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10 Free Company Policy & Procedures Templates in Word & ClickUp 

When your employees understand what they need to do and how to do it, they can work better and faster.

That’s why every company, regardless of size, must have documents highlighting company policies that help employees navigate their work and workplace effectively. 

These documents will cover all your company’s rules and guidelines to help employees deliver the best outcomes. 

However, creating company policies from scratch is a time-consuming and rigorous task. That’s why we’ve curated a list of 10 free company policy and procedure templates to help you get a headstart and streamline your processes. 

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What Are Company Policy Templates?

Company policy templates are pre-written documents that provide a structured format and guidelines for creating various organizational policies and procedures. 

They cover various areas such as behavior, technology use, workplace safety, finances, and legal counsel and compliance. 

Policy and procedure templates are beneficial as they provide a consistent structure and language, ensuring that company policies are comprehensive, legally compliant, and aligned with industry best practices. 

These templates provide a starting point for creating customized policies tailored to a company’s needs, helping ensure consistency and clarity in expectations.

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What Makes a Good Company Policy Template?

A good company policy template should have clear goals stating what the policy aims to achieve and who it affects. Here are some key features of a good company policy template:

  • Clear and concise language to ensure the policy is easy to understand for everyone 
  • Comprehensive coverage of company operations and key areas such as workplace conduct, harassment policies, and safety regulations
  • Compliance with relevant laws and regulations to mitigate legal risks for the company
  • Flexibility to accommodate future changes and updates in company policies and procedures
  • Inclusion of reporting mechanisms for employees to raise concerns or seek assistance
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10 Company Policy Templates to Use in 2024

Now that you know what a comprehensive company policy document template is and what you should look for in one, let’s explore some of the best free company policy templates in Word and ClickUp that you can use in your organization.

1. ClickUp Employee Handbooks, Policies & Procedures Template

Outline employee duties and rights with ClickUp’s Employee Handbooks, Policies and Procedures Template

Your company’s mission, procedures, and expectations are not just abstract concepts—they’re the backbone of your workplace, shaping the daily experiences of every employee. 

And an employee handbook is the go-to manual that conveys all this information and more to your team so they may succeed in your company.

Employee code of conduct handbooks, policies, and procedures are the bedrock of a thriving workplace culture. They lay down the rules at work, clarify responsibilities, and ensure everyone is on the same page. 

That’s why having an up-to-date, comprehensive employee conduct handbook is non-negotiable for any organization serious about its workplace health and ensuring a positive and efficient work environment.

ClickUp’s Employee Handbooks, Policies & Procedures Template is an all-in-one solution to streamline your policy documentation process. From payroll procedures to vacation policies, this template covers it all, providing a centralized hub for crucial org-wide information.

The template is segmented into four primary sections: 

  • All About 
  • How We Work 
  • Standard Code of Conduct 
  • Policies & Procedures 

With this code of conduct template, you can establish basic policy, clear guidelines, and relevant procedures and easily navigate tricky situations, ensuring everyone is informed and aligned. 

2. ClickUp Employee Handbook Template

Make onboarding easier for new hires with the ClickUp Employee Handbook Template

Onboarding a new hire is always a chaotic process for both the employer and the employee. However, a well-crafted employee handbook that clarifies rules, regulations, and expectations can make the process easier at each end. 

Creating a clear, unambiguous, and effective handbook is challenging, too. You need a comprehensive employee handbook template, like the one offered by ClickUp. 

The ClickUp Employee Handbook Template helps HR managers address teething troubles in the onboarding process with dedicated sections that cover all organizational rules and policies comprehensively.  You can customize each template segment to fit your company’s policies and onboarding procedures. 

The template, along with a detailed guide on how to get started, includes sections for documenting detailed information on:

  • Onboarding
  • Culture
  • Workplace policies such as dress code, paid time off, and conflicts of interests
  • The company
  • Remote work policies and guidelines
  • Employee behavior and standard code of conduct
  • Business practices
  • Attendance policies
  • Performance reviews
  • Company perks
  • Offboarding process

Additionally, the template (and its contents) can be edited in real-time and shared seamlessly.

3. ClickUp Employee Handbook (Advanced) Template

Customize a one-stop shop for all the info your employees need through ClickUp’s Employee Handbook (Advanced) Template

Whether you’re welcoming new hires or helping current employees stay on track with their tasks and responsibilities, this employee handbook template has got you covered! 

ClickUp’s Employee Handbook (Advanced)Template is designed to help you create a comprehensive guide for all your employees, with expectations, policies, and procedures laid out clearly. From company policies and company history to job descriptions, job benefits, and company culture, this template helps you keep everything organized and up-to-date in one central location. 

