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ClickUp Unveils New Platform to Shape the Future of Productivity

ClickUp Unveils New Platform to Shape the Future of Productivity

ClickUp 3.0 delivers major platform upgrades including a new cutting-edge architecture and a reimagined user experience to make the world more productive.

SAN DIEGO, February 28, 2023 — ClickUp, the productivity platform that brings work together in one place, today announced the launch of ClickUp 3.0, the latest version of its platform built to shape the future of productivity. Jam-packed with new innovations, ClickUp 3.0 unlocks unparalleled levels of team productivity, featuring a beautiful new design that’s clean and intuitive, ClickUp AI to write, summarize, and generate ideas in a single click, and the most innovative Search on the planet. It’s built on a completely rearchitected infrastructure designed for extraordinary speed, reliability, and infinite scale. With ClickUp 3.0, teams work faster, collaborate better, and save more time than ever before.

Productivity has never been more important for companies across the globe. As the global economy slows, the most successful and resilient companies will need powerful software to help them easily access information, accelerate their workflows, boost collaboration, and get work done without roadblocks.

ClickUp is already a mission-critical application enabling more than 8 million users across 1.6 million teams to get more high-value work done. The innovations introduced with ClickUp 3.0, including dozens of new features and a reimagined user experience, will accelerate team productivity and help customers save more time.

Key features of ClickUp 3.0 include:

  • ClickUp AI: Save time by automagically generating creative ideas, summarizing lengthy text, and elevating writing skills – in seconds.
  • Universal Search: Find any file in any connected app (e.g., Google Drive, Slack, Figma), on a local drive, and of course, within ClickUp — all from one place.
  • Canvas and Cards: Transform ClickUp into a dynamic surface that can be personalized using portable Cards that let users visualize work their way.
  • Hubs: Create a customized view of files, and build curated collections that make it easy to access, find, and organize content in one place.
  • Home: Supercharge productivity with a personalized Home that automatically surfaces the most important work first, along with the context needed to get things done even faster.
  • Inbox: Crush your tasks with a redesigned Inbox that highlights your most important notifications and provides a side-by-side view of the associated work.
  • App Center: Enable users to explore, configure, and manage hundreds of integrations from certified partners in one central hub.

“We built ClickUp 3.0 in direct response to our customers’ requests and feedback,” said Zeb Evans, Founder, and CEO, ClickUp. “I’m so proud of the result: the next evolution of ClickUp is fast, flexible, and futuristic. With tons of epic new features that will save people time and revolutionize the way they work, ClickUp 3.0 will redefine productivity.”

“Unlike most productivity tools on the market, ClickUp 3.0 was created to power a distributed workforce,” said Haris Butt, Head of Product Design, ClickUp. “Today’s teams are decentralized, working both async and on-the-go. Unfortunately, businesses have continued operating on outdated legacy tools that don’t fit this modern work style. ClickUp 3.0 is the solution, giving users hours back in their day to do their most valuable work.”

To learn more about ClickUp 3.0, please visit our webpage or find more details on our blog.

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