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We Tested the Best HR Software in Indonesia

The Indonesian workforce is changing. A recent PwC study found that millennials, a growing demographic, are anxious about automation replacing their jobs. They crave meaningful work, fair compensation, and a chance to express themselves freely. But there’s a gap between their aspirations and reality. Many Indonesian workers feel unsupported by their employers in terms of upskilling and development.

This changing landscape presents both challenges and opportunities for businesses in Indonesia. How can you bridge the gap between what your employees desire and what your company offers? The answer lies in adopting the right Human Resource (HR) management software.

But how do you know which tools are best suited to tackling your organization’s unique challenges? Our team at ClickUp took some time to find out the answers to this question.

We set out to understand the life of a human resource manager and had countless conversations with fellow HR professionals on topics ranging from managing a diverse workforce to navigating local laws. 

Based on our research and intensive testing at ClickUp, here are the top 10 HR software solutions suitable for Indonesia to transform your human resources practices.

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What Should You Look for in HR Software?

Here’s what I look for in HR software that guarantees HR goals are always met. 

  • Customized dashboards: Ensure your HR software has a dashboard you can tweak with a smart user interface. Free HR templates are a bonus
  • Payroll and benefits management: Automated payroll processing should be compliant with Indonesian tax laws and seamlessly integrate all other tools
  • Performance management: The HR software should include features for goal-setting, performance tracking, and development to drive employee success
  • Compliance and security: Look for compliance with local labor laws, ISO/IEC 27001, GDPR, and Indonesia’s social security measures, such as health insurance (BPJS Kesehatan) and pension schemes (BPJS Ketenagakerjaan) 
  • Time and attendance: Tools with real-time attendance tracking and leave management are vital as they need to comply with Indonesian laws around minimum wage, overtime, leave entitlements, and working hours, which can be layered
  • Integration capabilities: Ensure the HR software can integrate with existing ERP, CRM, and other business software. API availability is a significant advantage
  • Language and localization: The software should support Bahasa Indonesia, Javanese, and any other local language your organization uses 
  • Scalability: Ensure the software can grow with the business and support remote workforce management
  • Mobile accessibility: Mobile apps that provide on-the-go access to HR functions are vital 

The points above should be on your checklist if you want the software to enable seamless HR planning. If the software offers a free demo, it’s a bonus!

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The 10 Best HR Software in Indonesia to Use in 2024

Building Indonesia’s best HR software toolkit demands time and effort, but the results speak for themselves! Here are my picks for Indonesia’s top 10 human resource management tools in 2024.

1. ClickUp—Best for HR project management

ClickUp HR Management Software
ClickUp’s 15+ views, countless HR integrations, and customizable features help you manage all your HR functions in 1 centralized place

My top choice is ClickUp’s HR Management Software, and for good reason. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, ClickUp offers a holistic solution for managing all aspects of human resources.

What sets ClickUp apart is its effortless compatibility with various workflows, which saves valuable time and effort. ClickUp also provides a suite of productivity and collaboration tools, like ClickUp Whiteboards, which are perfect for brainstorming new HR functions. This enables our distributed HR team to function as a cohesive unit.

One of ClickUp’s standout features is its adaptability, whether handling day-to-day HR operations or overseeing large-scale projects. For instance, if your company hires an expat, it’ll need to create a Foreign Worker Utilization Plan (Rencana Penggunaan Tenaga Kerja Asing or RPTKA). ClickUp templates can make this process easier.

With hundreds of customizable features and over 1,000 ClickUp Integrations, ClickUp can centralize your work across apps into a collaborative workspace—perfect for HR teams managing employee data, time, and goals.

Let’s look at some of ClickUp’s highlights.

1. Task management 

ClickUp Tasks
Optimize your HR team’s workflow with ClickUp Tasks

ClickUp Tasks is the backbone of workflow management and project tracking for any HR department. From recruitment and onboarding to performance reviews and employee engagement initiatives, it helps oversee everything.

ClickUp’s task management features, such as assigning custom statuses, enable our HR teams to prioritize tasks well. With hybrid teams across different time zones, ClickUp’s Chat View offers a real-time and async mode of messaging in one platform that strengthens collaboration and increases productivity.

