CloudApp + ClickUp: Share Incredible Videos & Images

CloudApp + ClickUp: Share Incredible Videos & Images

Let’s combine incredible video and screen sharing capabilities with your favorite productivity platform, shall we?

We shall. Here we go.

What Can You Do In CloudApp?

Share And Personalize

CloudApp is the leading platform for quickly sharing video messages, images, screenshots, and more to make a more meaningful connection.

For instance, sales teams can personalize their outreach with GIFs, customized promotional videos, or with simple demos showing off new features. These features give their outreach emails a personalized edge that their competitors lack.

Designers can brainstorm in real-time, including GIFs and screen share with other members of the team who may not have the expensive design tools. CloudApp helps you immediately create a video or GIF of the process right away.

Annotate Screenshots

Include a few notes on your screenshot or video recording, and embed them in your emails or presentations. You’ll be able to brainstorm and share visually with CloudApp.

Simply Record

Hit record in CloudApp to capture your screen while the animation plays or your work is on the screen. There are no extra editing steps that you have to go through before your work is ready to send and share. A link automatically generates to share, as well.

How Can You Use CloudApp with ClickUp?

ClickUp CloudApp integration

Add Visuals To Task Details

Need your product reviewed, or need to show a series of actions in your task?

Take a screenshot in CloudApp, then drag and drop the screenshot directly into your ClickUp task. It fits seamlessly.

Simply Store Attachments

Once you create an image or screen in CloudApp, you can upload or attach it to ClickUp right inside your browser. All screenshots or GIFs that you create in CloudApp can be brought over as an attachment in ClickUp. You can then share and comment right inside the task on the attachments you’ve made in CloudApp.

CloudApp + ClickUp = Better Collaboration

The combination of these two apps will increase your team collaboration and productivity by a gazillion percent. I don’t have that exact formula handy, but it’s close. CloudApp and ClickUp can be used for streamlined teamwork, easing the friction points of sharing files, screens and images. Now you can capture a screen, add it to ClickUp and move your work along faster than ever before. No more bulky attachments lost in emails or your communication tool!

Need even more integrations? ClickUp has you covered.

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