We raised $100M

to continue making the world more productive.

When we raised our Series A,
I made a promise to you:

Our obsession with product,
customer service, and our vision will
never change. Period.
I'm very proud that we upheld this promise, even as we scaled exponentially! We shipped over 200 features by listening to you, improved reliability when you asked, and expanded customer support around the world.

We also committed to
three more things:

Make our product lightning fast.
We've made some incredible improvements here, investing in a massive migration to a new infrastructure for improved reliability and speed. Speed will always be a priority and something we never stop working on, and today we're announcing we've hired 5 industry-leading experts that actually contributed to creating the language we code in today.
Optimize and improve onboarding and learning in ClickUp.
We're launching our Templates Center as well as a brand new, easy-to-use layout in ClickUp. Plus, we've launched a brand new Coaching Program to help provide ClickUp set up suggestions, for free!
Make our mobile apps incredible
(and fast).
Today, we're launching a brand new iOS app with a new Android app to follow very soon.
Of course, we've still got a lot of room to improve. We're not 100% there yet, but we dedicated ourselves and our resources to improve in these areas and we've made a ton of progress.

The future has never been brighter at ClickUp, and I am thrilled to announce today that we have taken a big step in continuing our mission to make the world more productive - we have raised $100 million in our Series B!

Why did we raise a Series B?

As we continue to grow at a rapid pace, we found that more resources have allowed us to accomplish our mission even faster than we imagined. ClickUp is at the forefront of making people more productive and more efficient than ever before, and with this new funding, we'll be able to make massive improvements to the product as well as hire the BEST people to further fulfill our vision.

I know there's a few major areas in the product we can improve with more resources, and I also know there's a lot of room to improve the customer experience, which is our #1 core value.

What's next?

We kept our promises then, and we'll keep our promises now. Here are my promises for what we'll do with our new resources:
Continue to improve ClickUp's speed and reliability; making us best in class for both
Launch improved versions of nearly every feature we have
Provide instant, real-time 24/7 customer service
Launch a free coaching program to help anyone with onboarding and setup
And of course, I'm doubling down on my original promise: Our obsession with product, customer service, and our vision will never change. Period.

Our mission of making the world more productive is more realistic than ever. With our new resources, we will continue to innovate with our product, build upon our best-in-class customer service, and expand our vision around the world.

We're only about 60% finished with our vision for ClickUp - in 2021, we plan to fully realize our vision of making the world more productive by adding in even more innovative features, improving existing ones, and launching a configuration wizard that makes work even easier and more efficient for everyone and every team in an organization.
our progress


ClickUp was founded
ClickUp Beta released
Out of Beta
Moved to San Francisco
First paying customer
2.0 Released
Moved to San Diego
🚀 Raised Series A
🦄 Raised Series B
🌎 Raised Series C
Forbes Cloud 100
3.0 Released
To be

Thank you, so much.

As ClickUp has grown, we've always prioritized listening to users and we've created a new framework that enables us to listen more than ever to what you want.

Yes, users do know what they want contrary to what other companies may think.

Without you, none of this would have been possible. Without you, ClickUp would not exist in the same form it does today.

You supported us when we did things right and you forgave us when we made mistakes. You are our number one priority and we promise we'll always continue to listen to you and grow our product the way you want.

Thank you, to all of you.

We're on this journey together: let's continue making the world more productive, together.

Zeb 💜
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