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Announcing Our New Partnership With HubSpot

We’re teaming up with the market leader in CRM. Here’s what’s next for our customers and for ClickUp.

At ClickUp, our mission is to make the world more productive. And while the world is an awfully big place, we’re off to a great start given that hundreds of thousands of customers rely on ClickUp every day to work more efficiently.

In fact, our product has played a critical role in driving our own incredible growth over the past 5 years and is foundational to how we work together here at ClickUp.

As you probably know, HubSpot is a global leader in CRM, and its platform has become an essential part of customer-facing teams at companies looking to scale. HubSpot provides these companies with all the tools and integrations needed for marketing, sales, content management, and customer service to drive delightful customer experiences.

Now, what if you and your teams could work better together to deliver these delightful experiences? Well, that’s exactly what you get when you bring the power of ClickUp and HubSpot together.

Delivering great customer experiences requires highly coordinated work across many teams. Today these efforts are often disconnected, as they are managed across many systems — making hand-offs and collaboration really hard.

This not only impacts the customer experience, but it’s a bear for employees too. By bringing ClickUp and HubSpot together more closely, we have an opportunity to close these gaps while improving experiences across both fronts.

A critical element of this partnership is an enhanced integration between ClickUp and HubSpot that automates manual work and makes it easy for teams to come together to deliver value to customers. Highlights of the new integration include:

  • Two-Way Sync: ClickUp and HubSpot users now have the ability to keep data between both platforms in sync so that the most current information is available across both systems without requiring any manual input. 
  • Seamless Automations: With the ability to trigger workflows from either platform to the other, activities that take place throughout the customer journey, including those that span across multiple teams, can be automated.

Here are some of the ways joint customers can leverage ClickUp and HubSpot together to deliver better customer experiences.

Increase Project Delivery Speed 

With the new integration, teams can set up virtually any type of workflow they can think of between ClickUp and HubSpot to help them speed up the process of getting client-related projects across the finish line. For example, when an assignee on a project in ClickUp changes, the related deal in HubSpot will automatically get updated so customer-facing teams are in the loop on who their new point of contact is. 

ClickUp Triggering a HubSpot Action Example

Automate Processes Throughout the Customer Journey

With the new Hubspot integration, ClickUp customers can align projects and activities to the status of a customer, or to the stage of the customer journey. For example, when a deal closes in HubSpot, a fully-templated onboarding project can be automatically created within ClickUp.

This helps enable a professional services team to manage the onboarding process while giving visibility to key stakeholders as to how the project is progressing. Or in the example below, a change in deal status in HubSpot can trigger an outreach initiative managed through a ClickUp task!

deal status change in HubSpot triggering a ClickUp Task

Provide Teams More Visibility Into the Impact of the Customer

Project teams can now always refer back to a deal directly within ClickUp so they can keep tabs on how their work has impacted the success of a customer. Linked HubSpot Deals and Objects will be directly linked within tasks and subtasks as relationships between your customers and their projects. 

Linked Hubspot Deals in ClickUp Tasks Example

We believe this partnership will prove to be the missing link between client-facing teams and operations across the business. We look forward to helping organizations of all sizes increase productivity while fostering even stronger customer relationships.

P.S. If you don’t already have a paid ClickUp or HubSpot plan, we’re offering 20% off both for a limited time. You can find the ClickUp offer here and the HubSpot offer here

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