Is this Heaven?

Is this Heaven?

Today is my birthday, I turned 28, and I’ve been reminiscing over the years. My life has been full of ups and downs, struggles and triumphs, horrible failures and massive successes, near death experiences and experiences I would die to live through again.

I can’t help but realize, even the seemingly horrible things that happened in my life, turned out to be great. I couldn’t see it then, but every single thing that happened, even those things with the label ‘bad’ are still part of life. If we are alive, if you are reading this, then how could it be so ‘bad’?

Don’t get me wrong, I acknowledge negative times are necessary and so is suffering – but, the general label you choose to put on life matters. If you label an experience as simply part of this beautiful life full of ups and downs, then how can that hurt anything?

This, in turn, led me to believe…

What if this was Heaven? I mean THIS. Right now. Have you ever considered that possibility?

Each religion has their own form of ‘Heaven’, and I’m simply generalizing Heaven as an incredibly happy place.

A place where anything is possible. A place where you are free to create, enjoy, and interact with other beings on a physical plane.

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This is Heaven.

This just makes the most sense to me. Even if it’s not necessarily true, wouldn’t life be better if I lived as if it was?

If you wake up each day thinking this is the best possible place in space, who’s to say it isn’t? Will we ever know in this lifetime anyway?

Does this theory go against any religion? Not from what I can see. What if the Bible’s Heaven and the Quran’s Jannah were actually both referring to the world we are already living in?

One belief system, Buddhism, acknowledges this without directly implying it. In Buddhism, happiness is about enjoying the present moment, enjoying the world around you. Of course, Buddhism indeed stops short of calling this world the eternal center of happiness, and at the end of the day, still aims for a peak state of awareness called Enlightenment. But my point is that no mainstream religion invalidates my theory.

I mean just look around. Birds, flowers, waves, sunshine – these things are simple perfection. A world with heavenly mountains, some with snow caps, some with winding waterfalls; forests green with life and fresh air; oceans with infinite waves of wonder.

A world that has man-made creations of which enable limitless opportunities to create even more. Where you can feel everything tangible and at the same time have feelings for the intangible. The spontaneous nature of the world around us is nothing short of an unexplained and exponentially growing miracle.

A place that is, in general, bountiful in natural resources and delightful tastes and people for us to enjoy.

Life on this world can be seen as one huge adventure. And who’s to say what it is or isn’t? We are a result of our beliefs, our thought patterns. If you believe you’re living in Heaven, isn’t that a damn good way to start the day?

If you believe you’re living in Heaven, isn’t that a damn good way to start the day?

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