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10 Free Wireframe Templates for Product Designs

Building a great app, website, or another digital product type without wireframing is nearly impossible. As any product designer knows, the best-matched wireframe will help you—and your client—envision what they can expect before the bulk of the development.

Of course, that doesn’t mean wireframing needs to take up significant time. After all, wireframing should save time and not add to your development headaches.

That’s where wireframe templates can help. 🌻

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What is a Wireframe Template?

A wireframe template is a pre-built blueprint that helps you sketch out the design of your digital product. Rather than starting with a blank slate, you complete pre-filled forms and whiteboards that simplify the process.

Wireframe templates are ready for presentation. They act as internal planning documents and can help product stakeholders and decision-makers thoroughly understand the product direction before putting significant resources into its development. 🛠️

The goal of a wireframe template is to streamline the process, regardless of whether you’re looking to design one or multiple products. Starting with the information and parameters already in the template, you will spend less time on logistics and more time on building the wireframe that best meets your needs and audience.

The exact look will depend on the template, your product, and the functionality you’re looking for. The wireframe template options below will differ significantly in look, functionality, and output.

However, each wireframe template will integrate directly with your product development process

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What Makes a Good Wireframe Template?

While the exact nature of wireframe templates can change from project to project, the best options all share some commonalities that are important to look for:

  • Ease of use: Your template should be intuitive, allowing you to spend less time with its creation and more on the thoughts behind it
  • Product goal alignment: Different templates match different product and project needs. Find one that aligns with your existing development process
  • Integration: Your template should integrate with project management tools and other work apps, and have the ability to embed assets from software like Envato Elements
  • Shareability: The easier your template is to share with project team members and external stakeholders, the more usable it will be
  • Real-time editing: Wireframes should shift with additional information or inputs and should not be static. Real-time editing allows you to make changes quickly and efficiently
  • Free or low cost: If the goal of wireframing is streamlining the product design and development process, look for free wireframe templates. These templates tend to be most beneficial
Summarize this article with AI ClickUp Brain not only saves you precious time by instantly summarizing articles, it also leverages AI to connect your tasks, docs, people, and more, streamlining your workflow like never before.
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10 Wireframe Templates to Use in 2024

Keeping these parameters in mind, let’s dig into the templates you can leverage in your product design. These 10 templates are our favorites, combining the features above to help your product team succeed.

1. ClickUp User Flow Template

ClickUp User Mapping Flow Template Example
This user flow template lets you distill complex systems into user flows visuals

The ClickUp User Flow Template can identify user journey pain points, design more efficient pathways for task completion, and develop a more intuitive and smoother user experience (UX). As such, it can become an invaluable UX design tool for your entire team.

It is not your average software development template. This template uses a website or mobile app to keep your product design project on task and—more importantly—focused on user needs and experience.

The User Flow Template builds on a basic Whiteboard, allowing you to create a flowchart that matches your users. It’s the perfect wireframe template to use, even if you’re not a designer!

Best of all, it integrates naturally within the ClickUp interface. The integration will link individual tasks into the template, so your team always knows the next step and your project can maintain focus on its goals.

2. ClickUp UX Project Plan Template

ClickUp UX Project Plan Template
When you need all hands on deck, this project plan template saves the day

Every good wireframe should be part of an even better project plan. The ClickUp UX Project Plan Template can become your close companion for the entire planning process.

This template’s goal is UX. Its design allows all team members to know what steps to take and when to take them to build a website or app that meets and exceeds your core user needs.

Beyond its scope definition and user persona development elements, it also includes wireframes and prototypes for product design. These prototypes help you and other project stakeholders understand how the final product will function before the build happens.

The template includes a list view with category organization for different steps, such as scope management and wireframing. Alternative views provide insights into who’s responsible for each task and how the tasks interact.

This template can easily link to your other project management elements, as it’s part of the larger ClickUp ecosystem.

3. ClickUp Website Design Project Plan Template

ClickUp's website design project plan template
Spend less time organizing and more time on design elements with this website wireframe template Board view

Build a web page with ease using the ClickUp Website Design Project Plan Template.

The template optimizes website project plans using pre-built tasks and fields, including kickoff meetings, design milestones, copywriting, and—of course—wireframing. Assignments and dependent tasks ensure that everyone knows what they’re doing even while keeping the bigger picture in mind.

It’s not strictly a wireframe template. However, it provides the organization necessary for your wireframe elements, ensuring you can build those as effectively as possible.

4. ClickUp Sitemap Whiteboard Template

ClickUp Sitemap Whiteboard Template
Visualize your sitemap with this simple template

ClickUp’s Sitemap Whiteboard Template shines through with its usability. Understandably, it’s one of the most popular whiteboard templates and site map templates in the ClickUp database. 

Wireframes need sitemaps to ground them in a larger context. If you build a wireframe for a single web or app page, you’ll need a thorough understanding of how preceding pages lead into it and where forwarding links take the user. 

That’s what makes this sitemap whiteboard so valuable.

You can visualize your entire product structure in a single place through a simple drag-and-drop system. This system helps ensure the navigation and hierarchy is easy and intuitive, meaning users can move around quickly.

