How To Connect With Alexa & Google Assistant

Now you can speak your to-do list and get more done with ClickUp.

The beautifully intuitive and feature-rich ClickUp project management platform now connects to Alexa and Google Assistant, including Echo and Google Home devices. Users can add tasks and projects directly to ClickUp through the popular voice-activated devices. ClickUp is the first online project management software to offer conversational assistance in delegating work.

“Improving productivity is the number one goal of ClickUp. Alexa and Google Home are rapidly growing devices that are utilized by many of our users. Incorporating this feature helps them stay focused and helps them add tasks easily and naturally,” said Zeb Evans, CEO and founder of ClickUp.

Users can simply add, create and navigate to their tasks and projects by voice. For all Alexa enabled devices, users can say is “Alexa, open ClickUp” and a new task is ready to be created in ClickUp.

For Google Home or Google Assistant, users say “Ok, Google, Talk to ClickUp.” This functionality is also available on all Android devices and Chromebooks.

When users open the ClickUp app on their smartphone or in their web browser, they will see the new task and then can easily move them to the appropriate workspace or project if necessary.

How You Can Use ClickUp With Your Home Devices

Alexa or Google Home can also remind ClickUp users of their project deadlines. Users can ask for tasks that are due today, due tomorrow or overdue, providing a quick snapshot of the work that needs to be done and helping users stay productive.

The “magical artificial intelligence powers” of ClickUp, Alexa and Google Assistant reinforces ClickUp’s reputation as an innovator in the competitive, but often stale project management space.

Recently, a leading software review site Capterra recognized ClickUp’s expertise in conversational artificial intelligence and called ClickUp  “truly one-of-a-kind in the project management software industry.”

“We see a sluggishly slow adaptation of AI/ML in the current PM ecosystem,” Zeb Evans told Capterra. “I strongly feel project management software in its current state is broken, clunky, and horribly complex.”

The functionality is a game-changing move that puts ClickUp a step ahead of the competition. It’s part of a rapid feature release schedule that squarely places ClickUp as an industry leader and makes them one of the most highly-rated project management software applications.

So next time you’re bored instead of asking Alexa to tell you a joke ask her to create a to-do list.

Try out ClickUp on Alexa and Google Home today. 

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