If you are stuck in your career, a project you are working on, or the general madness of daily tasks it is the closest thing to being stuck in the quicksand of life. Sometimes no matter how hard you try to get out of this rut, you move nowhere. And it can be exhausting.

Sometimes what you need is a drastic change of pace—without spending any money or going anywhere.

Dream building is a magical experience filled with moments of hope, anticipation, and true bottomless inspiration that makes your spirit jump for joy.

Dream building can be a reset button for your soul and your life.

If you don’t know what’s out there, how can you hope for more, or better?

Dream building can come in forms as simple as watching an amazing program on television, from Treehouse Masters to Duck Dynasty to Shark Tank. It could be a program on mega yachts and personal jets.

Sometimes you just have to see how the other half is living. You have to get inside their world like a fly on the wall of life. You have to take little bitty steps in helping yourself know that if somebody else did it, you can too.

Dream building could be like cough medicine is to a cold.

It may satisfy your soul like a snack between meals. It could be like the most decadent dessert after a five-course meal. It could be the sprinkles on top of your favorite ice cream.

Dream building is critical to advancement. To become all that you can be and want to be. It will cause you to stretch. It will create excitement deep within you and those around you.

It makes what you’re doing worthwhile. It gives you hope that there’s more. It may help satisfy your need to know why you are working so hard from early morning to late at night.

If your soul is feeling a little dry now, if you feel parched inside, if you feel exhausted like you can’t do another day—then you must resuscitate yourself this moment by dream building.

Magazines filled with lots of pictures could be exactly what the doctor ordered. These are free at libraries. They’re inexpensive if you order a subscription.

If you are in dire need of a triage in your life right now, head to your local drug store or bookstore and pick up a half dozen magazines that totally psyche up your spirit. You may not feel you’re totally stuck, but you definitely have flatlined. Then you need to be dream building.

Experience it.

Another amazing experience is to go look at open houses that are for sale.  Saturday and Sunday afternoons are great times to do this with your loved ones. When you walk through a new home, all of your senses are involved. You can smell the newness. See the different textures throughout the house. Experience different views from every angle of the house. The more senses you involve, the greater impact it will have on you.

Even if you’re driving a nice car, go test drive something that you don’t own. You really want to be wild and crazy, and if there’s a Rolls-Royce/Bentley dealership near you, you must go test drive one. Or at least walk around the lot.

I only did this once over a decade ago and I swear I can still smell the leather and that new car smell—and touch the special crown and custom wood. There again you’ve got more of your senses involved. Walk around the car.

Another dream building experience is to just save up a little bit of money and go out to a 4 or 5-star restaurant. Experience an amazing two-hour meal that you normally would not—at least on a daily basis. If you really want to be crazy, don’t forget to order dessert first. Break out of your routine. Think a little bit differently.

If time and money did not matter, where would you live? How would you be living? What kind of car would you be driving? Actually doing some of these things can be fun for the entire family.

Schedule these things on a daily to monthly basis.

Something as simple as a magazine, to be read daily. At least a few pages.

This is simply a “how-to” on creating your bucket list. You’ve seen the movie, “The Bucket List”. If not, you should. It’s fun and funny to watch. With a deep life lesson.

I don’t want you to be stuck. I want you soaring high in life with a 30,000-foot point of view. Dream building can assure you of creating an amazing future.

If you feel stale in life it’s because you are literally and figuratively being stationary. The massive movement will generate a wellspring of positive feelings within you. So get off your butt and move. A lot. Now do it some more. Dream building is absolutely essential, it’s critical, and a must to living a life that is extraordinary.

Dream building is something anybody can do and everybody should. In one way, when we were younger, it was natural. We did it automatically. Children can give you their Christmas lists every year.

That Christmas list is simply Dream Building 101. It is the essential, most simplistic form of dream building. I know you remember your childhood list and I know you could do it again. See how simple and natural that was? The same thing could be done right now if you pause the idle chatter of disbelief.

You may not know you can win, but that is half the battle.  You are blessed to be playing this game of life. Sometimes a few words of encouragement is all you need to cross the line in turning belief into reality. Consider this those few words.

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