organized assistant that knows exactly when to send follow-up emails and guesses which subject lines will garner the most attention.

From personalized product recommendations to automated follow-ups, AI has become an indispensable ally in everyday email communication. It is quietly revolutionizing the way we connect and engage through email—whether it’s helping you draft the perfect response, segmenting your audience for targeted campaigns, or predicting the best time to send a follow-up message.

AI can also help you manage your emails more efficiently. By automating repetitive tasks, it can save you heaps of time and reduce your effort. 

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When it comes to marketing, AI-powered emails can deliver personalized messages that feel like they were crafted just for you, enhancing engagement and driving more sales. More on that later in the blog.

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How to Use AI for Email

We have penned a few use cases to show you how AI in email can save you time and effort while increasing your personal and professional productivity.

Use AI to write personal outreach emails

Whether you are a freelancer looking for new clients, a ghostwriter looking to publish your blogs, or a professional looking for a job, you may have to write endless emails daily to recruiters, HR managers, potential clients, and the people in your network.

Writing a new and personalized email to every person is daunting in itself, and doing so manually can take forever.

This is perhaps why nearly 39% of marketers surveyed in Litmus’ State of Email Report 2023 said they use AI. Of this, around 18% use AI mainly to brainstorm emails.

Here are some ways AI tools can help you write these emails faster and make a great first impression. 

1. For email composition

Cold outreach—writing cold emails to people who don’t know you and aren’t expecting your email—is tough. On top of that, knowing exactly what you should write that could get their attention and the job done is a challenge.

With just the right input, AI algorithms can analyze the purpose of the email and its recipient and suggest appropriate content. 

AI can provide templates, write initial paragraphs, and even generate entire email drafts based on patterns and preferences that it may have learned from your previous interactions.

Plus, it can also help personalize every email by incorporating recipient-specific details within the copy, such as their name, company, or anything else based on their recent interactions, to create more engaging, relevant, and clickable content.

💡Pro tip: To communicate with your global team or clients, you can use AI-powered translation tools to compose emails in different languages.

2. To polish language

Have you ever carefully crafted an email, proofread it a hundred times, and finally hit that send button only to realize that you wrote ‘then’ instead of ‘than’ or ‘except’ instead of ‘accept’? 

Depending on your email service provider, you may or may not face this issue today. AI-driven grammar-checking tools can identify and correct grammar faux pas, punctuation mistakes, and typos in real time. 

What’s more, such tools can also help you improve the clarity of your message and the tone of your writing—just to help you hit the right note every time you type an email.

AI also provides suggestions for enhancing the style and structure of the email and can help you ensure consistency and appropriateness based on factors such as the sender’s brand voice or their target audience.

Use AI in email marketing

AI tools have become an indispensable part of marketing teams. Tools like HubSpot, ClickUp, and are common AI marketing tools that help marketers reduce the time to create and run campaigns, control costs, and provide customer insights and user behavior. All in all, AI is streamlining and automating their work in several ways.

Here’s how marketers use AI in emails to:

1. Optimize email subject lines

The subject line of your email creates your first impression with the audience. A good, clickable subject line ensures that your email doesn’t get lost in the hundreds of emails your customers receive daily.

Have you ever tried A/B testing your email subject lines or copy? With AI, you can do this in minutes! 

By analyzing factors such as open rates and click-through rates, A/B testing helps you determine which subject lines or headlines resonate more with your audience. This data-driven approach makes it easier to write email subject lines that result in successful email marketing campaigns.

2. Analyze recipients

Artificial intelligence can analyze email recipients’ data, such as their demographics, preferences, and past interactions with your brand, to generate useful insights into what they like and don’t like. This helps marketers tailor their email content to their audience’s preferences, increase relevance, and keep customers happy.

3. Automate follow-ups

Ensure regular communication with your customers throughout the year. With AI email marketing tools, you can automatically schedule and send follow-up emails by setting predefined criteria, such as recipient behavior or response times. 

This feature helps marketers work on nurture campaigns and follow-ups all at once and schedule them together to go out in a timely cadence. You don’t have to keep reminders to send follow-ups every month. 

4. Create personalized nurture campaigns

Don’t you feel nice when your favorite brand sends you personalized recommendations of things you may like or emails with suggestions based on your past buying history?

Machine learning algorithms analyze recipient data, such as past interactions, preferences, and their behavior with your content, to recommend personalized email content. This ensures that each email in the campaign is highly relevant and engaging for your customers.

You can personalize subject lines, greetings, and offers based on real-time customer data using natural language generation. This includes product recommendations based on their previous buying history, relevant discounts or offers, or other customer-specific details to make your customers feel more valued.

AI can also predict the optimal timing for sending such nurture emails based on the recipients’ open times or response rates. Using this information, you can schedule emails for each customer according to their convenience. 

Case study: Revolve x Cordial AI

Revolve, an e-commerce brand, sought to enhance its email personalization beyond basic product recommendations in batch emails. Using Cordial’s AI technology, they created a highly personalized email campaign that leveraged 16 different customer and business data points, such as abandoned browse history, favorite categories, and regional best-sellers.

