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If you build things on the web, you know coding errors are inevitable. Luckily, there are tools, like, that let you know when issues happen. This real-time, error tracking system gives you insight into production deployments and additional information to reproduce and fix crashes.

When you combine Sentry with ClickUp, you ensure that none of your errors are forgotten!

Most commonly, people link Sentry issues to ClickUp tasks in a specific workflow with stages related to investigating and fixing bugs.

Another way to use this integration involves linking issues as subtasks to an existing feature task to keep related things together.

Others also use the number of linked issues to prioritize what needs to be looked at most urgently. In ClickUp, you can do that either by attaching multiple issues to one task that covers them or by having each issue as separate tasks and using tags or a custom field to organize and categorize them.

ClickUp can be used in an infinite number of ways. When you integrate with Sentry, you will never lose an error again!

How to install

Click here to install ClickUp to your Sentry organization. If you are in your Sentry account:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Integrations
  3. Install ClickUp

You will be taken to ClickUp where you can set a default list for your Sentry items to be created in.

Creating a ClickUp task from Sentry

In a Sentry error, select Link ClickUp Issue  from the right sidebar.

Create a ClickUp task by selecting which List you want the task to go to and updating any additional information.

The task will automatically be sent to the ClickUp List you selected.

Linking a ClickUp task from Sentry

  1. Select Link ClickUp Issue
  2. Search the task you want
  3. Save changes

When you go to the task you selected, you will see a message from Sentry with the issue attached.


Happy error tracking!

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