Why ClickUp Engineering Is Starting To Blog

Hello, World 👋 from ClickUp Engineering!

We’d like to share something exciting that we’ve got in the works and it has to do with, well… sharing! Starting today, we’ll be contributing engineering articles to ClickUp’s blog—covering all sorts of interesting, fun, and thought-provoking topics!

To kick things off, here are a few of the reasons why we’re breaking into blogging:

Show the personality behind ClickUp Engineering 💃

Every engineering article that’s written comes with a little window into the mind and voice of a unique person working to build the future of ClickUp. In aggregate, we hope to show you who we are, what our culture is like, and why we’re so passionate about bringing you the best experience!

Engage with and give back to the engineering community 🌏

Much of our growth as engineers can be attributed to the rich resources created by the broader engineering community. In fact, our chats are often buzzing with other interesting articles, tools, videos, and more shared by engineers around the world! We’d love to play a part in this awesome community of learning and growing. One of our core values is to grow 1% every day, and with that comes the desire to help others to do the same!

Create another outlet for showing off cool work 🤩

There’s often a lot of really cool stuff our engineers work on that isn’t quite visible to the outside world. This could be anything like internal tooling, code excellence improvements, tricky debugging, organizational processes, and much more! While we certainly celebrate these inside the company, we think there’s a certain excitement to sharing externally. Through this extra medium, we hope to give folks another space to take pride in their accomplishments, no matter what domain!

Attract engineering talent 🧑‍💻

During our hiring process, we get a lot of common questions from prospective engineering candidates:

What’s the engineering culture like? What are some of the challenges ClickUp’s infrastructure faces? What kinds of problems are engineers working on today?

And in these types of questions, we’ve found lots of positive discussion both from candidates and interviewers. By blogging about engineering, we hope to cover these topics and beyond! This not only gives interested candidates a way to learn more, but it also has the potential to attract new candidates who share similar passions with our engineers!

Document the story of our engineering journey ⛵

There’s a saying here that every month in engineering is completely different. This comes from our culture of relentlessly iterating and transforming to better deliver on our mission. We expect change to come, and for the better—after all, that’s what growth is all about!

Still, while we are always excited for the future, it’s a blast to reminisce about the past! It’s great having chatter about some of the pivotal moments throughout our engineering journey, and it would be even greater to officially preserve that journey. This also has the added benefit of providing new hires with excellent reading material for historical context.

Reflect, learn, and progress toward perfection 🏔️

Another of ClickUp’s core values is progress toward perfection. A big part of progressing forward involves reflecting on the past and present. How did things go? What were the wins and the mishaps? What can be done better in the future?

There’s absolutely an extra clarity that comes with writing out reflections, especially when that writing is out in the open. Nothing groundbreaking here—this is often cited by bloggers everywhere as one of the reasons for writing (and I feel it now as I type these words)!

Additionally, public blog posts naturally open the door for feedback. Here at ClickUp, we live, breathe, and strongly welcome feedback because it truly does help everyone progress toward perfection.

Hopefully, this gets you as fired up as we are for the start of ClickUp’s Engineering blogging adventure! We look forward to sharing more with you—our clever designs, our eureka moments, our mistakes, our learnings, our journey!

Stay tuned for the next one. We can’t wait to see you there. 🚀

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