Here’s what an HR professional has to say about ClickUp:

ClickUp allows us to post all communications between all areas of our company in one central place. It makes it easy and convenient to get notifications and maintain schedules, routes, and deliveries for our company.

Anne ThomasOffice HR Manager, Snowville Creamery LLC

With ClickUp, you can access over 100 task automation options like triggering task creation, populating and assigning comments, changing task statuses, and more. 

This allows HR teams to focus on what truly matters—the people in their organizations. 

2. ClickUp templates

ClickUp provides several free HR templates for needs beyond employee handbooks or company processes. They can come in handy for various kinds of feedback forms, employee surveys, or performance reports, etc. 

Take, for example, the ClickUp’s HR Knowledge Base Template

Jumpstart your HR wiki with ClickUp’s HR Knowledge Base Template

This template streamlines employee onboarding and policy management and centralizes crucial HR documents for team collaboration. We use this template to store playbooks and policy documents, restricting access to relevant teams only.

The template is designed to:

  • Craft a searchable knowledge database
  • Consolidate essential HR documents in one place
  • Track modifications to documents 

Another of my favorite templates is ClickUp’s Employee Directory Template, which helps me manage employee information effortlessly. 

Streamline all your database in one place with ClickUp’s Employee Directory Template

By consolidating all employee data securely on one platform, we’ve improved communication, organized administrative tasks, and ensured accurate, up-to-date records for all our employees. 

This can be handy for HR professionals in Indonesia while processing all the calculations and payment of taxes required in the annual tax return form or the Surat Pemberitahuan Tahunan document. With this template, managing employee information is not a daunting task.  

3. Multiple views

ClickUp Views
Track your HR projects with multiple views in ClickUp Views

ClickUp Views offers over 15 ways to visualize workflows, tasks, and projects and never miss a crucial detail. My HR team’s favorites are:

  • Table view: Provides a spreadsheet-like view for key task details
  • List view: Offers multiple sorting, filtering, and grouping options for all ongoing tasks, including those based on assignees, due dates, priorities, and more
  • Form view: Allows you to convert employee survey responses, requests, and feedback directly into actionable tasks
  • Calendar view: Helps manage schedules, time off, daily agendas, and virtual meetings
  • Workload view: Enables you to manage your team’s capacities and distribute workload effectively

4. Compatibility with other tools

With ClickUp Integrations, you can connect with many HR systems, allowing for smooth automation and data exchange. 

One such integration is with Oracle, a leading HR management suite widely used in Indonesia. This integration allows ClickUp to synchronize employee data, streamline HR workflows, and enhance efficiency.

ClickUp also seamlessly integrates with Talenta, a popular cloud-based HR and global payroll software. This integration enables HR teams to manage employee expenses, track reimbursements, and maintain accurate financial records. 

Another valuable integration is with Weefer Haermes, a versatile HRIS known for its customizable workflows. Integrating Weefer Haermes with ClickUp can automate payroll processes, manage employee data effectively, and enhance HR efficiency.

You can also team ClickUp with other productivity tools you use daily, such as Slack, Outlook, Calendly, and Dropbox. 

ClickUp best features

  • Summarize meeting notes, re-write training modules, or review job descriptions for accuracy quickly with Clickup’s AI tool, ClickUp Brain
  • Create employee feedback surveys, pulse surveys, internal review workflows, etc., with ClickUp Forms
  • Use built-in templates to accelerate core HR processes, including performance review, database management, 1:1 meetings, and payroll management
  • Manage HR department data, such as time-to-hire, positions filled, and HR team performance, with ClickUp Dashboards and its 50+ widgets
  • Turn your team’s ideas into actionable workflows using ClickUp Whiteboards 

ClickUp limitations

  • The platform’s many features and customization options can make it challenging for new users to get up to speed quickly

ClickUp pricing

  • Free Forever
  • Unlimited: $7/user per month 
  • Business: $12/user per month
  • Enterprise: Contact for pricing
  • ClickUp Brain is available on all paid plans for $7 per member per workspace per month

ClickUp ratings & reviews

  • G2: 4.7/5 (9,500+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.6/5 (4,000+ reviews)

2. PeopleHum—Best for personalized service

PeopleHum is an end-to-end HRIS software known for its excellent customer support and personalized service. It claims to be tailored for the Indonesian market, with features that support specific local HR needs and practices such as religious holiday allowance management.

