How An In-House Marketing Team Uses ClickUp

Lauren Eames
Marketing Manager of VOLT Lighting
Lauren Eames
VOLT® Lighting designs, manufactures, and distributes professional-grade landscape lighting products. They offer a wide-range of lighting needs for different types of outdoor spaces. Those looking for landscape lighting products can order directly from their website. As an ecommerce seller, VOLT® prides itself on its top-rated customer support, quality products, lifetime warranty, and same day shipping.
We asked Lauren Eames, marketing manager of VOLT Lighting to describe how she uses ClickUp and how it helps her team stay focused and productive.
What does your day-to-day look like? And how does ClickUp help you in your daily activities?
Our marketing team consists of eight members. We work very closely with each other and all of our roles are multi-faceted and intertwined. We rely heavily on other team members for the completion of many of our tasks. ClickUp makes it easy to involve other team members in tasks, communicate on those tasks, and helps us hold each other accountable.

As the marketing manager, I make it a point to have a one-on-one meetings each week with my direct reports to discuss and prioritize their to-do list and check on the status of their current projects. I use their ClickUp filter to go through each of their assigned tasks with them and we make notes on tasks as needed during our meetings.
Note: ClickUp also offers great reporting to view your team’s activity!
What system was in place before coming to ClickUp, and what was taking the most time away from your productivity?
Prior to ClickUp, our team used Trello. While I appreciated Trello’s simplicity, it failed to meet our growing team’s requirements. ClickUp is much more complex, however, this complexity allows our team to function more efficiently and smoothly. The biggest hindrances to my productivity when using Trello were the inability to filter tasks by assigned team member and lack of customized statuses. Import from Trello now!
How does ClickUp help you accomplish your goals?
ClickUp allows our team to accomplish goals by providing us with all the tools necessary to create tasks, prioritize those tasks, message each other within each task, and hold each other accountable more easily.

What We’ve Learned From VOLT Lighting

Volt screenshot
Filter by Team Member
The natural tendency by many teams that use ClickUp is to filter by task statuses, such as if the task is open or in progress or closed. Lauren mentions a very helpful method to keep team members accountable--filtering by assigned team members. You can do this two ways: by choosing the filter by assignee in the top navigation bar or by team members on the left side of ClickUp. This gives you a comprehensive view of who is responsible for what and the progress they’ve made.

This pairs well with the reporting feature in ClickUp that will show the number of tasks assigned to a team member, how many comments they’ve left and even how many notifications they’ve cleared. With reporting in ClickUp combined with assignee filters, you’ll get a clear picture of how and what your team is working on.

You can also see time spent by team member in reports as well. This helps you to know how long a task or project is taking a team member and if their progress needs to be reviewed.
Vendor Info
One great way that VOLT Lighting manages many of their vendor relationships is by creating a space just for vendor information. Lauren and the VOLT marketing team set up a list for each vendor they use, then included the vendor contact info within the tasks. They then have a record of their vendor interactions along with the important details if they need to be in touch with their vendor. They use this to manage their vendor relationships for PR, digital advertising, printing and more.
Set Up Your Marketing Team

Favorite Features for VOLT Lighting

Use ClickUp’s enhanced filtering functionality to see exactly where tasks stand, such as by status, due date, assigned team member and more.
Allow access to other business units or clients. They then can only see the tasks and projects that apply to them, without seeing the progress of other tasks your team is working on.
Set reminders for the tasks that you need to do repeatedly or as a reminder for you to check back in on the progress of a task.
Constant Feature Updates
ClickUp is known for its aggressive feature development and feature schedule that always keeps the users’ needs front and center. Check out all of the features and see what’s on the product roadmap for the future or make your own suggestions.
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