[New Integration] LambdaTest + ClickUp

The LambdaTest integration with ClickUp will enable you to report bugs or create tasks on the fly while you perform cross-browser testing on the cloud. The bug reported through LambdaTest is directly added to your ClickUp Workspace. Interesting, right?


Why you need LambdaTest

Cross-device compatibility testing has never been easier. Below are just a few of the highlights of LambdaTest:

Cross-Browser Compatibility Testing Tool

Perform live interactive cross-browser compatibility testing of websites and web apps on the latest mobile and desktop browsers running on real browsers and real operating systems. 

Live Interactive Browser Compatibility Testing

Perform live interactive multi-browser testing on the browser and operating system environment of your choice. Get instant access to real machines running your desired web browser, browser version, operating system, and resolution. This includes responsive testing as well as testing by various geolocations.

Test On Latest Desktop And Mobile Browsers

You can choose from a wide range of Windows and Mac operating systems and all the latest browsers. Also, test your website or web app on the latest mobile browsers with Android and iOS mobile operating systems.


ClickUp + LambdaTest Integration

Effortlessly log bugs by leveraging LambdaTest’s integration to ClickUp. LambdaTest offers a feature called Mark as Bug that allows you to capture screenshots from LambdaTest, highlight the UI anomaly, and push the screenshot to ClickUp with relevant details such as the Workspace, assignee, Space, Folder, status, task name, and a description to help everyone be transparent about your UI observation.

You can use the Mark as Bug feature from every variety of testing that LambdaTest offers. Meaning, you can mark as a bug while performing live-interactive cross-browser testing, automated screenshot testing, responsive testing, or automation testing with Selenium.

Learn more on LambdaTest’s blog post! Or, connect LambdaTest and ClickUp now.

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