We tested it during a chaotic onboarding period, when PeopleHum’s automation eased our process, saving time and engaging new hires efficiently. Its data-rich analytics provided invaluable insights into employee performance and engagement, helping us make informed decisions. 

With PeopleHum, we could even track training schedules and progress, ensuring continuous employee development. 

PeopleHum best features

  • Automate hiring and make the entire process uncomplicated while adhering to RPTKA for onboarding foreign workers
  • Organize HR records seamlessly with employee information, leave management, attendance, and shifts in one user-friendly place

PeopleHum limitations

  • Reports of occasional glitches and technical issues, particularly with the mobile app

PeopleHum pricing

  • Starts at $2/employee per month
  • Custom pricing

PeopleHum ratings & reviews

  • G2: 4.6/5 (20+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.2/5 (20+ reviews)

3. Oracle—Best for integrated HR solutions

via Oracle

Oracle’s HR software is remarkable for its scalability while integrating all aspects of HR, including global HR, recruitment, talent management, payroll, benefits administration, and more, into a unified platform.

Employees can independently manage their personal information, benefits, and time off requests, building trust and improving the work culture.

The best part? Oracle’s HR solutions are regularly updated to reflect changes in Indonesian labor laws, employment eligibility rules, and tax stipulations, ensuring continuous compliance. This helps the tool automate the calculation of minimum wage based on the country’s different regional standards. 

Another important feature is the Oracle Workforce Analytics module, which offers deep insights into workforce trends, employee performance, and organizational health. 

With real-time dashboards, HR professionals can make data-driven decisions. For example, the system can predict turnover risks by analyzing employee engagement scores and historical data, allowing proactive retention strategies.

Oracle best features

  • Gain valuable insights into employee performance with advanced analytics
  • Carry out HR functions, from hiring to retirement, in line with company and country policies
  • Manage contracts, recalculate timecards, and make payroll adjustments with workflows that support complicated conditions, like ensuring employees are paid for overtime

Oracle limitations

  • Some users find Oracle’s interface and setup process to be complex and challenging to navigate
  • The interface may feel outdated and is not intuitive

Oracle pricing

  • Custom pricing

Oracle ratings & reviews

  • G2: 4.3/5 (900+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.6/5 (450+ reviews)

4. Talenta—Best for Indonesian payroll operations

Talenta is a flexible HR management solution for both office and remote work environments. 

One feature that immediately stood out was Talenta’s automated payroll management system. It effortlessly complies with local tax and minimum wage regulations, which vary in Indonesia depending on the province and industry.

This automation can significantly reduce errors and streamline payroll processes. The real-time dashboard is another highlight, providing an overview of payroll status for efficient monitoring and quick adjustments.

Talenta’s attendance tracking system is also noteworthy. It allows employees to log their attendance via biometric devices or mobile check-ins, syncing data in real time for accurate record-keeping. The integration with Oracle’s HCM Cloud has further enhanced its functionality, making Talenta a highly collaborative tool for HR operations. 

Talenta best features

  • Automatically calculate salaries, deductions, taxes, and benefits, ensuring compliance and accuracy
  • Set customizable KPIs and use 360-degree feedback for continuous performance monitoring
  • Leverage advanced recruitment and compensation planning tools for a seamless HR experience

Talenta limitations

  • Occasional issues with the functionality and stability of the mobile app, affecting user experience
  • Users have reported limited options for customization 

Talenta pricing

  • Essential: Custom pricing
  • Plus: Custom pricing
  • Talenta 360: Custom pricing

Talenta ratings & reviews

  • G2: Not enough reviews
  • Capterra: Not enough reviews

5. LinovHR—Best HR dashboard

A smart HRIS system that focuses on delivering various HR needs from recruitment to payroll management—that’s LinovHR!

A smart HRIS system that focuses on delivering various HR needs from recruitment to payroll management—that’s LinovHR!

