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Are You Living in LaLa Land?

Are You Living in LaLa Land?

The wannabes.

They are the only ones who believe they are somebody or can be somebody with a major business platform.

They say they can walk when they have never crawled.

They say they can swim when they’ve never jumped in the water.


They say they can fix the engine when they’ve never read the manual.

They say they can perform when they’ve never been on stage.

They say they are an author when they have never written anything.

These people live in LaLa Land—a land that its existence is possible only within one’s own mind. LaLa Land is a stunningly beautiful place. No work is required. You may sleep as long as you want and work only when you feel like it. Problems do not exist. And when they do they evaporate on their own.

The only thing required in LaLa Land is talk. No other action is mandatory. Ever. Tomorrow is always soon enough. Nothing needs to be done today.

Some have created a permanent residence in LaLa Land. Others visit daily.

Everything that exists in LaLa Land was created for that one person living there. It is all about them. Others only exist when it’s time to deflect responsibility for any problems that may occur as a result of spending time in this magical world. You can never be wrong when living within its comfortable confines.

Please note—LaLa Land is not for you. If you’ve spent any time there, you’ve spent enough. The real world is not as comfortable. It is not as safe. But it is the only place where your dreams can become a reality. And that is exactly where you belong.

Here are three things to do to stay out of LaLa Land (because even the best of us can be found occasionally drifting across its borders):

1. Look for reality.

Are you kidding yourself? This is a serious question. Has “I don’t have time” become more of an excuse than a reality?

Being brutally honest with yourself is a must. Seek reality. Do NOT kid yourself.

2. Check yourself with a confidant.

Having an outside person who can be brutally honest with you is just as important. You simply can’t objectively observe all aspects of your behavior and work. Surround yourself with people who know what your goals are and have no problem reminding you to stick to them.

3. Look for and gather evidence that you are on the right track.

This is like that popular show CSI. You have to assess the clues around you. Take a moment every day to step back and analyze what you are doing. Are you following a path that is similar to others who have already succeeded in doing what you are trying to do? Could you prove it in a court of law?

As you continue on your journey, you’re going to see many signs for LaLa Land. You’re even going to see people you know blissfully setting up camp there. Just remember—if you’re through waiting around on your dreams to come to you, if you’re tired of the days dragging on with no sense of purpose, if you can hardly sleep at night because you have that itch to do more—you do not belong in LaLa Land.

You are not one of the wannabes. You are a gonnabe.

I always love hearing your thoughts, so if you’ve got something to say be sure to leave a comment!

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