eHealth4Everyone Case Study

ClickUp Case Study Q’s for eHealth4Everyone
What is your company's story in your own words?
eHealth4Everyone is a leading IT social enterprise whose purpose is to advance the frontiers of digital health through invention, innovation and implementation.
What niche has been filled by your organization and how does eHealth4Everyone help people in the area?
eHealth4everyone is focused on using innovative digital solutions to address health related issues.

At e4e, we don’t just do the work assigned. We work to also improve the capacity of persons and organizations we work with. We also help in relevant dissemination of information through easy to understand and appealing infographics disseminated through many social media platforms. We also send Health updates(in the country and around the world) to our audience on a monthly basis.

We are working with participants across the health spectrum, these includes health professionals, government departments, stakeholders and pharmaceutical companies. We work with these clients to create innovative applications and solutions that saves lives. We are involved in a wide range of digital health activities in the following areas:

We perform regular data analytics trainings, data analysis and dashboard development. This is adding value by building the capacity of Nigerians in data collection and analytics. We also help to provide access to health data.
What does your day-to-day look like for the team at e4e?
At eHealth4everyone, each day is dynamic and unique with each member of the team working in synergy to achieve a common goal. A typical day at e4e starts with our standup meetings where each team gives updates to the previous days tasks and the tasks to be completed for the new day.

The bulk of the work performed is done in-house while some team member go to external organizations to carry out various trainings and provide support related to eHealth and Information Technology.

The eHealth4everyone team is subdivided into smaller (more specific) teams which include; The IT & Design team, Public Health and Data team and as well as the People and business team.

These teams perform various daily activities like:
What system was in place before coming to ClickUp, and what was taking the most time away from your productivity?
Before migrating to ClickUp, we used other platforms like Airtable, Trello and Smartsheet but noticed that these platforms had various defects like having limitations to the number of tasks that can be inputted in a particular sheet. This called for continuous creation of new sheets when the previous was filled, thereby causing certain tasks to fall through the cracks. We also had issues with the fact that these tools did not provide reminder notifications on due tasks. And processes were difficult to track and analyze using those platforms.

Since each task and process has to be documented and tracked, many team members tend to either forget or don't properly document their efforts thereby causing the team to forget about “next steps” to take after each task. This caused a major drop in productivity for the team and we decided to seek out other viable long-lasting alternatives.
How does ClickUp help accomplish your goals and do your job better?
ClickUp has some features that are very useful in keeping track of projects, it helps us to track projects even at a subtask and checklist level, it also gives us the recurrence feature that allows us to manage tasks that re-occurs in certain periods.
Task recurring
Can you measure any reduced costs from using ClickUp? Any improvements in productivity or time savings?
The use of ClickUp has helped us most especially with saving time. We used to use a system where at the end of the week, every team member sends in weekly reports via email, which would be analyzed over the weekend. But with ClickUp, we are gradually phasing out redundant reports, thereby saving time, which are now channeled to more productive activities.
Any advice to other teams considering/on the fence about ClickUp?
Join ClickUp and start managing your tasks and processes more effectively.

What We Learned from Health4Everyone:

The Health4Everyone Team has gone out of their way to simplify their workflow as much as possible. By identifying repeat action items and creating recurring tasks and templates to accommodate them, the team is able to cut down on the time it takes to stay optimally productive.

The team owner also utilizes granular notifications to keep up to date on important task changes via email, mobile and browser, ensuring that nothing will slip through the cracks. Integrations with Gitlab and Slack also help the team streamline and connect their workflows.

To summarize, this team's use of features and integrations demonstrates their ability to get the most done with the least amount of effort. They show that being productive doesn't have to be stressful if you take the time to template important items and integrate your workflows.

Favorite Features

Used for managing accounting and payments
Used for repeating processes and to ensure each step is accounted for
Use granular notifications to keep track of important task updates via email/mobile/browser
Use Slack, Gitlab and the Chrome extension.
Free forever with 100MB storage
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Serious about security & privacy
Highest levels of uptime the last 12 months

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