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The 20th of June kicked off World Productivity Week—a time to stop and celebrate productivity wins and the advancements we’ve made over the years as well as set new commitments for how we can be more productive in the years to come.

Since starting ClickUp back in 2017, our vision to deliver an all-in-one productivity platform that saves people time and makes people more productive remains unchanged.

However, what has changed is our world and the way we work together.

Many of us have moved from working exclusively in-office to working in a remote or hybrid environment, transitioning from desk-side chats to digital conversations to stay in sync. Many of us were already working remotely (ClickUp has always been ~50% remote) but are now supporting a wider range of team members, customers, and partners around the world. Either way, we’re all endlessly searching for better solutions and tools to support inefficiencies created in this new way of working.

One thing that remains constant in both the world and our vision is the value placed on being productive at work.

But how can we maintain and increase productivity while wading through the endless silos created by the proliferation of today’s modern apps? How can we be productive if we’re wasting hours each day searching for information, switching context, and getting distracted by endless pings? How do cross-functional teams align and handoff more succinctly? How do we all maintain balance and productivity without burning out?

At ClickUp, we believe that to be genuinely productive in this new era; all work should be connected and centralized in one (peaceful) place. Managing work across different apps should not cause confusion. No one should struggle to find the information they need to do their jobs. And they shouldn’t be distracted by the noise that takes their focus away from what’s really important.

So, it’s only fitting that on World Productivity Day, we share with you the most exciting news in our history about how we plan to further help you reach new productivity heights.

Today, I’m introducing ClickUp 3.0 (coming this year), our next-generation productivity platform built to support the new era of teamwork. 3.0 will be the connective tissue that brings teams, knowledge, and work together more closely and efficiently than ever before.


  • Cutting-edge architecture that is highly performant and scalable so that users have trust that the ClickUp platform will consistently help them deliver results.
  • Connecting people around shared projects and goals, so they feel like they’re working closely together, even when they’re far apart.
  • Bringing work together not only from within ClickUp but from other applications too, so users aren’t constantly having to jump from app to app, frustrated by all the time they’re wasting.
  • Unleashing knowledge often trapped in siloed systems by making it easy to find in one place, so everyone has the information they need to get their work done and make smarter decisions.
  • Personalizing context based on users’ prioritized projects, relationships, and interests, so they can focus on the work that matters most without unnecessary distractions.

ClickUp 3.0 will transform productivity more than the first iteration of ClickUp did 5 years ago.

We’re working tirelessly to create this platform that will not only be delightful to use but will also give teams more of the one thing they can never get back – time!

Thanks for joining us on this journey of making the world more productive, together.

💜 Zeb

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