Here are the key benefits of using this template:

  • It allows all employees to understand policies and procedures
  • It ensures everyone is fully aware of their rights and responsibilities
  • It protects employers from legal liability by providing a written record of all company policies

How to use it? Simply download it and customize the content per your company policies and procedures.

4. ClickUp HR Handbook Template

Define and communicate the company’s core organizational values in simple terms to all stakeholders with ClickUp’s HR Handbook Template

Just like a map helps you navigate an unfamiliar landscape, a human resources handbook helps your team understand what’s expected of them and where to find important information.

With ClickUp’s HR Handbook Template, you can easily create a handbook tailored to your company’s needs. It’s like having a toolkit that lets you quickly access the rules and guidelines to ensure everyone’s on the same page. 

This handbook template includes three main sections with 12 subsections, including:

  • Company’s mission and values: Define the overarching purpose and principles to guide the company’s operations
  • Company details: Give background information on the company’s founding and evolution over time
  • Services offered: Outline the range of products or services provided by the company
  • Company structure: Show the organizational hierarchy and reporting relationships within the company
  • Leadership: Introduce key executives and decision-makers within the organization
  • Culture: Describe the values, norms, and beliefs that shape the company’s working environment
  • HR policies related to onboarding and offboarding: Detail the procedures for welcoming new employees and managing departures
  • Workplace conduct: Establish expectations for professional behavior and interactions among employees
  • Attendance: Clarify policies and procedures regarding employee attendance and timekeeping
  • Company perks: Highlight any additional benefits or incentives provided to employees beyond standard compensation

Use this template to keep your team informed and organized—and do their best work unhindered by vague rules and procedures.

5. ClickUp Policy Memo Template

Implement new policies clearly and efficiently using ClickUp’s Policy Memo Template

While implementing new plans or changes, ensuring clear communication is key. That’s where a policy memo template comes in. It helps you introduce updates or new organizational initiatives in a well-organized manner, ensuring everyone understands the guidelines and expectations clearly. 

With ClickUp’s Policy Memo Template, you can streamline the process of crafting comprehensive memos. This template assists you in establishing a consistent format for your memos, making them accurate and easy to understand. 

Let’s say you want to introduce a new remote work policy and procedure at your company. Here’s how you can structure a memo using five preset sections to communicate the changes to your employees effectively:

  • Header: Clearly state the subject of the memo, including sender and recipient names and the date of issuance
  • Summary: Outline the benefits of implementing a remote work policy, such as increased productivity, flexibility, and improved work-life balance for employees
  • Background: Provide context by explaining the need for a remote work policy, citing factors such as changing work trends, technological advancements, and the desire to attract top talent, for example
  • Recommendation: Present actionable steps for implementing the remote work policy, such as defining remote work guidelines, establishing communication protocols, and setting expectations for performance and availability
  • Call to Action (CTA): Clearly communicate the next steps for employees, such as reviewing the policy, attending training sessions, and adhering to the outlined guidelines for remote work

Also, you can conveniently organize all existing policies in one accessible location, promoting accountability and adherence. This template lets you keep your team informed and up-to-date with company policies without investing excessive time in research or rewriting.

6. ClickUp Employee Handbook Template for HVAC Company Template

 Define essential business elements and promote a successful work environment through ClickUp’s HVAC Employee Handbook Template

Do you run an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) company?

If yes, you need an employee handbook tailored to your employee safety training and operations needs.

The ClickUp Employee Handbook Template for HVAC Company is designed to meet these needs seamlessly. With this template, you can establish clear guidelines on policies and procedures, organize documents related to job roles and performance, and provide valuable guidance on training, onboarding, and career development. The template has the following sections: 

  • Company story
  • Team Policies
  • Standard of Conduct
  • Office environment policies
  • Communication policies
  • Compensation and performance
  • Benefits
  • Termination

Use this template to pinpoint the essential aspects of your business that contribute to its success. Ensure compliance with safety procedures, define customer service standards, and create a positive workplace environment.

7. ClickUp Process & Procedures Template

Highlight the tasks needed to create a living process document with the ClickUp Process and Procedures Template

With the ClickUp Process and Procedures Template, you can centrally document all your processes for quick access, create step-by-step instructions for repeatable tasks, and organize procedures visually with easy-to-understand Kanban boards. 

Whether user onboarding or product launches, this template simplifies the setup, tracking, and completion of your company-wide processes from start to finish and helps you categorize them by department or function for added convenience. 

Along with the Getting Started Guide document, this template also includes a:

  • Documentation list: This helps you list all your project documents in one place
  • Documentation stage board: It offers a board view to visualize the stages of your documentation process
  • Process flowchart whiteboard: You can use this to map out the flow of your documentation process

You can use the list and board views to organize your project documents. To manage them easily, add details such as type, priority, stage, department, and completion rate.

