How The ClickUp and Time Doctor Integration Makes You More Productive

Wish there was a way to combine top-notch project management and time tracking features?

With the ClickUp + TimeDoctor integration, that’s now a possibility. 

You can now access some of the best time tracking features right from your ClickUp project space. You can boost your time management skills and ensure that you always meet your project deadlines.

What Is TimeDoctor?

time doctor

TimeDoctor is one of the world’s leading time tracking apps, used by Verizon, HomeDepot, Firehouse Subs and more. It has everything you need to make the most of your work time. It has:

1. Time Tracking

TimeDoctor can accurately calculate the time spent by your employees in your business. You can calculate the total time worked by each employee along with a breakdown of what tasks they spent their time on. As TimeDoctor is accurate to a second, you can use these reports to bill clients or pay your employees based on time worked.

2. Distraction Management

TimeDoctor can ensure that your employees are focused and solely involved with job activities during work hours. Whenever an employee accesses an unproductive site, they’ll see a pop up asking them if they’re still working. 

3. Website and App Monitoring

TimeDoctor monitors the websites and apps used by your employees during work hours. You’ll get an accurate breakdown of how much time each employee spent on these sites to ensure that they were actually working and not wasting time on social media.

4. Reporting

TimeDoctor offers you tons of reports over different aspects of your employee’s time management. You calculate their daily, weekly and monthly time spent; the time spent on certain projects; the time spent on distracting sites; the days they were absent – the list goes on.

reporting in time doctor

5. Payroll 

TimeDoctor lets you easily pay your employees based on the time they spent working on tasks and projects. You can pay them through TimeDoctor using PayPal, Payoneer, Transferwise or any other payment option. TimeDoctor doesn’t charge you any fees for service. 

With TimeDoctor, your team will no trouble staying productive and focused on their assigned tasks. When you combine TimeDoctor’s time management capabilities with ClickUp’s all-round project management features, you get an unbeatable productivity package for your team!

How To Install and Use The TimeDoctor Extension

Step 1

Go to the Chrome web store and install the TimeDoctor Chrome extension.

Step 2

Once the TimeDoctor Chrome extension is installed in your browser, open it and log in. Ensure that you select the option.

track time in your browser time doctor

Note – Please ensure that you’re signed into the TimeDoctor desktop app before logging into the Chrome extension.

Step 3

Log into ClickUp and open any task. You’ll notice the TimeDoctor icon at the top of the task space. Click on the icon to start tracking time. TimeDoctor will automatically create a task in your desktop application and start tracking time for it.

tack time with time doctor in clickup

That’s it!

You can now instantly track time for any ClickUp task with TimeDoctor.

Install the extension today to start supercharging your team’s productivity levels!

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