The AI system generated 32 unique product recommendations for each recipient, tailoring the email content to individual preferences and engagement levels. To test effectiveness, Revolve conducted an A/B test over a weekend, alternating between the personalized email and their standard batch message.

The results were impressive: the AI-driven personalized email was twice as productive as the standard one, with 65% higher click-to-open and click-to-conversion rates. This success led Revolve to project hundreds of thousands in incremental revenue from regularly sending these highly personalized emails.

5. Segmented email campaigns

Segmentation is key in targeted marketing. AI algorithms can segment email lists based on demographics, past behavior, purchase history, or engagement levels. This ensures that each segment receives targeted and relevant content.

AI can analyze data to identify patterns, too, allowing you to segment audiences based on their preferences or likelihood to respond to specific offers. 

You can refer to our consolidated list of the 10 best AI email marketing tools for automating emailing in 2024.

Use AI to write sales outreach emails

A major chunk of a salesperson’s day is email outreach—cold emails to prospects, nurture emails to existing customers, or emails to upsell. Keeping up with all this manually can be repetitive, tedious, and, at times, frustrating.

Just as an AI tool helps marketers with catchy subject lines and personalized content, it also allows salespeople to draft high-quality outbound emails in seconds. Not only can you generate multiple personalized emails in seconds, but you can also automate when and how you send them based on audience segmentation and preferences.

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Using AI Software for Email

Wouldn’t it be great to have an AI email assistant who could write relevant email copy, generate catchy subject lines, personalize the copies for each target audience, and automate repetitive follow-ups?

There’s one right here.

ClickUp Brain

ClickUp Brain is a neural network AI on ClickUp’s project management tool that enables you to generate quick copy for your marketing collateral, write everyday emails and responses to tasks, and access your organizational knowledge base in one place. 

ClickUp Brain 
Generate quick and appropriate email responses with ClickUp Brain 

Essentially, ClickUp Brain is the one AI-powered tool that you need to bridge projects, people, and knowledge within your organization.

With Clickup Brain’s AI Writer for Work, you get:

  • An AI writing assistant to assist you with all your writing needs
  • Quick automated responses to all your comments, tasks, and emails
  • An automatic speech-to-text transcriber 
Use ClickUp Brain to transcribe your screen recordings
  • AI to transcribe and answer questions from your meetings and screen recordings via ClickUp Clips
  • Easy-to-build and use templates for any use case—email campaigns, ads, recruitment, and more
ClickUp Brain
Write quick replies to email threads or build entire email campaigns faster with ClickUp Brain

ClickUp’s Email Templates

ClickUp’s Email Campaign Template

ClickUp’s Email Campaign Template offers a framework to cater to the client’s wishes—reach out to new customers, provide consistent support and care to your existing customers, improve brand exposure, nurture leads, and close deals.

Build consistent and professional email campaigns faster with ClickUp’s Email Campaign Template

With this template, you can plan and create successful email campaigns and track engagement and progress over time. Saving templates for different email campaigns helps you save loads of time, effort, and money for your future campaigns.

By adding Custom Fields, categorize and add attributes such as Email Copy Link, Completion Rate, Email Type, Target Industry, and Theme to manage different email campaigns.

Analyze the performance of your past emails and optimize your next set of emails with the help of its extensive reports. Start sending emails that have the potential for maximum impact.

ClickUp’s Email Advertisement Template

ClickUp offers another email template for marketers to considerably optimize campaign delivery time: ClickUp’s Email Advertisement Template. It’s a ready-to-use template with which you can create visually compelling email advertisements.

Create engaging emails to promote your products with ClickUp’s Email Advertisement Template

Use the template to outline your emails, customize their content based on the target audience, and create memorable advertisements faster. Starting with a Doc template, build out your ClickUp workflow for the ad template in List view, Gantt view, Workload view, Calendar view, or any other view that you’re most comfortable with.

And if you’re looking specifically for templates to help you with any broader email marketing campaigns, ClickUp has that covered, too!

ClickUp’s Email Marketing Template

ClickUp’s Email Marketing Template is another free-to-use and highly customizable template for busy marketers looking to free up time in their schedules. 

Become an expert at creating consistent and engaging email marketing campaigns with ClickUp’s Email Marketing Template

This template can help you create consistent processes for every type of marketing campaign and streamline your efforts. 

This template:

  • Saves you time by providing a structure for your emails
  • Ensures consistency across campaigns
  • Optimizes your designs for mobile devices
  • Makes it easier to track and analyze campaign performance

Be it your monthly newsletter campaign, a nurture campaign for your regular customers, offers and discounts for the new ones, or any other email marketing campaign—ClickUp’s Email Marketing Template can help you optimize your emails for every type of audience. 

Establish a consistent brand voice by adding your segmented lists, tone, and other brand-specific details to organize your business communication

Don’t let writer’s block stifle your creativity either—use ClickUp Brain within the template to come up with compelling marketing campaigns! 

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Take Your Email Game to the Next Level with AI and ClickUp

AI is revolutionizing email task management and communication, making writing emails a breeze. From drafting personalized outreach to optimizing subject lines and automating follow-ups, AI is changing the way we engage through emails. 

Explore how tools like ClickUp Brain can save you time and money for your next email marketing campaign. 

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