ClickUp Time Tracking Integration with TMetric. How to get the most from it

We all strive to be top performers, but to really become one requires strengthening your digital work habits. The absolute best way to improve the efficiency of you and your team is through reliable time tracking. Computers and time management apps have made it easy to facilitate efficient workflows and enhance productivity.  

Why you need the TMetric and ClickUp integration?

You’re an efficient task manager! But seriously, this connection incorporates tons of useful features all packed into one place: 

  • To-do lists
  • Task assignments
  • Project roadmaps
  • Recurring tasks
  • Assigned comments
  • Easy scheduling
  • Resource management
  • Track performance

Amongst the diverse task management softwares out there, ClickUp is the obvious choice because it works for all teams and provides customized environments for any type of project.

But integrating task management software with time tracking gives you even more benefit, i.e., completing projects on time and meeting deadlines hassle-free.   

To empower the workflow created in ClickUp, you need precision in measuring the task performance. When choosing a time tracker, it’s important to choose one with the features you need at an affordable price.

A reliable digital time tracker should provide:   

  • Automation in billable/non-billable hours calculations
  • Timesheets
  • Usage reports
  • Task and project linking
  • Excellent integrations 

Overall, combining task and time tracking will let you move forward with efficiency in monitoring the performance of any member of your team.

Essential for remote workers and holding accountability for the entire team.

Integrating TMetric is simple.

How to track time in TMetric

While other time trackers require tons of setup, TMetric is done in three clicks. 

  1. Set up your TMetric account
  2. Sign into your ClickUp account
  3. Open a ClickUp tasks

That’s it! The TMetric logo next to “Start timer” button will appear automatically. 

Now you’re all set to track time.

With TMetric time tracking in ClickUp, you can add a detailed description of your tracked time under the header ‘Notes’. You make the information easily accessible to yourself as well as your team in case you need to retrieve it for reports, analysis, and further planning. 

You can also include the information on the project title and add tags. 

Once you hit the start button, all the information and time utilized on ClickUp tasks will store in TMetric timeline and sync with the list of ClickUp tasks.

Why it is worth applying 

ClickUp and TMetric working together as full-fledged productivity tools to assist you and your team in staying accountable and obtaining the following stats: 

  1. Completed tasks and time spent on them (separately on each task and total)
  2. The number of tasks that did not reach the ‘done’ status and the time spent on them. 
  3. The workflow in terms of time spending on projects that will let you see the time estimated against the time your team utilized. 
  4. TMetric reports visualize the apps your team used when performing tasks in ClickUp workspace. 

The main benefits of using ClickUp and TMetric integration are:

  • Tasks are linked and utilized time is associated automatically
  • Efforts and costs for the manager are reduced
  • Your team will meet their deadlines more efficiently
  • It’s clear what each team member’s priorities are
  • Better accountability for every member of your team

Overall, TMetric tracks time automatically in the web and desktop app which lets you easily turn it into accurate invoicing, billing, reporting and managing ClickUp tasks.

As we all know, the internet can be distracting in this age, and focus is hard to maintain.

TMetric makes it easy to see inside what your team’s spending their time on. 

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Choosing ClickUp+TMetric integration will ensure peak performance even in the most challenging projects.

Author: Ekaterina Skylarova

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