But that’s just the start. The template also boasts list and board views for a more functional approach to your sitemap. The more logistical viewing options can quickly become invaluable for complex product designs that require multiple sections and input from others.

5. ClickUp Web Design Plan Template

ClickUp Web Design Template
Oversee every aspect of web design from basic layout to asset delivery with this all-in-one template

The ClickUp Web Design Template is what its name promises: an easy way to keep your website design project on task and on time. The default overview includes core sections to keep the bigger picture in mind, including:

  • To-do items for a wireframe kit
  • Items currently in design
  • Items requiring input or feedback
  • Items currently on hold
  • Items currently in client review
  • Items currently being revised
  • Approved items ready for implementation

Members of the project team can see the progress of their current and future tasks and goals at all times. The core functionality remains the same, streamlining the process through its simplicity for designs, such as intranets and eCommerce sites.

Of course, that’s not the only possible view. Item specifications, such as complexity, designer capacity, new design requests, and more, can make sorting easy. The project manager can also use the time-tracking capabilities, tags, and task dependency features throughout the process.

6. ClickUp Web Design SOW Template

ClickUp Scope of Work template
ClickUp’s Scope of Work template makes outlining initial stages and expectations straightforward

Every successful website needs a clear scope of work (SOW) for the client and other stakeholders, ensuring everyone is on the same page before starting. The ClickUp Web Design SOW Template can help.

This template is equally applicable regardless of whether you’re starting a website from scratch or improving mobile apps. It focuses on creating a work scope so the team always knows what they can do.

You can define elements within the SOW, including project objectives, deliverables, timelines, and budget. There’s room for various design requirements, such as color schemes and layouts. You can also identify all relevant stakeholders and outline the approval process.

Together, the components create a useful reference for minimizing scope creep. Using this tool, you’ll know what wireframe you’re building for the final product to meet original project goals, timelines, and budgets. 

7. ClickUp Web Development RFP Template

ClickUp Web Development RFP Template
This template keeps all your need-to-know info in the same place

Before the product design, you’ll need a request for proposal (RFP). If you’re not developing your website in-house, you’ll have to put the right request out to find the right vendors. 

The ClickUp Web Development RFP Template can help in this situation.

This template quickly becomes invaluable if you’re new to the RFP process. Pre-set sections allow you to fill in the information, including the company overview, project details, budgets, proposal requirements, and more. You can use these sections to maximize your chances of matching your proposals to your needs.

It also ensures process standardization. The clearer the guidelines in the RFP document, the easier you can evaluate all web design bids using the same criteria.

Of course, that process also includes outlining your wireframe needs for the website development. If you identify it as a crucial need in the RFP, your chances of working with the necessary wireframes significantly increase.

8. ClickUp Data Flow Diagram

ClickUp Data Flow Diagram Template
Craft visual representations of how data moves through your business from start to finish

With the ClickUp Data Flow Diagram Template, you no longer have to worry about complex information flows impacting your product design process. Instead, you can clearly and concisely outline those flows for your team to view and manage.

Data flow diagrams are crucial for helping teams understand complex data processes. When you outline the data flows, you can better understand the current environment and how potential improvements can impact your data movement. Visualization is crucial to finding those potential bottlenecks and points of weakness.

The ClickUp template is built on a whiteboard, simplifying the visualization process for even the most complex flows. Adding on to the pre-built flow is simple with a clear legend, and it can connect directly with your wireframe, turning data insights into a UX-focused page layout.

9. Landing Page Wireframe Template by Moqups

Moqups Landing Page Wireframe Template
Via Moqups

If you’re only looking to build a quick wireframe, the Moqups Landing Page Wireframe Template is a great option. Landing pages are becoming an increasingly important marketing campaign tool, and this template helps you easily create outlines of engaging, actionable pages for your audience.

Effective landing pages must capture attention, engage your visitors, and prompt them to interact. The Moqups Wireframe Template is pre-built to create engagement, needing only minimal custom work to match your unique needs. 

Creating landing pages shouldn’t be complex or time consuming. However, they still need to match your needs. This wireframe template perfectly balances speed and quality for businesses of any size.

10. Wireframe Globe Word Template by PoweredTemplate

We’ll keep things simple to finish it out. The design of PoweredTemplate’s Wireframe Globe Word Template is not for a website or app. Instead, it’s a simple, pre-built template for creating multi-page reports that put you, your business, and your presentation topic in the best possible light.

It includes a cover that uses space for depth and plenty of visuals. Content is engaging and easy to read using a two-column layout, while a footer keeps the basic background information front and center.

The template is built for Microsoft Word, ensuring compatibility with all major word-processing tools. It’s also free to download, meaning you can start on the wireframe for your comprehensive report without delays.

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Improve Your Product Wireframing and Development With ClickUp

Finding the right wireframe template is just the beginning. After all, this is one component of the development process with variables and input necessary from your internal team members and external stakeholders.

As a free project management software, ClickUp is the ideal choice for product design and development teams. We offer the above templates, comprehensive solutions for collaboration, and work management that will quickly become invaluable for your team.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a free ClickUp account today. Browse our templates, invite your team, and start supercharging your digital product development! 🔋

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