Introducing Your Next Favorite Podcast: When It Clicked

At ClickUp, we’re constantly striving to surprise and delight you with features, content, and events that you never saw coming but now can’t live without—the same inspiration that led to our first major launch of 2022, When It Clicked. 💜

On Tuesday, January 18th, we released the first installment of something we’ve been quietly working on for over a year—our first original podcast!

We’re not the first startup to produce a podcast, but we pursued this new project as a challenge and opportunity to push the limits of our creativity and take it in an entirely different direction. Meaning you shouldn’t expect a podcast that’s all about ClickUp.

Creating a podcast was like embarking on uncharted waters for us, which was half the fun of it! If you haven’t already seen it blasted over social media or in your recently played queue, When It Clicked brings you the voices and minds behind products you think you know, uncovering the secret histories of how it all came together—to the one moment when it all, finally, clicked.

We wanted to achieve that peel back the curtain feeling with some of the very real but surprising challenges, motivations, and perseverance of now-household names that you would never expect.

Sounds cool, but why did we do this?

We love looking for potential new ClickUppers in places that we also love.

In recent years, this meant sharing advertisements on some of our favorite podcasts and for a while, it was great! Until we realized something pretty important…

We wanted to be more active in the conversations that we were paying to be a part of, and we wanted to highlight the people who don’t normally get all the glory or who took unconventional paths to make their dreams a reality. (Kind of like us.) 🥲

As a user, follower, or reader, you’ve already seen, heard, and used the resources we created to help you thrive in ClickUp, but When It Clicked is our way of inspiring your productivity beyond the screen.

We set out to create something that was as much of a source of knowledge as it was a source of entertainment, and the end result was a series highlighting something bigger than project management and ClickUp altogether: The unique pursuit of something you believe in.

We like to think of When It Clicked as our own little entrepreneurial cocktail; equal parts creative and investigative. 🍸

But what we love most about When It Clicked—and we cannot stress this enough— is that this podcast is for everyone.

We mean it, everyone. For seasoned professionals and young creatives, for people with dreams they’ve never said out loud, and for podcast junkies who love getting hooked on a new series. You never know, these stories might make things click for you too. 😉

Every choice we make at ClickUp is rooted in our mission of making the world more productive—to save people time to focus on the things they care about most, and When It Clicked is a direct extension of that very promise. But I think our CEO, Zeb Evans, said it best:

“We can save people time by showing them lessons of the past, lessons of things that people have learned…We try to focus on those moments of when the idea turned into a reality—when something happened during the process of building that made the thing what it is today.”

A taste of Season 1 🎙

The inaugural episode is live on every major streaming service and starts the season off in a big way as our host Ilana Strauss takes us behind the creators of Writely, the revolutionary technology that became today’s Google Docs. 🤯

Claudia Carpenter of Writely on When It Clicked

via When It Clicked on Twitter

You may be thinking, I use Google Docs every day but I’ve never heard of Writely? Good, that’s the goal! Listen to learn even more unexpected facts and necessary risks taken to turn Google Docs into the collaborative giant we know now.

We’ve got a few more surprises up our sleeves for season one with new episodes dropping every other week, and without teasing too much of it, you can look forward to hearing from Shopify’s first Chief Marketing Officer, Craig Miller; Scratchpad’s co-founders Pouyan Salehi and Cyrus Karbassiyoon; and Parker Conrad, Rippling’s CEO and three-time startup founder.

Plus, the podcast is not the only place you’ll hear from our guests! Follow When It Clicked on Twitter for takeovers, live-tweeting, and Q&As to learn even more from people who seriously know how to get things done.

Subscribe and listen wherever you get your podcasts and check out ClickUp on Instagram for more audio features, like ListenUp.

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