LinovHR excels in recruitment management as well. The software includes an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that simplifies hiring. From posting job vacancies to tracking applications and scheduling interviews, the ATS streamlines recruitment workflows.

LinovHR excels in recruitment management as well. The software includes an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that simplifies hiring. From posting job vacancies to tracking applications and scheduling interviews, the ATS streamlines recruitment workflows.

Another key feature is employee self-service. Employees can view and update their personal details, such as contact information, emergency contacts, and tax withholding information, directly on the platform.  

LinovHR best features

  • Ensure accuracy and compliance with automated payroll processing to deal with possible future law-based disputes 
  • Monitor the overall health of your HR operations and make informed decisions based on data
  • Track employee performance with goal setting, appraisals, and 360-degree feedback

LinovHR limitations

  • The basic reporting features feel restricted, limiting access to deep analytics for employee performance and payroll trends

LinovHR pricing

  • Basic: Custom pricing
  • Professional: Custom pricing
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

LinovHR ratings & reviews

  • G2: Not enough reviews
  • Capterra: Not enough reviews

6. Great Day HR—Best to financially empower employees

GreatDay HR is an all-in-one HRIS that effortlessly manages the entire employee lifecycle. 

My team and I were impressed with its modern interface and innovative features. The Face Matching feature, for instance, is effective in managing attendance. 

The Earned Wage Access (EWA) program, which allows employees to withdraw their salaries before payday, is also quite unique. This function integrates seamlessly with GreatDay HR’s payroll system, ensuring smooth and automatic processing. It plays a big role in employee satisfaction and financial well-being.

In Indonesia, an annual bonus known as THR is paid to employees at least one week before a religious holiday based on their religion. The amount depends on the employment period and a few other factors. Managing such critical cultural tasks becomes seamless with GreatDay HR.

The platform is remote-friendly and easy to set up, eliminating common HR pain points. Other impressive features include real-time data capture and automatic updates integrated into all corresponding functions. 

Great Day HR’s best features

  • Simplify and automate HR tasks, reducing manual work and increasing efficiency
  • Capture and update data in real time, ensuring accuracy and up-to-date information
  • Ensure reliable payroll calculation and tax processing in less than an hour

Great Day HR limitations

  • The reporting capabilities are basic and could be more comprehensive

Great Day HR pricing

  • Custom pricing

Great Day HRratings & reviews

  • G2: Not enough reviews
  • Capterra: Not enough reviews

7. Ramco—Best ERP software

via Ramco

Imagine effortlessly navigating payroll across multiple countries. Ramco’s HR software, Payce, makes this a reality with its robust platform designed to streamline payroll tasks. Its seamless integration of features and processes simplifies complex payroll calculations like BPJS and tax compliance with Indonesian laws.

The payroll workspace in Ramco is particularly impressive. It supports over 50 countries, ensuring compliance with local regulations through automated updates to regulatory changes. The BInGo Report Viewer allows the effortless creation and viewing of custom reports, which is particularly handy. 

Ramco goes beyond traditional features with innovations like CHIA, an AI-powered chatbot handling over 150 HR transactions. This chatbot offers personalized support, improving the employee experience with interactive features. 

Ramco best features

  • Automate complex payroll processes across multiple countries with local compliance
  • Facilitate accurate time tracking with facial recognition and geo-tagged timeclocks
  • Ensure transparency with Self-Explaining Payslips, clarifying salary details for employees

Ramco limitations

  • The initial setup and implementation process can be time-consuming and complex

Ramco pricing

  • Custom pricing

Ramco ratings & reviews

  • G2: 3.8/5 (20+ reviews)
  • Capterra: Not enough reviews

8. Weefer Haermes—Best for employee engagement and remote HR access

This HRIS can be tailored to meet your company’s demands with a strong focus on employee engagement. With its cloud-based architecture, Weefer Haermes provides flexible and remote access, making it ideal for businesses with decentralized operations or remote teams.

One of the highlights I enjoyed is the centralized employee collaboration within a single app, which transforms work culture. Using the Employee Self-Service (ESS) module, you can check attendance, request leave, access payslips, and more, all through a mobile-friendly interface. This feature also allows for clocking in and out with selfies, making attendance tracking accurate and user-friendly.

