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Rachel P.
You guys have amazing customer service with such a quick response time. I appreciate all the assistance!
Feb. 9, 2021
Jamie R.
Really impressed by the features and apps ClickUp can sync with. I was using another project management tool for my business startup but decided to try ClickUp for managing the workload in my current office. I love it!
Feb. 4, 2021
Stephen McCullan
@ClickUp runs my businesses and my life. It's Asana done with passion. Makes every other task management app look half done. Very deep functionality. Best support I've seen.
Nov. 20, 2020
Winser Espinal
In love with @ClickUp, it's kinda like Monday or Asana, but better. No kidding, I am no pro when it comes to keeping track with the million things I'm doing without an app, so seeing a noticeable change in my performance has got me in a good mood.
Nov. 10, 2020
Elizabeth Nick
I really like @ClickUp! Free, super customizable, and color-codable. I also like that there are multiple views (by priority, by due date, by level of completion, etc.)
Nov. 9, 2020
Jorge Moratilla
I'm in love with @ClickUp. It's a great place to keep all my notes, tasks, time tracks, mindmaps, OKRs... All with incredible chrome extension to help in my duties.
Nov. 7, 2020
Laird Sapir
@ClickUp, be honest, how exhausting is it to be this amazing?
Nov. 7, 2020
Danny Gutierrez
I love @ClickUp, I manage everything with it. Idk what I'd do without it.
Nov. 7, 2020
Annette McDonald
I love how customisable it is with statuses. I love the automations. I love the forms. I can't choose. If I could just set covers/images to items in calendar view, my organising life would be complete (but I've hacked my own way for now).
Nov. 7, 2020
Keith A Herzog
Wow! @ClickUp is simply amazing ‚ÄĒ for individuals as well as teams. I‚Äôve tried so many #productivity apps, but @ClickUp won my loyalty in a matter of days! Bye bye #Toodledo, #Things3, #ToDoIst, #Omnifocus.
Nov. 1, 2020
The ClickUp team is relentless. A feature factory done right.
Nov. 1, 2020
Bryce Thompson
I find myself working late just so I have more time to learn @ClickUp!
Oct. 29, 2020

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