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How to Collect More Leads, Automate Task Creation, and Get Paid Seamlessly

Emilie Murphy is the Product Marketing Manager at POWR where she helps to empower small businesses with easy-to-use, customizable and affordable solutions so that they can grow online. When she isn’t in the POWR world you’ll find her running a trail in the East Bay, obsessing over baby sleep, or enjoying a glass of wine and bingeing a new Netflix show (while the baby’s sleeping).

If you’re using ClickUp, chances are you love consolidating your tools and saving time by managing everything in one place. 

What if I told you there was a super simple (and free) way to automate task creation while collecting payments for projects with external clients? 

Sounds appealing, right? 

If you’re working with clients, you’re likely also collecting leads on your website. There are a few ways of doing this, whether it’s an open contact email address, a signup form, or a popup. Open contact emails are manual and likely require a lot of effort on your part to get project requirements into ClickUp. If you’re not using automated forms or popups to optimize conversions on your site, you’re likely missing out on a lot of potential clients. 

The good news is you can automate your task creation and get paid seamlessly, with one simple solution that also helps you collect more leads. More leads means more customers, it’s win-win! 

There are three simple steps to get you there:

1. Optimize Your  Conversion Rates With Forms

Keeping track of website visitors is important for any business, but until you can get those visitors to sign up, schedule a call, or purchase from you, they don’t have value because you can’t qualify them. In this case, you’ll want to convert more of these website visitors into leads for your business. You can do this with a form embedded on your website.

Forms make it easy for your customers to get in touch or request more information from you. The trickier part is getting potential customers to complete that form. 

An important piece of the puzzle is displaying the form in a way that’s engaging for your visitors. 

There are a few ways of doing this:

  1. Use a sticky tab that says ‘Contact Us’ that sticks with the user as they navigate to different pages or as they scroll. 
  2. Place your form inside a smart popup. Display it after a fixed time delay, or after a visitor has taken a certain action (like a click, or as they show exit intent). This popup form could include a special discount code that your website visitor can use to purchase your service in exchange for their contact information. 

You could even do both, as having multiple conversion methods is better than only having one.

The Power of FOMO

Another great way to drive more people to complete a sign up is by creating a sense of urgency or a fear of missing out (FOMO). The psychology behind it tells us that it’s because the emotional reaction provoked by an urgent situation makes us act more impulsively.

countdown on a form

Let’s say you have a signup form for a consult and you’re running a promo where customers get a free consult if they sign up before the end of the month. Generate that all-important FOMO and urgency that drives visitors to sign up by adding a countdown timer above your form. With POWR Countdown Timer it’s easy to create and embed on any website, and you could see up to a 300% improvement in conversions.

The great thing about these is that you can customize them so that they reset per visitor, so you can really create that urgency for each potential lead. 

2. Collect Frictionless Payments With Forms

Collecting leads is one thing, but handling payments in an easy and automated way adds another layer of complexity that can add hours of work to your load a week. What’s more, making the payment process effortless for your clients can get you an 82% improvement in checkout conversion. That’s huge! 

To simplify this process, consider taking payment for your services directly from your sign up form or registration form that you have set up on your website. 

taking payment on a website

You can do this with zero transaction fees, and set up your payment form to take payments through PayPal or Stripe. If you have varying price options for different products, simply set them up as a choice option in your form. 

This avoids the need for manual back-and-forth, different invoicing systems, and if you’re using PayPal it bypasses the need for your customers to enter billing and payment information. Anything you can do to remove friction from the buying journey is a win for business.

3. Automate Task Creation With POWR and Zapier

automate tasks with zapier

Once you’ve created a form or popup to help optimize lead capture and conversions on your website, used a countdown timer to drive urgency, and made the payment process effortless, you’ll need to fulfil all the new requests you have flooding in! 

With POWR’s form and popup creators, you can easily connect with ClickUp so that a new task, List, or Folder is created automatically each time somebody submits a new response. You can do this using Zapier and you can find it directly in the POWR Editor to get set up in a few quick clicks. You’ll never have to worry about missing a new job as they’ll be created for you directly in ClickUp!

Final Takeaways

Winning time back in your day is important, and you can do it using POWR and ClickUp. First, embed forms on your website to automate lead collection and get more of your website visitors to take action. Then, simplify your billing process by taking payments directly from your signup form to eliminate further back and forth and lengthy invoicing processes. Finally, automate your task creation in ClickUp with powerful automations set up using Zapier. POWR users have saved over 10 hours of organizational time per week by doing just that. 

Are you ready to do the same? Don’t delay! Save yourself hours of admin time each day and head over to POWR.io to get started free today!

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