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11 Necessary Alexa Skills for Your Business

11 Necessary Alexa Skills for Your Business

Amazon Alexa is undoubtedly the most popular smart home device on the market. But homeowners aren’t the only people taking advantage of Amazon’s pride and joy.

More and more business owners are starting to see the advantages that Alexa can provide them. With tons of applications developed daily it’s not a surprise that many businesses are seeing the day-to-day benefits that Alexa can offer them.

Alexa has recently seen some extremely useful skills come out that you should definitely be taking advantage of, whether you are a freelancer looking to improve your productivity, a stay at home parent looking to make a few bucks with a side hustle, or the CEO of a major corporation.

Alexa has skills that can change the way you and your business manage productivity!

1) ClickUp

“Alexa, open ClickUp.”

If you are taking advantage of the huge boosts in productivity that ClickUp can provide you and the convenience that Alexa brings, then you’d be crazy not to combine the two! Using the ClickUp integration makes your productivity easy and hands-free by allowing you to quickly create tasks and other actions like setting default lists.

Read more about the ClickUp and Amazon Alexa skill here!

2) Work Time Tracker

“Alexa, ask Time Tracker to start tracking.”

If you are someone who works freelance, has a side job, or just someone who wants to find a healthy work-life balance, you probably already know how important time trackers are.

Work Time Tracker is an Alexa skill that tracks your time hands-free. And it’s easier to manage. No more fumbling through confusing websites and trying to figure out where to log your time. The best part is, this skill is free to enable!

3) Scrum Master

“Alexa, ask Scrum Master for the time.”

This one is sure to be hit with all you Agile users out there. This skill turns Alexa from a digital assistant into your very own Scrum Master.

Using this skill will allow Alexa to help you effectively run your daily Scrum meetings as well as help you stay on top of where your team stands for their current Projects! If you use the Scrum methodology, this is one you won’t want to miss out on.

4) Skill Finder

“Alexa, tell Skill Finder to give me the ‘Skill of the day.’”

A key to being a valuable worker is constantly being able to evolve. What if you could learn one new skill a day without having to stop what you are doing or even leave your work area?

Now with Alexa’s Skill Finder ability you can do just that. You can even search through Skill Finder’s hundreds of skills to find one that is important to what you do.

5) Shopify

“Alexa, ask Shopify to tell me about my store this month.”

This is a great one for all you drop shippers and up and coming e-commerce moguls. Shopify saw how valuable Alexa was for the busy people running retail stores, so they built an Alexa app just for you.

Alexa can give you tons of info from the general stats of your shop, to sales and order breakdowns, and can even answer questions about product fulfillment.

6) Expense Tracker

“Alexa, tell Expense Tracker I paid $10 for parking.”

Tracking one’s expenses is an important part of the job for any salesperson, agency, contractor or freelancer. Proper expense tracking can be the difference between getting money back on your taxes or paying thousands in extra.

You definitely want your company to reimburse you as well! That’s why the expense tracker skill on Alexa is so powerful. You can tell Alexa how much you paid and what you paid for to ensure that you have an accurate record of what your money went towards and when the payment occurred.

7) Astrobot Email Assistant

“Alexa, open Astrobot and read priority Email.”

For many, email is the lifeblood of maintaining communication within the business world. Not having to manage it while sitting in front of a computer can save you much more time than you may realize.

Astrobot can do everything from sorting the emails by priority to responding with one of the 10 canned responses it knows! Astrobot works with Gmail and Microsoft 365 so virtually everyone can use it!

8) Voice Metrics

“Alexa, Start Voice Metrics.”

Often times, your business’ metrics are a sign of how the company is doing overall. The metrics can help you spot common problems before they become company-ending disasters, and let you know when it may be time to expand before your current employees are overwhelmed with work.

Voice metrics let you save time by listening to your company metrics while attending to other matters. Voice metrics also have an API letting you decide what information and KPI’s you want it to read to you.

9) Quick Events

“Alexa, tell Quick Events to add Lunch with Jerry at noon.”

Good calendar management is essential for anyone who works in the business world. Being late for a meeting or missing a planned lunch can be the difference between setting a good name for yourself or earning a poor reputation.

Quick Events allows you to quickly put events on your Google Calendar with your voice, saving you time. No more having to remember events until you have time to sit down at your computer!

10) RingByName

“Alexa, ask RingByName to call Jane Doe.”

Voice Over IP (VOIP) is becoming more and more common in the business world. It makes calling easier by only requiring an internet connection and ensures that people don’t get your personal number.

RingByName takes it one step further and allows you to call people straight from your Alexa device. This is a big deal if you have an office because it eliminates the need for a desk phone and also removes the need for keeping a contact list on your desk.

11) Vigil Website Monitoring

“Alexa, ask Vigil if my website is down.”

Keeping your website up can be a tough job, especially if you need to scale it rapidly. Downtime can cost anywhere from pennies to millions of dollars depending on the size of your company and how long it went down. Vigil Website Monitoring helps you keep tabs on the status of your website and can let you know if disaster strikes so you can make sure your development team solves the issues before you start getting angry calls from customers.


Amazon Alexa is the biggest innovation in the world of virtual assistants since Apple released Siri. The difference between Alexa and Siri is that Amazon allows developers to make their own apps for Amazon, and will even include them on the Alexa section of the website and feature them in the Alexa App.

This encourages innovation and incentivizes companies to make their own Alexa apps to stay ahead of the curve. If you are someone who has an Alexa sitting in the corner gathering dust, see what custom Alexa skill development can do for your business. Check out all the available apps that can improve productivity and save you time and money.

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