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Easily manage product roadmaps, backlogs, sprints, UX design, and more with ClickUp.

  • Agile dashboards and sprint reporting 

  • Native Git integrations and no-code automation

  • Customizable views for every team

  • Workflows for Scrum, Kanban, and more

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ClickUp AI

Fast-track development with ClickUp AI.

Save time on planning and documentation with ClickUp AI. Generate product roadmaps, create test plans, write technical specifications, and more with expert-crafted AI tools for agile teams right within ClickUp.

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Agile Workflows

Create your perfect workflow.

Take control of the entire product lifecycle, from idea to release. Create product workflows that adapt to your needs, streamline handoffs between teams, and easily share everything in one place.

Sprints List View (Agile Teams LP)

All-in-one platform

Bring all your teams together.

Empower everyone to collaborate in one place with powerful tools that help teams deliver work in lock step. Coordinate on work with tasks, tag your team for updates in comments, and always stay in the loop with notifications.

All-In-One Platform (Agile Teams LP)

Unlock insights with real-time reporting.

Gain total visibility into your projects across the entire pipeline. Automated dashboards in ClickUp give you rich insight into team progress, capacity, and more.


Track sprint progress and compare it to projected results using a burndown chart. View both scope of work to be done and work completed using burnup charts.

Visualize work your way.

Assess and prioritize your backlog.

Measure impacts and tradeoffs for product ideas, issues, and new features with custom fields and formulas, so you can make smarter prioritization decisions.

Backlog Management
  1. Track Goals
  2. Set Milstones
  3. Collaborate On Docs
  4. Automate busy work
  5. Customize tasks
  6. Create custom fields
  7. Whiteboard Ideas

The Platform

Get more done with powerful Agile tools.

  1. Track Goals
  2. Set Milstones
  3. Collaborate On Docs
  4. Automate busy work
  5. Customize tasks
  6. Create custom fields
  7. Whiteboard Ideas

Set Goals and KPIs to track progress across initiatives and epics. Automatic reporting lets software teams keep stakeholders up to date without the busywork.


ClickUp makes your favorite tools easier to access.

Maximize your team's efficiency by integrating all of your tools—from GitHub to Figma to Slack and beyond—within the same toolbox with ClickUp.


Agile teams love ClickUp.

Nick Foster.png

Nick FosterDirector of Product Management

"Our engineers and product managers were bogged down with manual status updates between Jira and other tools. With ClickUp, we've regained hours of wasted time on duplicative tasks, increasing our team efficiency by 12%!"

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Ashley Pavlik, Director of Product, Talent+

Ashley PavlikDirector of Product, Talent+

"We've integrated ClickUp's whole suite of products, from Docs to Whiteboards, into how our team works, saving us time moving between yet another tool and more importantly, has aligned our teams on work handoffs."

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Nick Herrera, Sr. Director of Engineering, Pressed

Nick HerreraSr. Director of Engineering, Pressed

"ClickUp keeps our engineering department hyper-focused on the right initiatives. We use automated sprints to prioritize requests and provide real-time visibility and progress to our stakeholders."

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Page Olver, Agile Release Train Engineer, Yoga International Headshot

Page OlverAgile Release Train Engineer, Yoga International

"ClickUp made our transition into Agile a success and supported us in learning a whole new way of working without having to make any major changes to our software system!"

Yoga International
Kellock Irvin, Product at EDF Renewables North America Headshot

Kellock IrvinProduct at EDF Renewables North America

"As someone leading product, it’s my job to protect our engineers’ time and ensure they know not just about what we’re working on now, but also our future obligations—ClickUp helps me do that."

Raúl Becerra, Product Manager, Atrato Headshot

Raúl BecerraProduct Manager, Atrato

"Before ClickUp, it was just crazy. We’d ship something and have to do rollbacks because the feature had too many bugs and was not well planned. We’ve seen a major decrease in bugs reported, and ClickUp helps us to avoid a lot of problems."

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