ClickUp, Meet Zapier

ClickUp, Meet Zapier

As longtime Zappers, we’re extremely excited to announce our brand new integration with Zapier – connecting ClickUp with over 1,000 apps!

If you’re familiar with Zapier, you know you can create practically any integration with two or more of the apps in their repository.

This means you can now connect and customize integrations with ClickUp and over 1,000 other apps around the worldwide. Let’s jump into some major use cases..

The Value of Zapier + ClickUp

There are a TON of valuable use cases, but I wanted to focus on some of our most requested features that are easily accomplished with a quick Zap!

Email Task Creation

It doesn’t matter what email provider you use, with Zapier you can trigger the reception of emails to create tasks!

To keep things clean, I’ve created a free gmail inbox I call, and I connected that with a Zap I built. Now, when I send an email to that address I get a shiny new task in ClickUp 🙂

What’s cool is you can customize the trigger even further. Maybe I only want a new task if I star the email. Maybe I want tags applied to the email to transfer into ClickUp. With Zapier, this is “no problemo.”

As a side note – we’re bringing dedicated email task creation to ClickUp, but while you’re waiting you should absolutely take advantage Zapier’s power.

Slack Messages and ClickUp Tasks

There are tons of actions and triggers provided with Zapier’s Slack app. For example, you can use our templates to create new ClickUp tasks whenever a message in Slack is starred, posted in a specific channel, or mentions you.

As with any Zap, you can also send tasks with specific parameters to slack as new messages. Perhaps you want to know about any task tagged with “Wes” – create a notifications channel in Slack and send new tasks to it with Zapier!

An internal method for sending tasks from ClickUp to Slack is also underway.

Google Calendar

I can not wait for you to start using this one. Every time a new event is created on our team’s Google Calendar, a task is created in ClickUp with our operations team as assignees.

We get event details in the description, start and due dates based on event times, and priorities determined by event importance.  

We also have a Zap to send new events to Google Calendars when a due date is added to a task containing the tag “event.”

These are a must.


Send webhooks to any URL with a custom payload of information pulled from new tasks created, tagged, assigned, or whatever!

This means you can send task information to an infinite number of destinations.

Zapier also provides a Zap URL to receive webhooks and helps handle the information to easily create tasks in ClickUp based on payload contents!

Map all kinds of information to task fields with webhooks!

How to use Zaps with ClickUp


  • Templates are essentially pre-built layouts for popular Zaps in the community
    • They’ll help you get set up, but you can always tweak them later if interested
  • Search the Zapbook for ClickUp and select the app to reveal popular templates
  • When you find one you like, click “Use this Zap” to get started

  • This takes you to the Zap Editor so you can authorize your apps and customize to your preference
  • Now you only need to follow the simple steps, test the Zap, and enable!

How to Create Zaps From Scratch


  1. Choose your trigger app
    • This could be ClickUp, but it could also be an app that you want to send information to ClickUp
    • Either way, this is the app that starts the process.
  2. Choose the trigger
    • Ex: “New task created”
  3. Connect to your app 
  4. Choose your action app
    • We’re going to tell the Zap exactly what to do with that trigger
    • Can be the same app or, more commonly, a new one
  5. Choose the act
    • Ex: “Create a new Project”
    • How do you want to handle the data from the Trigger?
    • Click on the `+` sign on the right side of every field to tell the Zap what data to pull in from the Trigger step
      • You’ll want to choose data points that most closely match the field in your Action app
  7. Name and save your Zap
    • Don’t forget to toggle the On/Off button to “On”
    • Your Zap will now run until you turn it off!

Need help getting started from your ClickUp account? Check out our documentation here!

Not quite sure what you’re looking for? Hop on over and browse hundreds of ClickUp Integrations on Zapier.

Happy Zapping Clickers!

  • Gerald Barnes

    I’ve been waiting for this one! Thanks!

  • Kathleen Fisher

    AWESOME!! So happy I can integrate ClickUp with my Google Calendar

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