5 Free Icebreaker Templates to Kickstart Any Meeting

5 Free Icebreaker Templates to Kickstart Any Meeting

We all have been a part of long and boring meetings at some point or another. Anyone who’s ever held a corporate job knows how monotonous meetings can be.

However, meetings don’t necessarily have to be boring. In fact, the most successful meetings are those that engage the participants and encourage active participation.

That’s where icebreakers come in. Icebreakers are activities and games that instantly engage the participants and start conversations in a group setting.

Using icebreakers to kickstart meetings is a great way to ensure they’re productive and everyone is involved in the discussion.

However, you’ll need a ready-to-use list of icebreaker activities to choose from, for different types of meetings and events. That’s where icebreaker templates can help.

In this post, you’ll find five free icebreaker templates to start your meetings and team events with a bang. But first, let’s cover the basics.

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What Are Icebreaker Templates?

Icebreaker templates are frameworks that include a list of questions, games, or other activities to boost group interactions. 

As such, icebreakers are activities that help start a conversation or an interaction between two or more people. Icebreaker templates facilitate the process by containing a list of such activities or questions.

In a business setting, managers or team leaders use icebreaker templates to start team activities or events. Consider these activities as warm-ups before the main event.

These are especially helpful if the participants are not familiar with each other, for example, when a new team is meeting for the first time, or there’s a cross-functional meeting or event with multiple teams.

Icebreaker templates could include:

  • Questions: A list of questions that help people get to know each other. Some examples include ‘Would you rather?’ and ‘Truth or lie?’ type of questions
  • Games: These templates could include a list of simple games that help engage a group. For team-building activities, it’s best to use a fun game that divides the group into teams
  • Activities: Icebreaker templates may also include a list of icebreaker activities, such as painting, storytelling, and more

Anything that gets the conversation flowing between two people or among a group of people is an icebreaker. As such, you can create your own icebreakers without limiting yourself to the commonly used ones.

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What Makes a Good Icebreaker Template?

A good icebreaker template engages participants immediately, ensuring relevance to the context and attendees. It creates a comfortable atmosphere where team members feel encouraged to interact and collaborate.

Here are some things a great template should have.

  • Comprehensive list of activities: A good icebreaker template should have a long list of activities, games, and questions, giving users multiple options to choose from
  • Customization options: Templates should always have the option to add more activities and make edits to suit a user’s specific requirements. The format, design, and content should all be customizable for enhanced flexibility
  • Clear scope and use case: Not every icebreaker template is suitable for all occasions. As such, each template should be created with a specific goal and use case in mind, with a clear scope for how it should be used

Also, consider using new and innovative team meeting ideas to avoid meetings from being boring and mundane. Icebreaker templates can only help you start a session, but the rest should be equally engaging.

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Benefits of Icebreaker Templates

Icebreaker templates offer numerous advantages, from helping you develop a team with strong bonding to boosting engagement in team events.

Let’s discuss some of the most important ones briefly.

1. Help remove barriers to communication

One of the most obvious benefits of using icebreaker templates is that they provide simple activities that help start conversations.

Let’s say you’re organizing an organization-wide event and want various teams to interact with each other. It may happen organically for some people and may result in awkward silence and small talk for others.

Using icebreaker templates will help you get things started quickly by being prepared. Icebreaker team activities are just what you need to get the conversations flowing and make people comfortable quickly.

2. Encourage team bonding and connection-building

Icebreakers are essential components of any team bonding session as they give participants opportunities to connect and collaborate. 

Most icebreaker activities encourage participants to either learn more about each other or work together to achieve a goal. Many require participants to form teams and perform various tasks together, boosting workplace collaboration.

This allows you to group together people from different teams or those who don’t know each other well and let them build rapport. It even helps shy or introverted people to make friends at work by participating in a fun and engaging activity together.

However, you do not want the pressure of thinking up such activities on the spot, and that’s where icebreaker templates come in handy. Have a list of activities ready to use in different situations, depending on the group dynamics, via these templates.

3. Boost engagement and participation in team activities

Apart from being conversation-starters, icebreakers are also fun and entertaining.

No one likes boring team meetings with long speeches and presentations. Adding some interesting icebreaker activities ensures that people actively participate in the event instead of being physically present but mentally absent.

4. Enhance creativity and problem-solving abilities 

Icebreakers stimulate participants’ minds and encourage them to think differently, which can be valuable when brainstorming ideas or tackling challenges as a group.

If you have icebreaker templates with different options, you don’t need to spend time planning and brainstorming before every team event. Simply choose one of the activities from your list and use it to organize engaging team-building events.

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5 Free Icebreaker Templates

Getting people to actively participate in team activities is not easy. Starting conversations among people who are not familiar with each other is equally difficult.

These are two of the many scenarios where icebreakers are useful, and having ready-to-use templates helps you find the perfect one for any situation.

If you’re wondering where you may find these templates, then you’re in the right place. We’ve brought you five templates containing fun icebreakers that work.

We recommend using communication plan templates and get-to-know-me templates in addition to these for conducting more engaging team meetings and activities.

1. Icebreaker Whiteboard Template by ClickUp

Use the ClickUp Icebreaker Whiteboard Template to find a curated list of questions to start a conversation with anyone

The ClickUp Icebreaker Whiteboard Template is perfect for creating a long list of questions to start a conversation with anyone, anywhere. You will find an existing list of questions to choose from and the option to add questions to enrich the list further.

The best part is that this template uses gamification to engage everyone involved. 

Use this template to:

  • Conduct virtual team-building activities where participants write or draw their answers to icebreaker questions within the template. People can even upload images or GIFs to answer questions
  • Start conversations in situations where you don’t know a person well

How does this help?

