CatchUp With the Crew: Meet Faye Fang

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In “CatchUp with the Crew,” we’ll take you inside life at ClickUp. You’ll get to know our team, see what makes us tick, and better understand what makes ClickUp such a unique place to work.

This week, we’ll hear from Senior Engineering Manager Faye Fang!

Name: Faye Fang
Title: Senior Engineering Manager
When I joined ClickUp: July 2022

Why did you want to join ClickUp?

This is a thriving business and it has a lot of potential to continue to grow. There are also so many opportunities to scale the engineering system and a lot of problems that are going to be fun to solve. But what really drew me to ClickUp were the people. Everyone is so passionate about tackling different challenges and finding ways to improve the product! I wanted to be a part of that.

What do you do at ClickUp?

I lead a team of four engineers — two in the U.S. and two in Poland — and we’re building the ClickUp inbox and notifications system.

Tell us what a typical day looks like for you.

I start my day by checking my ClickUp notifications, which have replaced email for all my internal communications. After clearing those, I check the engineering metrics dashboard to make sure the notifications system is healthy; the team is always up for quick fixes! Then I run our stand-up, as well as meet with the engineers in Poland. I live in the Bay Area, so I’ve grown accustomed to working across time zones!

A big chunk of my time is spent unblocking team members and getting the right resources for our project to the right people. Another major responsibility of mine is helping my teammates and stakeholders make decisions and brainstorm ideas. I try to allocate some of my focus time thinking about the strategic and long-term direction for the team and ways to fix gaps in our current organizational system.

How would you describe the culture at ClickUp? What makes it different from other jobs you’ve had?

The first thing I’ve noticed is that information is shared openly and broadly. Business people are willing to share their business numbers and product teams are willing to share their product numbers; that really helps us to make better decisions.

The second thing is that everyone genuinely wants to make an impact. Plus, we have a lot of smart people here who are experienced and resourceful enough to make that happen.

Thirdly, I feel like I’m surrounded by passion, and that’s not always the case at other companies. I want to be surrounded by people who really want to make a difference. I believe we are all drawn to make the company a better place and to provide better value for our customers.

What do you like best about your job?

I like that I am surrounded by people who are always pursuing engineering quality as well as great technology. On a daily basis, the engineers will talk about best practices, how to make our engineering systems more resilient, and awesome new technologies to try out. This type of open-mindedness is rare.

What’s your favorite thing about the engineering team?

My favorite thing is that we work so well together. I really mean it. My team is relatively small, and we have a lot of pairing sessions to continuously improve the engineering system. Everyone is so passionate about the product that we are building and everyone has ideas on how to execute them.

I’m one of the newer members of the team. But the product manager and engineers who joined before me have helped me a lot. They spent days helping me to understand ClickUp and they’re always there to answer my questions. It’s a very supportive environment.

What qualities do you think a successful ClickUp employee embodies?

ClickUp’s core values really represent well who a great ClickUp employee would be. Everyone has to be customer-centric, and that includes internal stakeholders. It’s also very important to have a growth mindset. Things change often and there are a lot of new challenges, so everyone has to be adaptive and eager to improve by 1% every day. Last but not least, it’s very important to be a team player. As ClickUp grows and scales, everyone has to help each other to make the team a success.

Fun Facts
Favorite food: Cheese, especially comté. I eat that all the time!
Most binge-worthy TV show: “Veep”
Best movie to watch again and again: “La La Land”
Go-to ice cream order: Strawberry in a cone
Favorite weekend activity: Trying different workout classes! I recently went to CrossFit and the community was so welcoming.
Most used emoji: 👍

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