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ClickUp brings teams closer together with connected workflows, docs, real-time dashboards and more—helping everyone move faster, work smarter, and save time.

  • All-in-one knowledge and work management
  • Tailored views for cross-functional projects
  • Increase efficiency with automation and reporting
  • Standardize and scale project management best practices

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ClickUp AI

Fast-track your projects with ClickUp AI

Accelerate project plans and execution with ClickUp AI. Generate subtasks automatically based on task descriptions, summarize comment threads, write updates autonomously, and more with your AI project manager.

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Prioritize and Plan

Never lose sight of priorities

Plan and prioritize with ease knowing you have visibility into all project details and how they align to company goals. With ClickUp, teams see the big picture to scope and allocate for what's important.

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Better transparency, faster buy-in

Gain consensus faster and kickstart projects with clarity across all stakeholders. Collaborate on your project vision with Docs, share updates with Chat, and always know what comes next with your Inbox.

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Deliver more projects faster and on budget

Everyone moves faster when project planning and cross-team collaboration happens in one platform. Add in automations to remove the busy work and you've got a streamlined system for efficient execution!



See project progress at a glance

One source of truth means ultimate visibility into bottlenecks, risks, resourcing struggles and more. Dashboards surface real-time progress so you're always a step ahead.


Everything your team needs to achieve their goals


Break down complex work into simple tasks

Plan, organize, and collaborate on any company objective with powerful task management that can be customized for every need and at every level.



Document the details and keep everyone informed with Docs

Outline the business case, define project scope, and document requirements, so everyone has the right information to keep work moving.

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Map process flows and make ideas actionable with Whiteboards

Collaborate on strategic initiatives in real-time on a visual canvas. Convert top priorities into project tasks.



Never lose track of critical work with Relationships

Link tasks, documents, integrations, and more to access related tasks and resources in one place.



Bring in the right people at the right time

Easily protect your Lists and Docs with privacy controls. Create shareable links and manage permissions for team, guest, or public access.



Eliminate the busy work with Automations

Create the most efficient workflows for your teams and projects with Automations. Streamline hundreds of actions like status changes, project handoffs, reviews & approvals, and more, so your teams can focus on the impactful work.


Custom Views

A different view for every team – All in one simple platform

With over 15 different ways to visualize your work from Gantt charts to Timeline to Lists, Boards, Calendars – you can find a view that works for everyone.



Manage requests, feedback, surveys and more with Forms

Create workflows, organize your project backlog and expedite prioritization with custom Forms. Conditional logic makes it easy to capture all the required information, and each submission creates a trackable task so work never gets lost. Use Forms for surveys, retros, customer feedback and more!

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