It enhances team bonding by giving team members a fun way to connect with each other and learn more about their colleagues.

Though this interactive template allows participants to interact virtually, the list of questions is useful even in an offline setup. Instead of having people interact via the template, ask questions and have people answer them face to face.

Ideal use case: To start interesting conversations among team members during a virtual team bonding session.

2. Emotions Wheel Template by ClickUp

Let your team members describe their emotions using this fun Emotions Wheel Icebreaker Template during your next virtual team-building session

The ClickUp Emotions Wheel Icebreaker Template has an interesting activity that’s great for starting virtual team meetings.

Here’s the step-by-step process for using the template.

  • Share the Emotions Wheel with each participant in a team meeting or group activity. ClickUp makes it super easy to share this interactive whiteboard template with anyone within your organization at the click of a button
  • Ask each person to identify the emotion they’re feeling at the moment and drag and drop the color that represents that emotion. This provides an easy outlet for everyone to share their feelings
  • Once everyone is done, discuss why people chose the emotion they did and elaborate if they feel comfortable

This is a good icebreaker activity to perform in difficult workplace situations, as it allows people to share their feelings in a safe space.

The template is interactive, so it can be used for virtual team sessions. Use it to help your remote employees feel connected with the rest of the team.

Ideal use case: To help people deal with workplace stress by sharing their thoughts and feelings with their team members in a non-judgemental space.

3. Fun Meeting Agenda Template by ClickUp

Move away from boring meeting agendas and create riveting agendas for your team meetings using the Fun Meeting Agenda Template by ClickUp

The ClickUp Fun Meeting Agenda Template is perfect for team leaders who want to make their team meetings more lively and engaging for participants.

It’s true that team meetings should be productive and have clear objectives, but that doesn’t mean they must be boring. Adding short icebreakers to your team meetings can infuse an element of fun, boosting member participation and engagement.

Here’s how you can use this:

  • Set meeting agendas that include icebreakers and team activities in addition to the key agenda items. The template allows you to create tasks for each agenda item, which you can tick off after completion. This makes it easy to keep track of all agenda items and ensures you don’t miss anything
  • Share the agenda with all participants before a meeting to ensure everyone knows the purpose of the meeting and the activities planned. This will help them come prepared and participate actively during the meeting.
  • Use the tabular structure for marking attendance and noting absentees to track meetings

Ideal use case: To create agendas for team meetings and include icebreakers to make things more interesting.

4. Meet the Team Template by ClickUp

Introduce your team members to each other or to potential clients using the ClickUp Meet the Team Template

Sometimes, the simplest and easiest way to do things is the best. The ClickUp Meet the Team Template makes team introductions simple yet effective.

It uses a minimal design with each team member’s profile picture and a short bio introducing them. 

Use it as part of your presentation during a first team meeting or when introducing your team to a client. The template is versatile and suitable for both in-person and remote meetings where you need to introduce your team members.

Here’s how you should use this template:

  • Ask each team member to share their best profile pictures and a short bio describing their professional experience and personal interests
  • Collect all the content and use the template to curate the information for all team members
  • Transfer it to a format that’s convenient for you, such as a presentation slide, and use it as and when needed

The best part is that the bio section is open-ended and not restricted to a strict format. This gives you the flexibility to ask people for specific details that you want to highlight.

For instance, if the purpose is to introduce new team members to each other, then you’d want to include more fun and personal stuff, such as hobbies and interests.

However, if you want to showcase your expertise to clients, the focus should be on the technical skills and professional experience of each team member.

Depending on the objective, customize the template to suit your needs. Alternatively, you may create multiple versions for different use cases.

Ideal use case: This is a more versatile template that is useful in any situation where a team introduction is necessary. It may be the first meeting with a new team or a client meeting where you want to showcase your team’s expertise.

5. Virtual White Elephant Template by ClickUp

Use the ClickUp Virtual White Elephant Template to encourage your team members  to exchange gifts during the holiday season

The ClickUp Virtual White Elephant Template is perfect for situations where you need a fun game to engage participants in a remote meeting. White Elephant is a classic holiday gift exchange game, and this template allows you to let people play it virtually.

Here’s how you can use this template to play the game:

  • Define the game’s rules, such as the number of gifts a person can give and the process for exchanging gifts
  • Share these rules, along with an invitation for the event, to all participants. Use the ClickUp Calendar View to schedule the event and send invitations
  • Use ClickUp to create tasks for each participant to keep their gifts ready for the virtual event
  • Have people open their gifts one by one during the meeting. The recipients can choose to keep a gift or trade it with another person

Playing this game is a fun icebreaker activity to liven up any meeting or virtual team bonding session.

Ideal use case: To start a virtual team meeting around the holidays, such as Christmas or Thanksgiving.

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Which of These Icebreaker Templates Will You Use First?

There you have it—a list of five icebreaker templates to plan and organize fun activities that engage participants in a meeting or event.

Add the template you like to your ClickUp dashboard, customize it to your requirements, and start using it. It’s as simple as that.

ClickUp Meetings also offers various features to plan and organize team meetings. Whether you want to set a meeting agenda or take minutes of a meeting, ClickUp has the right tools to make the process easier for you.

ClickUp Brain, for instance, allows you to automatically take meeting notes and convert action items into tasks. The ClickUp Calendar View allows you to schedule and keep track of meetings and syncs with Google Calendar to make things easier for you.

Additionally, ClickUp’s robust set of features helps with all aspects of team and project management. Discover all that it has to offer by signing up for ClickUp for free.

Questions? Comments? Visit our Help Center for support.

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