The payroll system in Haermes effortlessly handles complex calculations. You can create custom payroll formulas to accommodate various allowances, payroll loans, taxes, and government regulations.

Weefer Haermes best features

  • Empower employees with self-service tools for managing their attendance, leave requests, and payroll information
  • Simplify payroll calculations with customizable formulas for various allowances and taxes, vital in Indonesia, where structuring data is given importance
  • Access HR functions on the go with a comprehensive mobile application

Weefer Haermes limitations

  • There can be difficulties in integrating Haermes with other third-party systems, which can affect overall efficiency

Weefer Haermes pricing

  • Custom pricing

Weefer Haermes ratings & reviews

  • G2: Not available
  • Capterra: Not available

9. WebHR—Best for time and attendance management

via WebHR

WebHR is a cloud-based HR software solution renowned for its 40+ tools and customizable workflows. The tool automates all HR processes, including recruitment, onboarding, payroll, time and attendance, leaves and PTO, and performance management.

Managing payroll, for instance, is critical, as errors in calculating contributions to BPJS Kesehatan and BPJS Ketenagakerjaan will make employees liable for penalties. These are two social security taxes required by Indonesian employment laws.

One of the platform’s best features is its Time and Attendance module, which includes mobile attendance, biometrics, geofencing, and IP restriction. The IP restriction ensures attendance is marked only from specified IP addresses, which is ideal for maintaining security in sensitive environments.

WebHR best features

  • Integrate fingerprint and facial recognition to eliminate time theft and buddy punching
  • Set virtual boundaries to verify if employees are clocking in within designated areas, adding an extra layer of accuracy
  • Facilitate remote work with mobile clock-in/out capabilities, providing flexibility and supporting remote work

WebHR limitations

  • Lack of a version control system, which would allow users to track changes and revert to previous document versions if necessary
  • Users have mentioned experiencing glitches and bugs that affect performance

WebHR pricing

  • Starting from $3/month per employee for core HR features and payroll
  • $0.50/month per employee for additional modules like recruitment, performance, e-signature, forms, and HR letters
  • $1.00/month per employee for benefits management and performance

WebHR ratings & reviews

  • G2: 4.3/5 (150+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.3/5 (500+ reviews)

10. OmniHR—Best for customizable HR database and workflows

via OmniHR

Dealing with the complications of HR management across different business stages can be challenging. With its fully customizable employee database, Omni HR not only streamlines data management but also prioritizes security and accessibility.

This tool simplifies onboarding, automates administrative tasks, and enhances the first-day experience. Its efficient recruitment system optimizes workflows, aiding in hiring top talents.

Performance management is easy, with tools available for designing and conducting reviews and providing insights into team performance. Omni HR also offers time-off management, keeping teams motivated and goal-oriented.

OmniHR best features

  • Get unlimited document storage
  • Track performance and transform data into actionable insights with advanced analytics
  • Reduce human errors with automated workflows

OmniHR limitations

  • Users say the platform needs to scale up the self-serve features, along with global data compliance and data privacy

OmniHR pricing

  • Standard: $3.45/month per employee 
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

OmniHR ratings & reviews

  • G2: Not enough reviews
  • Capterra: Not enough reviews
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Streamline Your Operations with the Best HR Software—Indonesia

With human resource information systems (HRIS) automating recruitment, onboarding, performance management, and payroll, you can finally focus on what truly matters—strategic initiatives that make your company the best employer to work for.

I’ve discovered that using the right tools to manage HR processes can make all the difference to employee satisfaction and engagement levels, prompting them to continue contributing their best to the organization. 

Retaining top talent is essential, and by focusing your efforts on simplifying HR processes,  improving the work culture, implementing employee feedback to build a positive workplace environment, and developing effective retention strategies, every HR team can ensure that their best employees remain engaged and committed.

After all the testing and research, I can say that ClickUp is my go-to platform. 

After using it, you may realize, like we did, that its features, such as task management, goal tracking, time tracking, and customizable workflows, keep our teams aligned, organized, and productive.

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