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Chris Small
VP Marketing, Soundstripe
Chris Small
Chris and Soundstripe’s mission is to “Keep Creatives Creating”
Soundstripe was founded by lifelong musicians struggling to make a living in the modern music business. Most of our team comes from the the industry either as a composer, producer, touring or session musician… Being in Nashville, TN provides unique insight to the challenges professional musicians face in making a consistent stable living.

After several years writing and producing music for large brands our Co-Founders realized the opportunity coming from the explosive growth in video content creation coupled with the need creators have in accessing high quality music for their productions.
Team members
Traditional music licensing presents incredible roadblocks for video creators. License costs, intellectual property laws, and consistent quality music are challenges that the modern video creative need resolved in order to keep creating. Soundstripe levels the playing field by removing these barriers, and they provide unlimited access to high quality songs for any video use for just $15/month.
Soundstripe image

Our Relationship with Soundstripe

Soundstripe consistently provides us with exciting suggestions and intriguing questions.
I’ve often reached out to the team at ClickUp with feature ideas or questions, and I always receive a quick, friendly response. I’ve only been using ClickUp for a few months now, but the constant rollout of exciting features and improvements has meant that I actually watch my inbox for that weekly email with the ClickUp updates!
Thoroughly enticed, we decided to dive into the Soundstripe platform and see what they’re creating.
Hey Chris! We’d love to hear your perspective on the needs your company fills. How does Soundstripe appeal to its audience of musicians?
Hey Wes! Initially we focused heavily on filmmakers that made a living from producing video content. This ranged from wedding filmmakers, advertising agencies, churches, narrative based filmmakers, etc… What we discovered is that each of these segments faced the same challenges I described earlier. Our internal goal has been to remain consistently focused on providing the best customer care, the best quality music, and at the best price to our members.

More recently, we’ve introduced Soundstripe PRO ( which takes our service to third party technology products, enterprise organizations, education institutions, and businesses that need custom music branding solutions. Our mission is the same but we will be focused on addressing the unique challenges these segments face when it comes to incorporating music into their business.
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Soundstripe Marketplace
That’s incredible, you must be part of a rockstar team. What would your day-to-day look like at Soundstripe?
Great question… haha! This is a tough question because every day is different. Our company is growing fast. Until now, the marketing “department” was a two person team that consisted of our Co-Founder and myself. Communication is easy when there is only one channel between decision and action. :)

I would say there are a few task related things are always consistent every day I come in to work:

I first create my daily to do list and attack the most challenging one early in the day.
I spend time replying to emails and messages.
I make an effort to spend most of my attention on revenue generating channels.
I plan for things coming down the pipeline.

I’m grateful that we will be hiring for several new positions in the coming months. This is going to be a monumental change for the productivity and growth of Soundstripe in practically every way. Btw, know of any A+ marketing talent? ;)
Haha you’ll be the first to know if we discover more rockstars!

So, what project management system was in place before ClickUp, and what was the biggest factor affecting your team’s productivity?
Before using ClickUp my task management and workflow was very unorganized. It’s actually slightly embarrassing but I used a combination of Apple Notes and Wunderlist to manage my daily ToDo and any planning I had for the week. I’m fairly confident that I’m the only person on the planet that could keep track of it all... haha!

As our team scales I needed a solution that can also grow with it. I don’t want a solution that is 80% effective in keeping everyone on the same page… I need a project management product that allows the whole team to work the way each individual wants to work while also allowing us to see big picture scope of what’s going on.
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Soundstripe Music Collections

What we’ve learned from our friends at Soundstripe:

We set out to learn how a startup in today’s fast-paced environment full of pitfalls and competition has been able to use ClickUp to stay ahead. First, we took a look at how Soundstripe structured their team to leverage customizable features and statuses.
Unique Take-Aways
Proper content creation
Create single tasks to host entire creatives. Soundstripe masters this with subtasks for each item required to get the ball rolling. Using priorities with due dates, they quickly see what items are most important right now.
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Another huge advantage ClickUp provides is collaborative assets (images, videos, and docs). Soundstripe adds images and videos when they comment in their activity feed so that the whole team can discuss the item and even assign action items to each other via assigned comments.
Because Soundstripe is using ClickUp to manage their entire team, they use an individual Space for their Development and Marketing groups. In addition to this, they’ve set up personal Spaces that contain the Projects they individually take ownership of. This gives each member of the team complete control over what statuses and features they use.

Soundstripe uses agile project management in their website’s development, so it was no surprise to find backlogs and sprints throughout this Space. They’ve also created their own set of custom statuses to send their tasks through for each Sprint. The GitHub integration allows tasks in this Space to be associated with Soundstripe’s repositories and all commits linked with certain tasks are automatically logged in the task’s activity feed for simple issue tracking. Great work guys! A prime example of our favorite project management methodology being used to the fullest.
Space Features:
Multiple Assignees, Priorities, Time Tracking, and Tags
Space Statuses:
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For their marketing Space, they’ve set up a hierarchy with Projects for each channel they utilize in getting word out.

The content-lifecycle statuses they use force a thorough process each task must go through before it is released into the wild.

The Slack integration allows task management from within Slack, so you can set assignees and change task statuses without leaving the conversation.
Space Features:
Multiple Assignees, Due Dates, Priorities, Tags
Space Statuses:
Soundstripe image
The most unique thing about Soundstripe’s setup are their personal Spaces. These let the team keep up with their ownership items and de-clutter the public Spaces!
Space Features:
Multiple Assignees, Due Dates, Priorities, Tags
Space Statuses:
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On the hunt for music to accompany your visual media? Soundstripe is THE place to go. Want to share your music with production companies all around the world? Apply to their marketplace. This is the absolute best way to connect musicians with producers in the visual media.

If you produce content for film or TV and need to satisfy all of your music needs, Soundstripe’s Spotify-esque library of content gives you the tools to discover, listen to, and download the tracks that fit the tone of your work. YouTubers may find this especially useful for background audio in their videos!

The Team

Travis Terrel
Travis Terrel
Co-CEO and Co-Founder
Micah Sannan
Micah Sannan
Co-CEO and Co-Founder
Trevor Hinesley
Trevor Hinesley
CTO and Co-Founder

Soundstripe’s favorite features

GitHub and Slack Integrations
ClickUp, Slack, and GitHub make the perfect startup toolset. Actively manage tasks within Slack through ClickUp's simple unfurling feature, and automatically track commits and branches in your tasks with our GitHub auto-association.
We want to keep things completely customizable. Some people believe there should be only one person responsible for a task, whereas others want to promote collaboration and team spirit! ClickUp gives you both.
Manage everything on your plate by organizing tasks with levels of importance. Sort or filter your tasks by priority to quickly see a list of what’s most important to you now!
Tags shine when you need to group, view, or manage related tasks that don't have a strict status or location in your team's structure. They help you organize your workflow, and you can even filter by tags for a quick way to see all your tagged tasks.
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