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Streamline Your Workflow with TextExpander and ClickUp

Kerry Provenzano is a blog writer at TextExpander and Director at Provenzano Agency.

Without looking, how many apps do you have on your phone right now?

In 2021, the average person had 40 apps installed on their phone. 🤳

Now, what about your work devices?

We all have copious sources of information, access to apps and programs, and endless servers to consult. Knowing where to look for information can feel like a chore in itself. When it comes to productivity and apps that support your work, it can feel like a hassle to maintain each one. Or worse still, in setting up a new system for work, it can feel like you have to set aside an entire day just to get everything up and running. Nobody has time for that.

But what if you could streamline all of your apps and information into one neat workflow app, and do it all with as few keyboard taps as possible? 🤔

What Is TextExpander?

TextExpander is an app that transforms any abbreviation into longer content, saving you hours of typing time each month.

TextExpander email response
via TextExpander

From a few keystrokes, you can add words, phrases, paragraphs, or images, with handy customization features to personalize them as you go.

The combination of an abbreviation and its content is called a snippet, and you can create snippets for the basics, like:

;em for your email address

;ph for your phone number

;home for your home address

…or add snippets for longer content, like larger messages and emails, document templates, even in-depth directions to your favorite restaurant that’s too niche for Google Maps.

ClickUp Recap

We hope you’re fully-fledged fans of ClickUp’s capabilities by now! Built for solopreneurs to large enterprises, it simplifies your work by bringing everything into one centralized place, and by allowing users to integrate it with 1,000+ other work apps you’ve not yet done a deep dive into ClickUp yet, there’s plenty to delve through on ClickUp’s blog.

Today, though, we wanted to share how the streamlining power ClickUp can be enhanced by your keyboard’s best buddy, TextExpander.

So, How Can TextExpander and ClickUp Work Together?

This is one of those “the sky’s the limit” scenarios!

Using TextExpander snippet in ClickUp
Delegating to someone else in the team in ClickUp using a TextExpander fill-in Snippet to provide context.

Delegate with speed ⚡️

It’s quick and easy to assign team members to your tasks, but adding TextExpander snippets makes it even quicker. 

Set up a simple snippet that simply says “- can you take this on for me?” as a note when you assign projects to your teammates.

Once you’re comfortable with the basics, it’s time to get fancy, adding a pop-up snippet to select when a task is due, or create a snippet that simply says “It’s urgent, so if you can get back to me ASAP that would be great.”

TextExpander has some amazing date and time capabilities, letting you quickly add tomorrow’s date without needing to open your calendar, or the date a week from now, depending on what you need.

Using TextExpander snippet in ClickUp
Expanding a TextExpander fill-in Snippet in ClickUp to speed up naming tasks – and make sure they’re consistent!

Speed up naming recurring tasks 👨‍💻

If there are similar tasks you do regularly, or any tasks that are named with a set format, now’s your cue to create a snippet for those names. You can create snippets with a dropdown to select the relevant month, perfect for forecasting or review reports, or create a fill-in snippet for “Catch up with X teammate” to save on that valuable typing time.

Add some pizazz with your fave emojis 🤌🏻

Using TextExpander shortcuts to add emojis in your text
Using TextExpander shortcuts to add emojis in your text

TextExpander comes with a great library of pre-made snippets called Public Groups, including heaps of spelling corrections and a gem for all you over-emoters out there: all your favorite emojis. We get that messaging each other in written form all day long can feel a little impersonal, so use snippets to make those ClickUp comments shine ✨ 

Making use of the TextExpander Emoji Cheat Sheet Public Group to make your ClickUp message more human 😊

You’ll be pleased to know these pre-made snippets sync up with the abbreviations you’re used to using in Slack, making them extra intuitive to use.

Join the TextExpander Emojis Public Group here.

Create group snippets for consistency ⭐️

Got a business name with a capital in the middle, that everyone seems to forget? 

Your friends at TextExpander and ClickUp can relate. 

As well as your organization’s name and the names of your company’s products, there may also be specific industry terms you all use heavily in your ClickUp comments. 

Instead of setting these up individually, TextExpander lets you create groups that your team members can join for instant access. 

No more typos, no more tired fingers, just a couple of clicks and you’re all synced and ready. Create organization-wide ones alongside groups that are just for each team or department. 

There’s more about how your team can use snippets and the variety of templates and customization you can create here. 

Modern workflow

In our modern online work processes, there are countless options for productivity, project tracking, and information storage. By combining and streamlining all of your team’s processes, it modernizes your workflow and approach. 

The best part is it leaves time for you to do what you’re best at.

As mentioned at the start of this article, streamlining is hugely beneficial for you and your team’s productivity. Anything that supports lessening mistakes, errors, and slipups is a plus in teams.

By keeping a consistent tone and voice throughout your team, customers and other teams within your company will benefit, too.

Not to mention always having the correct information at hand, just a snippet away can really speed up processes and make the team’s work more efficient. If that’s not enough reasoning to streamline processes, organization at work can even have a positive effect on your health! What’s not to love?!

Stop toggling between all of those apps and programs you use, and streamline all of your tools into one easy place with ClickUp, and to maximize your productivity, consistency, and team voice, use TextExpander for your team’s templates, outlines, and workflows. 

Combining ClickUp and TextExpander can transform your team’s workflow and processes by cutting out unnecessary steps your team takes to get their work done and give everyone back more time to do what they’re good at. ⚡️

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