CatchUp With the Crew: Marcin Warpechowski

In “CatchUp with the Crew,” we take you inside life at ClickUp. You’ll get to know our team, see what makes us tick, and better understand what makes ClickUp such a unique place to work.

This week, we’ll hear from our Principal Front-End Engineer Marcin Warpechowski!

Name: Marcin Warpechowski
Title: Principal Front-End Engineer
When I joined ClickUp: January 2023

Why did you join ClickUp?

Prior to joining ClickUp, I was the founder of a software company, so I had the engineering experience and experience running a team, shipping, and building a project, but on a small scale. What brought me to be an individual contributor at ClickUp was my curiosity about working at a scaling company.

What do you do at ClickUp?

We work in squads—small teams that own specific features—and I work between them. In short, I enter rabbit holes with the intention of returning with a solution for multiple teams. For example, I was researching the performance and user experience in certain areas of our UI, and some of my findings were new, while others were known problems waiting for a solution.

I contacted several squads to confirm my hypotheses about these areas and got a ton of feedback that I further distilled. I created seven documents for our internal use with guidelines for future development, and now I’m working with the squads to implement them.

Tell us what a typical day looks like for you.

My days are about moving the needle forward on long-term projects—mostly establishing relationships, meeting people, and helping them get on the same page. It changes from week to week, but typically I’m engaged in building a prototype or proof of concept of a solution, and then I will pass it over to my colleagues to implement in their projects.

How would you describe the culture at ClickUp? What makes it different from other jobs you’ve had?

The culture is amazing. Before I joined ClickUp, I talked to multiple people who worked here, and what sold me on this job was the team’s friendliness. To me, ClickUp feels like a borderless global family, and like in a well-functioning family, everyone is supportive and respectful.

We have a clear long-term goal that is motivating, but the road to that goal is dynamic. Every week brings new challenges and opportunities.

What do you like best about your job?

I love the product. I’m very interested in the category of project management and collaboration—but in particular, I love ClickUp’s implementation. I’m inspired to do the work because I want to see the platform, which we all use every day at ClickUp, continue to get better. I also love that engineers are involved in the roadmap.

What’s your favorite thing about the engineering team?

We’re always aligned or if not, we seek alignment swiftly! It’s understood that our success depends on teamwork and at ClickUp, engineers of all levels exchange information, ideas, and good practices. We also express our doubts and reach out for help when needed.

What qualities do you think a successful ClickUp employee embodies?

I learned quickly that to be successful, I needed to establish relationships with my team and get to know everyone. Almost everyone in my team works remotely, but we don’t feel like strangers. Everyone is very supportive.

Anyone applying to work at ClickUp should review our company values and ask themselves if they ring true because our company lives them out and prioritizes them daily!

Fun Facts!
Favorite food: Thai food
Most binge-worthy TV show: “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and “Rick and Morty”
Best movie to watch again and again: “Airplane!”
Go-to ice cream order: Pistachio unless I’m in Sicily, and then it’s lemon!
Favorite weekend activity: Trips with my family
Most used emoji: 😊 (as my smiley face)

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