The People Piece Case Study

What is your company's story/mission in your own words?
We founded The People Piece in 2013. We see a hunger for a new way of working: one that includes human values like integrity, courage, empathy and trust along with exciting outcomes like productivity, profit, efficiency and innovation. In fact, we believe these seemingly conflict priorities go hand in hand.

We work with others because we seek community, inspiration, and the game-changing impact that can only come when people work together toward a common cause. While most of us would say the people we work with are one of the main reasons we choose to stay with a certain group or organization, relationships can also be challenging.

In today’s modern workplace, the best work is produced by great teams, and great teams must be based on great relationships. Great teams also need to see results.
What niche has been filled and how does The People Piece add value to its audience?
Let’s face it: it’s hard to walk a few blocks in most American cities these days without running into a coach, trainer or consultant. So why explore working with The People Piece to develop your people and teams, and what makes us unique?

First, we do in-depth homework and take our time to truly get to know you, your culture, and your needs.

Then, instead of one-shot trainings that fail to stick, we design comprehensive development solutions that leverage a powerful mix of reinforcement tools specifically tailored to your organization, its culture and its needs.

Next, we carefully select highly engaging and experienced trainers, coaches and facilitators who have mastered their specialties, truly practice what they preach, and excel at bringing the right solutions in the right way at the right time.

Finally, we are true partners who support you for as long as we can be helpful. From our partnership developers and seamless operations team to our expert strategists, designers and delivery team members, we have a nearly insatiable commitment to your long-term success.
What does your day-to-day look like at The People Piece?
While different for each team member we strive to start each day with an overview of the higher level. From what is coming up over the next week, down to the day. We strive to break our day into chunks of time by priority (function or project).
What system was in place before coming to ClickUp, and what was taking the most time away from your productivity?
Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, Google Docs, Slack channels? We had trouble finding things and had little visibility into who was doing what and by when. This caused inefficiencies, frustrations, duplication and mistakes.
People Piece Time View
How does ClickUp help accomplish your goals?
ClickUp helps to ensure we have a central location to capture the majority of the work we need to get done. It allows us to tag by initiatives and to organize in the same manner by which we work. It helps us to stay on track of our tasks and not miss steps.

It allows us an easy way to report out where we are at on our initiatives and projects and provides us with a great way to collaborate on those initiatives and projects. Since using ClickUp we have much more visibility across our organization on what we are working on as well as the status, all helping to keep us on track and accomplish our projects in a timely manner. We all agree this is by far the best solution to our project management needs and we have tried many a tool!
What are the most useful features for you in ClickUp?
People Piece Projects

What We Learned:

Custom Statuses for Adhere
The People Piece went the extra mile to ensure their success by creating detailed Project and List structures within each of their Spaces. They use Projects to manage large-scale procedures (Recruiting, Employee Onboarding, etc), with Lists to break down the elements of those procedures (Candidate Types, Onboarding process per employee). This ensures that every action item has a concrete place in their workflow.

The Team also utilizes layered sorting options (due date, then priority) to plan ahead for important tasks.
People Piece Due Dates Priority
People Piece also uses a combination of simple and custom statuses, depending on the needs of each Space in their Team.
People Piece Statuses
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