Assign tags to team members, stakeholders, and approvers to notify them when input is needed. Customize categories, tags, and fields, and adjust grouping and sorting according to your preference.

8. ClickUp Procedures Template

Simplify task management with ClickUp’s Procedure Template

A procedure template is a document that clearly outlines the steps of a process, defining its purpose and objectives. It’s like a set of written instructions that tell employees exactly what they need to do, step by step. 

Standard operating procedures are crucial for any business to run smoothly and efficiently. But creating them can take up a lot of time. That’s where the ClickUp’s Procedure Template comes in handy! 

This template has fully customizable features such as:

  • Custom statuses: Use different custom statuses for your tasks to monitor the advancement of each procedure
  • Custom fields: Organize and assign attributes to your procedures and see the stages of a process at a glance
  • Custom views: Use this Doc template as a starting point and customize your ClickUp workflow with List, Gantt, Workload, Calendar, and other views
  • Project management: Enhance procedure tracking with comment reactions, nested subtasks, multiple assignees, and priorities

The Procedure Template simplifies creating SOPs for you, making it easier to streamline your workflow, improve organization and clarity, and ensure everyone follows the same process.

9. ClickUp Standard Operation Procedures Template

Provide a framework for the management of the organization’s personnel with ClickUp’s SOP Template 

A Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) document template is a framework for managing your organization’s personnel. It ensures you have the right number of skilled and motivated employees to keep your company’s operations running smoothly.

With an SOP template, organizations can ensure that all tasks are performed uniformly regardless of who is responsible. However, creating an SOP template without SOP software can be time-consuming, so using a pre-built template is the right solution. 

With ClickUp’s Standard Operation Procedures Template, you get everything you need for successful SOP management in one place and a unified workspace with best practices for process management for setting up SOPs fast. 

You can also access other procedure templates, workflows, and checklists to keep everyone aligned.

The template includes the following sections:

  • Onboarding and offboarding processes: Streamline the procedures for welcoming new hires and managing employee departures 
  • Training: Establish guidelines for employee training programs to ensure consistent and effective skill development
  • Transfer process: Define the steps involved in transferring employees between departments or locations within the organization
  • Promotion process: Outline the criteria and procedures for promoting employees to higher positions within the company
  • Leaves and time-offs: Specify the policies and procedures regarding employee leaves of absence and time-off requests

10. ClickUp Process Flow Template

Standardize and document your processes with ClickUp’s Process Flow Whiteboard Template 

Every organization, regardless of its size, uses process flows to streamline operations and keep things on track. A good process flow template lets you visualize and document the workflow in a single dashboard. 

ClickUp’s Process Flow Whiteboard Template is designed to make your life easier. It helps you visualize processes quickly and easily, organize teams around projects with task lists, checklists, and comments, and track progress to ensure everything gets done as planned. 

Suppose you’re creating a new document for HR goals and related processes. This template will allow you to create separate columns for the recruiters, hiring manager, and other stakeholders, as well as add details about the onboarding process, exit process, or any other organizational structure or flow chart process.

The template is designed in whiteboard format, offering plenty of customization options. By default, it includes these five sections:

  • Planning
  • Development
  • Execution
  • Management
  • Evaluation
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Bonus: Company Policy & Procedures Templates in Word

Apart from the ClickUp policy templates, you can also use the following Word templates:

1. Company Policy Template Design in Word

Through this Company Policy Template, develop clear and comprehensive guidelines that outline expected conduct within your organization. 

Tailor these policies to align with your company’s core values and foster an environment of professionalism, integrity, and respect. Collaborate with key stakeholders to craft rules that resonate with your unique culture and allow employees to uphold ethical standards. 

This collaborative approach ensures ownership and adherence to the principles that will drive your company’s success while maintaining a positive and productive workplace.

Available in user-friendly file formats, it seamlessly integrates expertly curated content that can be customized to align with your business culture.

2. Remote Work Policy Template

Using this Remote Work Policy Template, you can avoid the hassle of drafting telework and hybrid work guidelines from scratch. This comprehensive working-from-home policy template encompasses everything from recruitment and onboarding to employee conduct. 

With its intuitive layout, you can effortlessly tailor this employee handbook to your unique requirements within your work environment.

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Start Creating Your Company Roadmaps with Company Policy Templates

Creating policies and procedures can feel difficult, monotonous, and dull. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Choose a template, rally your team, and employ the appropriate tool to streamline the policy creation process. And ClickUp’s various customizable templates are just the perfect tools for this process!

Want to create a single workspace for managing all your company documents and processes? 

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